Posted on November 24, 2013

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New Hunger Games movie...WOW! 23:20:17
Milton Friedman and The Myth of the Great Depression 23:09:24
The Wisdom of a Peasant 22:05:51
My Apocalyptic Doritos Commercial 20:38:41
TV Is Dying, The TV business is having its worst year ever. 20:26:33
With Obama Care Your Privacy Is Gone: Sneaky, Despicable, Illegal Code Hidden From View (VIDEO) 19:09:04
Turn that damn mobile, tablet or laptop OFF! 18:34:37
Great Reporting about the horror of civil asset forfeiture 17:19:49
Nurse Calls Mom A “loser” For Not Vaccinating Her Child (VIDEO) 17:19:34
(Michigan) I was kicked out of a political event for quietly filming *video included* 17:17:50
BenSwann.Com: Secession Movement Growing In Two Surprising States 17:10:14
NSA infected 50,000 computer networks with malicious software 16:45:55
Iran will be barred from accepting gold as payment for oil 15:44:43
Godfrey Bloom (MEP from Yorkshire) goes off on EU over taxes 14:22:39
YouTube Says Patriots are 'Military Combatants'! 12:42:12
Check out this ad I was forced to watch prior to viewing a youtube clip a few minutes ago 12:42:03
Dallas Morning News covering for Sheriff's Dept assault on AJ 10:01:09
Fed Up - Students Speak Out Against Obamacare - Obamacare Stripping Students 07:49:20
"The Physician's Declaration of Independence" Will the Revolution Be Lead By Doctors? 07:24:19
Hollywood's Susan Sarandon TRASHES Obama's hypocritical Nobel prize 05:26:50
Low Tech: 3 More Ways to Foil the NSA 02:05:11
Am I Going Crazy? 01:34:12
Why Do You Stay at the DailyPaul? 00:09:44
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A Father's Pain 23:47:53
- 23:21:25
The Most Dignified Position in the Queen's Court - The Groom...of the Stool. 22:29:53
POWERFUL: Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul's "Plea for Peace" - RP Institute for Peace & Prosperity, Nov 18, 2013 22:23:02
Citizens for Liberty November 2013 Meeting - Rotten to the Common Core (video) 21:56:26
Recent Jeremy Scahill Interview 21:35:31
Flashback: 911- ABC news clip of the vaporization of WTC 21:23:18
Texas, New Mexico covered in snow 21:00:29
3D-Printed Counterfeit Gold Coins? 20:59:25
Sen. Rand Paul Speaking At The CITADEL On C-Span - 11/24/13 - 9:40 PM ET (Video Replay) 20:52:30
Why poor people remain poor. (a sob story) 20:32:31
"The Discovery of Freedom" Rose Wilder Lane 20:24:30
Nobody cares that you don't care when people leave DP! 20:19:46
Sandy Hook Shooting Secrecy May Soon Be Unveiled 19:28:42
God vs. Natural Law 19:25:45
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk - 11/25/13: Can Karzai Save Us? (AUDIO) 19:18:58
Navy's futuristic-looking vessel being commanded by Capt. James Kirk 19:13:04
Washington blows up: Has American politics hit an all-time low? 18:56:51
Florida Republican calls Obamacare tax ‘racist’ against whites 18:51:17
Pat Boone about Obama 18:47:21
Scott Walker: "All Shall Bow To Me In 2016" 18:22:14
Libre Office - Wow. 17:10:44
New York Times Pruning Service 16:52:16
Liberal Quarantine 16:49:28
The Crook 16:46:57
Mount Stupid 16:44:29
Obamacare 16:39:34
Beckett law Firm: Hobby Lobby v. Sebelius 16:26:49
Taking Back Our Words and Lives From The Politically Correct Hyper Sensitive Social Engineers 15:50:06
Mandatory labeling is about who has the power: The individual or 15:11:53
Medical Cannabis Works for Pets with Cancer 15:11:39
Good or Bad? 14:57:42
Trapped in an Alternate DP Universe 14:34:06
war with iran,petrodollar,Federal Reserve in 1913,expectations,Principles. 14:28:27
Truth behind Common Core 14:26:21
Political Change Is Healthy, Don't Want To Stay The Same 14:04:20
Fed Minutes Reveal Collapse Plans 13:53:46
Second Federal Judge 'Skeptical' About Legal Case for NSA Phone-Record Collection 13:43:19
The Revisionist History of how the Iranian Nuclear Deal came about is already being written in America 13:31:24
Surgeon General: Smoking Fine As Long As You Only Do It When You Drink 13:27:57
Have Daily Paul followers Become Anti-Christian? 13:06:34
Common Core 4th grade reading: Obama biography portrays whites as racist 12:32:40
Now You Can Save 50% On Tires For Your Motorcycle! Blew My Mind! 12:15:48
A Prayer for Divine Intervention and Intercession for President Barrack Obama 12:02:57
Cameron austerity-a boot stamping on a childs face-forever (chunkymark video) 11:07:10
The New Declaration 10:04:54
Healthcare Freedom? 09:31:01
Iran seals nuclear deal with west in return for sanctions relief 09:27:53
Live report from TX Interstate: Road Shut down for 8+ hours, Miles of vehciles still stranded in freezing cold 09:17:12
Grow Up 08:57:15
DC area Libertarian candidates 07:26:28
Obama's Affordable Turkey Dinner Act 04:00:26
Federal Government Taking Steps to Regulate Bitcoin 03:19:28
New Snowden leaks expose the NSA's play for more power 02:39:21
Cops start a fight at JFK 50th memorial - We Are Change 02:27:49
DC: Mike Rowe interview - Interesting insights 02:21:55
The Mises View: "Government Debt Addiction" | Judge Andrew P. Napolitano 02:03:48
The Mises View: "Rejecting War" | Ron Paul 02:00:48
Weekend Watching 01:58:39
Standard Operating Procedure 303 01:09:28
JFK: A Conspiracy Theory - Corbett 01:07:34
“It’s time to step up to the plate” Liberty Uprising in Pittsburgh 00:54:41
TWA Flight 800 Documentary 00:24:51
Mountain Man Arrested in Court For Following Constitution 00:17:44
Jesse Ventura: JFK Assassination Was A Coup D'état 00:17:26