Posted on November 30, 2013

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Boehner feeling the heat after helping to defeat Justin Amash's NSA bill (video) 22:24:42
Woman has child taken from her womb by social services 22:04:28
The Bush Problem: It All Started With Sam 22:00:12
It begins? Brazil 18:50:42
Win Or Lose 2016, We MUST Continue 16:04:49
3D Printing on a 2D Printer - Maker Faire 2013 video 15:52:58
Human tragedy unfolds as Gaza runs on empty 15:52:38
Washington Post Op-Ed Calling For The United States To End Presidential Term Limits To Allow Obama To Run Again In 2016 15:12:14
Is the Knockdown Game the Work of Government Agent Provocateurs to Start a Race War? 14:43:13
The Mises View: "Bitcoin Hits $1000" | Mark Thornton 13:32:50
"U.S. MUST give money to foreign governments in order to be safe" Jan Helfeld hits a home run in this interview. 02:11:57
Excellent Obama Lies Compilation! Not just Obamacare lies...all his lies. (and he's still in office?) 01:33:43
Three Unpublished Salinger Stories Leaked Online 01:08:23
Vanilla Sky Movie 00:58:00
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The astounding athletic power of quadcopter Drones - TedTalk 23:58:25
Mother on crashed plane led searchers to wreckage 23:27:14
Woman has child taken from her womb by social services 23:25:14
Giving Back on Thanksgiving Day | Helping the Poor 23:15:26
Wow ... Interesting Nugget About Hitler 22:59:09
The Most Intriguing Conversation In the Bible! 22:54:26
<iframe> 22:30:05
. 21:10:36
Alex Jones, His Radio Company, and DAILYPAUL (Video) 20:46:37
Selling "" and "" 20:24:14
Osama bin Laden’s Death Just Got Stranger 19:46:45
Assassination of J.F.K. 19:45:33
. E.M. wave weapon 19:44:16
Could saving money be the key to happiness? 19:33:56
Peter Schiff Talks Taper: No Way, No How 19:14:50
Australia is now officially a police state? 18:46:27
Deck The Malls 18:46:16
9/11: They Told You What They Would Do, Six Months Before 18:44:57
"Great Surprise"—Native Americans Have West Eurasian Origins 18:28:33
Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Precious Metals During the Dollar Decline 18:21:34
Obamacare Talk At Thanksgiving: 18:16:39
We're Pregnant! There Is a Birthing of a New Party for America Coming 17:45:33
Propaganda Wrapped in Ignorance 17:27:53
Our Time is Now. 2014. 17:23:14
Keeping A President Safe: Guided Sound Cannons and Bulletproof Suits 17:21:48
Obamacare: Not Just A Miserably Failing Policy But A Preemptive Attack On Our People 17:18:48
Soy Controversy & Health 17:14:10
Watch Obama’s the Father of Miriam Carey’s Child? 17:12:55
Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire 17:08:00
Paul Krugman's Delusion: "Obamacare’s Secret Success" 17:04:42
Iran says Obama administration LIED about details of nuke deal 16:56:00
My Bitcoin Prediction 15:55:18
Jesuit Pope Says "Prince of This World" is Against God & Says Christians Will Be Persecuted in End Times 15:48:49
Before anyone rejoices that DC may make peace.. Remember this Quote. 15:10:52
I Finally Figured Out Barack Obama, and it's Worse Than You Think 15:06:41
Scott Walker Is Being Propped By Some Republicans - Full Vetting Required 15:04:35
Anyone with reservations about Bitcoin should read this: 14:57:34
Real Constitutional Healthcare Reform is Going Beyond Just Repealing Obamacare. 14:51:45
Is English Alphabet Dying Out ? Bbc News 14:50:42
Glenn Greenwald at CAIR-LA's 17th-annual banquet 14:47:57
NWO Problems and Solutions: Jim Marrs with WeAreChange 14:42:38
Too-Big-to-Fail Banks starting payday loan scam 14:37:00
The States Can and Nullify and Defeat Obama’s Tyrannical Government Using State Antitrust Laws? 14:36:14
Corporate Welfare: Why Innovate when your Paid not to Work. Small businesspeople are suckers. 14:13:01
Libertarian Homeschooling | Ana Martin 13:30:42
Giving Back on Thanksgiving Day | Helping the Poor 12:59:23
U.K. Man Throws Out Hard Drive With Nearly $10 Million in Bitcoins On It 09:03:32
The Pale Blue Dot 06:36:22
Detroit - Encyclopedia Britannica 1911 03:34:38
Remember These two Clowns? 03:02:10
Great Jan helfeld interview with Gary Bauer... 02:25:43
3D Printing A To Z 01:27:28
Life in the Post-Filibuster World: Washington Post Screed on Term Limits 01:05:58
Former U.S. soldier shares story of his participation in the prison camps at Guantanamo Bay 01:05:44