Posted on November 20, 2013

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Obama Changes Laws at Will: Congress is Irrelevant! 21:14:03
ObamaCare, 'Enroll America' Director Conspires to Release Confidential Health Care Data For Election Rigging 21:11:42
. 20:39:41
Rand Paul: We Want Our Freedoms Back 19:44:53
24,000-Year-Old Body Shows Kinship to Europeans and American Indians 19:34:53
(LIVE) Allison Bricker Show - BIG News, et tu Rand Paul: Judas? 19:45:07
Obamacare signs up its first dog 18:08:57
Priceless comment...had to share 17:25:39
17-Year-Old Exposes Stop & Frisk 16:14:12
Man who released the Zapruder film and prove a conspiracy - We Are Change 16:00:37
Judge Napolitano ~ Documents show NSA repeatedly promised to stop surveillance rules violations. 15:47:42
The Effect of Cannabis on Pregnant Women & Newborns 15:19:41
Moving Is Hell: A Tale of Public Vs. Private Service 15:10:52
Ex-Homeless Men & Women Building Multi- Million Dollar Businesses - They're thieves, prostitutes, robbers, and murderers. 14:59:41
Retired General Urges 'Forced Resignation' of Obama, Other Officials - World Net Daily 14:20:59
Father Arrested For Not Following School Policy -video- 13:09:06
Real-time map of radiation levels within the U.S. 12:21:45
"There Was No Reason EVER For Cannabis To be Illegal" Dr David Nutt 12:12:37
Really? Again? Furious Gold Slamdown Leads To Yet Another 20 Second Gold Market Halt 11:31:14
I Sold My Bitcoin -Guess What I Bought 10:38:47
Bloomberg: Gold ‘Death Cross’ Signals Slump to $1,200 10:00:21
Austrian Economics: Update 2/09/14 - Take Profits Tax-free - Pass It On Tax -free - Contractually Guaranteed Annual Income 07:36:42
Just Watched Enemy OF The State with Will Smith After Not Seeing It For A Couple Years 05:37:33
Rand Paul: 40 Times More People Have Lost Their Insurance In Kentucky Than Signed Up For Obamacare 01:03:25
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Children's Sermon 23:53:15
DNA Checkpoint in Texas 23:40:37
Beautiful And Epic Truck Commercial Feat. Van Damme 23:33:05
Rand Paul On Obamacare Rollout: This Is Worse Than I Ever Thought It Would Be 23:13:57
Tim Scott Refuses To Endorse Lindsey Graham 22:32:56
What if the Snowden sensation is an attempt by the government to gain our trust...using the ostensibly altruistic 22:27:52
Raccoons cause 20,000 Pounds damage to a German home 21:09:14
Fiat currency on Raising Hope 20:50:29
The Trayvon Amendment 20:36:12
I shoulda listened about bitcoins 20:28:59
Dark Journalist: JFK, NASA And Nazi International With Dr. Joseph Farrell 20:10:55
The Barriers of Belief 19:17:44
The Paul Ryan ( ha ha ha ) Budget 17:47:28
Bill Would Force Congress To Stay In Washington Until It Passes A Budget 16:16:20
Conrad the Constitution Episode 7 - 'Unemployment' 15:49:33
Smithsonian artifacts available for 3D printing. 15:17:25
Secret Behind World's First 3D Printed Metal Gun - Gary Franchi Interviews Kent Firestone 15:13:14
Tabloid News Reveals: George W. Bush Has Alzheimers, Drinking Heavily Due To Dads Failing Health 15:10:06
Switzerland's proposes new law to link executives wages with with their lowest paid workers. Will it help? 15:10:01
Fox' Special Report Highlight's Sen. Paul's Recent Visit to South Carolina- November 14, 2013 14:20:02
Sen. Paul Appears on CNN's Out Front with Erin Burnett- November 19, 2013 14:17:57
Mt.Gox under heavy DDoS 13:16:01
This man is simply awesome, you got to check out this video! 12:35:04
Apple's new breast implant 12:20:50
Senator Ted Cruz "I Appreciate You're Trying To Lecture Me In The Morning" 12:15:33
Apple’s Siri says Ron Paul Represents her Political views 12:04:51
Hawaii Lawmaker ‘Solves’ Homeless Problem by Destroying Their Stuff with a Sledgehammer 12:01:15
The Age of Self: Oxford dictionaries names 'selfie' the word of the year for 2013 11:37:36
Draft deal would keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan through 2024 - and beyond 11:20:36
404 message 11:16:14
Bitcoin fluctuations due to Mt. Gox lags 11:15:55
New Lampoon The System cartoon - Placekick The Can 11:15:36
Bob Dylan: Like A Rolling Stone new release 11:14:56
Facebook's Zuckerberg's Group Makes Big Immigration Push 10:44:44
Vancouver Bans New Doorknobs, Requires “Levers” 10:11:42
The Parenting State of Hillsborough County 09:32:02
"All the gains Dems made when Republicans shut down the government over Obamacare have been lost since it was actually launched" 09:31:28
Intellectual Property Rights - What is wrong with it? 09:31:11
Ronald Reagan Predicted the ObamaCare Disaster Back in 1961 09:24:55
4th Amendment Violation! 09:04:25
Steve Forbes: The Bankruptcy of Modern Economics 09:03:19
What is Money? A philosophical argument 08:16:42
World War One studies show mankind's instinct is for peace 06:34:25
Are We Getting Our Money's Worth Out Of Obama? 05:26:38
U.S. Government child protector handcuffs boy to porch with dead chicken around his neck 04:22:33
Brittany Murphy and Husband Poisoned to Death By Government Spooks, Father Claims 02:48:20
Happy 5th Birthday my son. 02:10:00
Comet ISON Observation 00:43:39
10 Things YOU Can do to Promote Liberty! 00:40:20
WOW! We Need More Congressmen Like This Guy: Trey Gowdy Demands Answers On Benghazi (VIDEO) 00:31:54
Perks Ease Way in Health Plans for Lawmakers 00:08:28
Bernanke Backs Yellen: Taper Depends On Economy 00:00:00