Posted on November 29, 2013

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The police are the greatest threat to human liberty in history 23:57:54
Relative: Ohio Amish "Fugitive" Girl In Chemo Case Doing Well 22:58:24
Wyatt's Cafeteria Menu - 50 Years Ago 22:31:34
Russian judge rules in favor of man who set own credit card terms after bank failed to read his revised small print 20:42:37
Please Read If You Have The Time: The Brick 19:01:59
How The Amazon Warehouse Works 18:52:03
Free Month Of The Ron Paul Channel - Today Only 18:16:43
Elderly farmer fights for 215-yr-old land lost to feds (Canada) 17:28:49
Black Friday Freakout Open Thread (lavishly illustrated, more pics, vids, 40% more lavish) 15:21:33
_ 14:02:38
Felony Friday: Caught On Tape, Mississippi Sheriff Kicks Handcuffed Man In The Groin Twice 13:36:11
How to Open a Can without Can Opener - Zombie Survival Tips #20 12:48:25
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer Says He Has The RIGHT To Use Marijuana While On Duty! 12:45:57
Deck the Halls with Macro Follies 11:26:53
Ron Paul on Kitco News - 11/26/2013 11:13:12
Go Experience Combat Yourself, and THEN Tell Me about PTSD 10:38:09
Mike Tyson On Obama: "I Don't Know How Much You Gotta Be A Brown Noser To Be A President.” 06:25:30
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Cayman Islands and Costa Rica agree to share bank account details with US 23:41:39
Feds bailing out Detroit? 23:41:31
The Money Changers Serenade: A New Plot Hatches ~ Paul Craig Roberts 23:35:49
US govt caught using pirated software for military; Fines itself 50 million. (to be paid by taxpayers) 23:10:50
Beyond Bitcoin: A Guide to the Most Promising Cryptocurrencies 22:16:29
Male Transgenders Making Life Increasingly Awkward for Homely Females 22:12:59
French court fines boycott-Israel activists for discrimination 22:07:32
Pope: People should work for peace & justice, not act "as a mob swayed by the powers that be" 21:18:05
American Justice: On Acid 21:12:13
Letter To The Ceo Of Monsanto - Finished - Join Me! 21:03:47
Making good People Helpless Won't Make Bad People Harmless 20:03:57
6-Year-Old Girl Brings Thanksgiving Dinner to Newtown Police Officers 19:59:42
Obamacare Talk at Thanksgiving Party 19:51:44
What If Our Premature Nobel Laureate President is Having a '63-Style Kennedy Moment? 19:27:18
Pulsed Laser Reproduction of Images Captured With Little Light 18:58:22
Reservation 18:41:36
Why Are Bad Words Bad? 18:33:24
Soldiers surprise homecoming for their dogs. 18:00:25
Pakistan political party outs alleged CIA station chief, seeks charges over drone strikes 17:38:02
Bringing Jobs Back Through Natural Resources 17:35:58
Phil Keaggy shows his skills on his acoustic guitar 17:29:11
Black Friday Zombie Plague Sweeps America: Video Proof! 16:59:57
A long list of President Obama's Accomplishments 16:58:03
Bitcoin, Banks and Black Friday 16:56:12
Need some help! 16:08:22
TechDirt- "Obama's Response To Too Much Secrecy About Surveillance... Is More Secrecy" 16:08:03
Meet the Man that Wrote Obamacare 15:04:57
Julie Borowski: ObamaCare Stinks for Young People 14:58:00
Full List of Obamacare Tax Hikes 14:20:57
The Morning Buzz 14:17:29
What will be the next Bitcoin? What alternative Crypto Currencies are you looking at? 13:11:36
James Corbett @ fOSSa Conference, Lille, France: "From Gutenberg to YouTube: the Open Sourcing of Journalism" - Nov 21, 2013 13:04:59
"Would YOU Want YOUR Child To Serve As A Drone Operator?" (Or Paid Assassin) 12:47:42
EU Banks will still need 280 Billions of euros for 2014 12:31:21
Santa Shames Thanksgiving Parasites 11:48:58
Oathkeepers: A Meditation For Thanksgiving Eve (OR any time of year!) 11:12:32
New Ron Paul Video - November 21, 2013 11:09:45
America And Iran, History And Current Events - Please Share This 10:57:36
Politico: Denver Post lights up new pot editor 10:41:43
How Iranians View America 10:21:52
UK "Ministers will order ISPs to block terrorist and extremist websites" 08:57:32
Stanley Kubrick: It's ALL about Problem Solving; Drop-outs, Misfits, Rebels, Renegades inspire & change History, Not Conformists 08:29:07
Julie Borowski: ObamaCare Stinks for Young People 06:08:36
Love Revolution sunset - facebook picture illustration 01:20:04
Are We Being Hypocritical About Bitcoin? 00:42:12