Posted on November 25, 2013

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Victory Update: Hey, I Know You're Busy, But Some Pigs Really Need Your Help Right Now. Seriously 23:12:25
Ben Swann: Cops Spray Woman’s Vagina With Mace To “Punish” Her After Drug Arrest 22:45:30
Boston PD Folds After Doubling-Down; Withdraws Felony Complaint Against PINAC 20:50:40
Introducing the Obama Car! FREE Insurance! FREE Tires for Life! FREE Oil Changes! 20:20:54
The Power of Linux 18:00:19
Healthy Teenage Son Died After Routine Flu Shot 16:18:26
Mentally Strong People: The 13 Things They Avoid 14:42:29
Julie Borowski on the Stossel Show with John Stossel - Spreading Liberty Online 14:18:14
"I'm Just a Mom!" Daphne Lee Gives Powerful Speech Against NDAA in Clark County, Nevada 13:55:20
Marital Misunderstanding 13:47:27
Joining the School Revolution! Congratulate me! 13:35:36
6th Grade Mississippi “Only Do This Assignment In Class” and “Don’t Tell Your Parents" 13:29:18
White House Says It Will Respond to 'Pardon Edward Snowden' Petition 12:56:20
Hillarious Video Proving Mainstream News is Scripted 12:52:44
Peace Breaks Out...Neocons Weep (RPI) 12:32:03
LIST OF NAMES — Military Purge High Officers — Unprecedented 11:53:39
JFK: A Conspiracy Theory (Corbett Does it Again!) 10:45:51
Iran nuclear deal: Saudi Arabia warns it will strike out on its own 10:45:47
A Dangerous & Absurd Disconnect: “Everything on the Internet Should Be Free- Sibel Edmonds 09:06:01
Caution: Don't Share This! You Might Start A Revolution! 08:47:04
Video of Prominent Freeman Dean Clifford 'Kidnapped' by Agents after Law Movement Event 05:30:05
CBS: Michael Hastings' Mercedes could've been Hacked! (Tell Us Something We don't Already Know!) 05:08:58
Schoolyard Disappointment As Council of Bullies Rules In Favor of Bully 01:29:17
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'Sliders' snatching valuables from cars! 23:28:30
The Big Golf Match 23:19:38
The Platters: "The Great Pretender" Hahaha! (VIDEO) 23:05:14
Health Sherpa Code Writers Rescue ObamaCare With New Simple Website 22:47:42
NATO places 24 Anti-Missile Interceptors in Romania, 400 miles from RU. 22:44:40
BenSwann.Com - Rocky Mountain High: Colorado Issues World’s First Recreational Marijuana License 22:38:57
Video Heart-warmer: Band of Brothers Rally Around Boy, 6, to Stop Teasing 22:38:33
Texas Cop Accused of Handcuffing and Raping Teen at Traffic Stop 22:34:04
There Is No End To California's Looney Left: California Politicians Pushing “Gun Control”… For TOY Guns 22:31:57
Benjamin Britten: War Requiem, Opus 66 22:26:56
The Great Bitcoin Heist 22:05:16
High School Student in Critical Condition After Being Tazed by Cops, Family fears he will not survive (VIDEO) 21:40:49
Immigration Bill: If you like your housekeeper, you can keep her! 21:37:03
Here's a politician with a bright future 21:15:00
Heckler berates Obama over immigration (Video) 21:02:41
Cruz: "Administration gave Iran a win and sold out our Israeli allies" 20:32:50
Sound BBC Video Report - Yemen 20:23:56
New Jersey Assembly Committee Approves Industrial Hemp Legislation 20:01:24
Time: Rand Paul vs. Wendy Davis 20:00:55
MILLER: Every D.C. firearm owner to be fingerprinted to renew gun registry 19:57:18
Banks Warn Fed They May Have To Start Charging Depositors 19:51:38
Obama Delivers Fake Speech About Fake Iran Deal to Fake Audience 19:48:47
Theory - Wgwwd - We Get What We Deserve 19:37:51
Motorcyclist Records Obnoxious CHP Cop & Teaches Californians How To Get A Copy Of the Police Dashcam 19:25:37
First ban in the country: 3D-printed guns now illegal in Philadelphia - RT 18:56:24
Israelis in secret trip to Saudi bases 18:18:02
The FDA's Attack on 23andMe 17:43:21
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 11-25-2013: Can Karzai Save Us? 17:06:00
So, in 2009, I got this red light ticket - ALLEGEDLY... 16:55:37
What Religion Is New Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen? 16:33:48
Taliban Bingo 16:28:10
MI Rep.Huizenga gets questioned on Auditing the Fed / Constitutional convention for BBA 16:15:28
Obamacare is Anti-Free Market Unless You're a Smoker 16:11:12
FDA Halts Consumer-direct DNA Test 15:17:09
NYC teen serves 3 years without conviction or even a trial. 15:14:32
Cicada 15:00:19
School superintendent charged in rape case inquiry 14:51:23
Californians Petition To BAN Petitioning! Hahaha! What The PHUCK! (VIDEO) 13:59:46
Federal government books $41.3 billion in profits on Student Loans 13:25:46
WND: U.S. generals now take action to watch Obama 13:22:34
The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose 13:09:32
Fed's Tarullo details plans to counter bank runs 12:08:35
Anywhere but Here: Kowloon “Anarchy” City 11:49:02
Millennials Look to Opt Out of Obamacare - Corie Whalen on RPC 10:33:55
JFK: ‘CIA were desperate to cover-up Nazi business connections with US’ 10:03:06
US attempts to stop the outflow of gold, petrodollar still alive? 09:43:35
Classic Bait-and-Switch of Cantor and his Warmongering Allies: Eric Cantor Lies About the Iran Deal (RPI) 09:40:19
Stop Spying on Seattle! 09:10:46
Famed Pathologist Weighs In On Allegations Brittany Murphy Was Poisoned 08:28:23
Ben Swann: Corporate Welfare is Almost Double Social Welfare 08:14:20
US banks warn Fed interest cut could force them to charge depositors 04:22:09
State confirms health website security breach 04:15:39
Silver irony 02:21:13
Wrote a Fantasy Novel pseudonymously, could use some Social Media help 01:52:52
Anniversary Prank Backfires! Over 30 Million Views in 4 days... 00:35:42