Posted on December 2, 2013

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TEDx Talk | 3D Printing a 2,500 Sq Ft House in 20 Hours!? 22:22:26
Cancer Patient Goes Public When ObamaCare Cancelled His Insurance - Now He's Being Audited by IRS 21:10:34
This College Kid Made Over $24,000 Yesterday Just By Waving This Bitcoin Sign On ESPN 19:49:20
Judge Andrew Napolitano 2016 Draft Gains Momentum 19:31:46
18 Hours, 13 Seconds Ago 19:10:48
First Two Sample Chapters in my Fantasy Novel *Edited for new Content* 18:39:02
Open Letter to Peter Schiff by Erik Voorhees 18:18:35
Hilarious! Young Man explains why he loves the Orlando Police Department... 16:39:48
A what rifle? 15:42:06
Help a Ron Paul girl win Miss USA 15:21:18
LifeStraw Personal Water Filters on Sale 15:17:10
How time flies, I have a DP anniversary, 6 years! 14:48:33
Job post: Political media sales operative wanted. 14:38:46
I Can See it Coming When the People Disarm the Lawless Police Who Abuse Their Authority. 14:30:20
Mondays With Murray: Sell Out And Die 13:54:24
Gerald Celente - Lew Rockwell Show - December 2, 2013 13:33:26
WARNING! Gun rights, Ammo Buyers, National Security, Last Lead Smelter in USA to be shut down by EPA call your Senator Now 11:03:13
Iran Gets Short End Of The Nuclear Deal (RPI) 10:22:40
15 Signs That We Are Near The Peak Of An Absolutely Massive Stock Market Bubble 09:55:03
Boston Police Chemist - Sentenced to 3 to 5 for falsifying drug evidence 09:34:23
Faced with a Collapse of America’s Health System, Schumer Pushes ... More Gun Control - House Vote Today 12/2 09:28:44
Daily Paul Radio is LIVE! 06:07:39
MSNBC Guest: Obama White House ‘Most Hostile to Media in U.S. History’ 01:24:21
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Hot Chicks & Politics Episode 1: Obamacare (video) 23:40:31
Tribunal Issues Landmark Verdict against Israel for Genocide (updated link) 23:24:04
LIBERTY! Extend it Forever My Friends... 23:08:06
Woman arrested over 8-year-old ticket due to alleged 'computer glitch' 22:50:08
Britain - 64 Million Population - Video 22:26:28
Bitcoin Malware 22:05:08
Circuit Scribe: Draw Circuits Instantly | KickStarter 21:52:11
RBS' technology glitch leaves customers cashless 21:45:25
Dick Cheney Ran a Separate Chain of Command Via Secret Service on 9/11: Documented Legal Case for High Treason 21:23:35
It’s True: The Government Is Aggressively Confiscating Guns Throughout The U.S. 21:04:56
Sniper Training 20:54:36
Your Own 3D Printed Fetus: The Perfect Gift! 20:35:55
Govt's Secret Plan to Shut off Cellphones/Internet, Explained 19:35:20
Infowars Exclusive: Jordan Maxwell Resurfaces! 19:34:24
Shocking Poll 19:30:48
Video | Russell Brand: The only thing that matters to any of us is LOVE 19:24:15
Baby Delivery by Stork soon to become Obsolete 19:10:26
Justin Amash December 16 Money Bomb 19:00:53
UN inquiry finds 'massive evidence' that president is responsible for crimes against humanity 18:57:06
Bitcoin- A Virtual Mining Disaster Waiting to Happen? 18:53:36
Government Chemist Tampered With 40,000 Cases 18:10:30
Coffee with Don Huffines in Dallas on Wednesday 16:51:05
Eminent Domain Takes Root In Areas With High Unemployment, Poverty 15:31:39
The meaning of life - By Don Hertzfeldt 15:26:37
The Secret History Of Your Cable Bill 14:38:01
Joe Williams, TV Commentator, on climate change 14:26:00
The secret Hong Kong facility that uses boiling goo to mine Bitcoins 14:01:27
Bloomberg / Businessweek: How Patents Tell the Tale of the Booming U.S. Gun Market 13:48:38
Mitch McConnell: Time For GOP Establishment To 'Stand Up To' Tea Party 13:39:39
New York Post: How the US gave guns to Mexican cartels 12:39:22
Why good people should be armed 12:10:36
Truth, Freedom, and the FDA 11:35:12
Now *there's* a Life! George Sossenko 1918-2013 R.I.P. 11:01:15
When Algorithms Grow Accustomed to Your Face, Anyone got a V mask I can borrow? 10:50:37
Government Releases Crime Map For The US 10:28:27
I Don't Want Obamacare To Work! Leave My Current Healthcare Insurance Alone! 10:23:41
Beduins need your help 10:19:46
Barracuda Trader: "Why I am Being Blocked From Commenting" 10:11:17
"The time of limited sovereignty in Europe is over." 10:04:16
JFK and 9/11 - The Common Threads 09:44:53
Silicon Valley catches Bitcoin fever 09:36:28
A Conservative Guide to Sorting Out Wal-Mart Employees on Minimum Wage 08:58:33
Best of all worlds proposed: gold-backed physical bitcoins 01:48:15
deleted 01:42:50
Amazon Testing Drone Delivery System 01:42:36
Comedian Tim Heidecker Recounts Being Stabbed 01:33:21
King World News interviews Paul Craig Roberts — US Corruption, Failing World Interference, the Dollar and Gold 01:26:40
Child taken from womb by social services 00:13:12
Saudi Family Hang Ethiopian Maid From Hook – Brutally Beat Her 00:06:20
Know your enemy 00:06:19