Posted on December 1, 2013

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Why Good People Should Be Armed 22:28:39
Amazon Unveils 30 Minute Deliveries by Drones 21:48:17
It’s True: Government is Aggressively Engaged in Gun Confiscation In the US 20:16:34
RT Report: Japan Suicides and Fukushima Farmers 20:06:33
Outgoing Company Commander: ‘I Hate You All’ 17:01:27
Operation Outlaw (Secret Project) 16:45:18
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 12-1-13: You cannot negotiate with Iran? 16:37:23
The One Goal of All International Organizations: THEFT From the Coffers of The United States 14:14:31
Michael Savage Goes Off on Caller: "I'm sick and tired of hearing about Israel" 14:01:43
Rothbard: The NAFTA Myth 12:26:26
Ron Paul's Pod Cast Nation #40 ~ Changing The Rules 11:32:53
John Stossel ~ Why Are Indians Poor? 11:25:13
The United Party: Israeli Arabs "The Underground" <-OUTSTANDING! 11:24:58
Dial 00000000 for Armageddon. US’s top secret launch nuclear launch code was frighteningly simple 10:51:40
Iceland bails out the people. International financial institutions cry foul 10:25:12
Iceland thumbs nose at international opposition to advance $1.2 billion debt relief plan 04:57:02
Ron Paul Big Head 03:40:52
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Hidden Gov’t Model: Fukushima contamination spreading throughout N. Pacific Ocean in 5 years 23:57:48
UK Royal Mint Working On Plans To Issue Gold-Backed Physical Bitcoins 23:40:49
Silicon Valley catches Bitcoin fever 23:32:07
The "Grinches" are out early in Lawrence, Kansas and Lake Worth, Florida. Let's Foil Them! 22:30:06
UK Royal Mint Working On Plans To Issue Gold-Backed Physical Bitcoins 22:02:53
Economic Warnings: 10/15/92, 09/25/13 -facebook picture illustration 22:01:34
White House Claims 'Dramatic Progress' on Health Site Administration Officials Acknowledged 'More Work to Be Done' 20:13:02
Constitution Was Written To Protect Us From Obama 20:02:54
Thought-provoking video series on science, ideas, and culture: The Day The Universe Changed 18:54:50
What is Money? another vantage point 18:17:58
Video: Ron "Austrian" Paul Vs. Paul "Keynesian" Krugman 17:56:05
Annoying Airplane Passenger Thinks She's The Only One Who Celebrates Thanksgiving (PHOTOS, TWEETS) 16:15:10
Mother-In-Law 16:06:03
Lipstick on a Pig: Continues It’s Epic Fail 15:57:55
Before and after the "Holocaust": Jewish population numbers in 1933 and 1948 15:45:49
The Government's Secret Plan to Shut Off Cellphones and the Internet, Explained 15:28:07
Bill Still of the "Money Masters" posts on Crypto Currencies. 15:03:11
Welcome to Amerika... 14:29:53
What will you be holding during the dollar demise? 13:44:39
5 Men Work to Save Dying, Drowning Woman as Cop Chats on Phone 13:37:44
Comet ISON leaves gravitational pull of our Sun... less wit as it goes. 12:57:20
Oh how times have changed, Liberty, how we miss you... 12:28:38
Mike Maloney's Hidden Secrets of Money Ep. 5: Silver & Gold - When Money is Corrupted; Money vs Currency, War, Dicatorship 12:10:26
In all honesty ... 11:33:50
Healthcare Freedom? 11:20:33
Man Compares Legal Marijuana Business To Putting Poison In Everyone's Thanksgiving Dinner... 11:19:59
The Rutherford Institute’s monthly “Faith and Freedom Prayer Calendar” is now available online! 09:18:43
Jesse Ventura On Piers Morgan: Government Shutdown, JFK Conspiracy 03:17:16
The Movie Step Brothers - against tyranny 02:24:58
Finally! Could flying cars soon be a reality? 01:02:07
Dec. 1 - Hope it's the day for Thai Anti-government protesters 00:38:22
Actor Paul Walker Dies in Fiery Car Crash. 00:06:37
Bitcoin thefts soar... Only the naive are surprised. 00:05:00
Looks like Dom isn't going to get that Ten-Second car; Paul Walker dead at 40 00:01:12