Posted on November 23, 2013

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Some Suggestions For Improving Bitcoin 22:46:23
Iran, World Powers Reach Deal 22:12:36
I Met A Guy At The Bookstore Who Is Writing A Thesis 21:02:14
The Rothschild empire is almost complete 18:41:21
Federal Reserve to write new rules preventing a run on banks 17:06:56
Unscientific Poll: Who's Got Tape Over Their Webcam? 16:43:46
Man from Montana hauled away in cuffs 15:51:22
Hey DP, I could use a little help! 15:32:40
Police in Denver Using ‘Nose Telescopes’ to Hunt Cannabis Users 15:20:05
Boy and baby humming bird 14:31:46
Why I dropped Microsoft products like a bad habit and won't be going back - A Lesson in Freedom 12:09:00
And I Carry 11:33:25
Dave Schneider thinks we need to give money to Egypt to be safe 10:35:12
A Drone’s View From 3 Miles Up. (The founding fathers would be oh so proud! NOT!) 09:03:29
Extraction of Wealth: Are We Slaves to the System? 08:52:39
Preppers: How will my fellow American patriots communicate if/when SHTF, like an EMP? 06:06:06
Americans are more afraid of our own government than of terrorists. 00:14:01
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Can International Law Change the World? 23:31:18
How To Invest In The 3D Printer Industry - Forbes 22:40:24
When you buy gold with bitcoin, protect yourself by reading my detailed reviews of actual purchases from several vendors. 22:11:39
Domestic Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Drones 21:53:16
Gizmodo: Two old men dramatically re-enact a Youtube comment fight 21:40:38
Apocalypse-proof Internet? 21:29:29
The Town FEMA Turned Down 21:04:52
The Kearny Fallout Meter 20:37:42
Boys Tragic Death Could Have Happened To Any Family With 20-Foot Pet Python 20:34:37
Building 7: The Story the Times Missed - New ReThink911 Video Clip 20:19:01
Which Flavour of Linux? 20:02:21
MakerBot Opens First Retail 3D Printer Stores in BOSTON, Greenwich 19:44:05
Gary Johnson on Cavuto 19:29:33
Forget The Rothschilds And The NWO: Reduce or Eliminate The Stress In Your Life 19:08:25
A reminder to those shopping after Thanksgiving 18:52:06
Chinese Adam & Eve 18:43:06
Energy Dept sells $192M loan guarantee to Chinese billionaire for $25M; biggest taxpayer "green" loss since Solyndra 18:37:18
i used to be like sally. 17:36:07
Please Don't Thank Me For My Service 17:12:51
Peter Schiff: While the Fed Talks Taper, China Prepares to Actually Do It! 17:02:10
Liberty: The Next Generation 16:52:46
Matthew P Damon (actor/producer) Speaks on Civil Disobedience 16:26:41
Bitcoin Tops PayPal For First Time in Total Transactions 16:09:51
Art School Kids on the JFK Assassination (VIDEO 2:35) 15:21:34
Hillary Clinton: If U.S. Doesn't Get Act Together, World Will "De-Americanize" (VIDEO) 15:20:18
100 Quotes About Women 15:13:08
Is Obama and the Banker Establishment With Thier Puppets in Congress falling from Power? 14:47:25
ACLU debate "Spy on me, I'd rather be safe" 13:06:13
Horrifying to hear and see. Video of a tornado destroying a family's home in IL last week. 12:09:31
Comet ISON Survives (barely) It's Thanksgiving Day Sun-Dive! 11:52:47
American Basic Income 11:21:58
Hypocrisy: Obama, Biden & Reid All Opposed The Nuclear Option 11:12:55
A Realistic Plan to Restore Liberty to America 09:58:00
Warning! cash transactioins banned by gov. What happens December 18th 08:16:41
50th anniversary of Zupruder film. Stabilized Motion Panorama HD plus SloMo 05:24:18
Video: Cops Get Owned - Epic Pee Prank 05:01:01
Trace Mayer: Bitcoin Could Be Greatest Bull Market of All Time (Calls out Chris Duane and James Turk) 04:41:34
The American Dream 04:22:51
Replace the Pledge to the Flag with this: 03:50:53
Marxist China flies first stealth drone 01:48:53
Barack Obama Omits God while Reciting the Gettysburg Address 01:10:38
Actual Blueprint of Our Enslavement 01:07:16