Posted on December 3, 2013

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AWESOME! At first I thought it was a duck swimming, then, watch what happens! (VIDEO) 23:40:58
Expert Testifies to Congress that Obama’s ‘Ignoring Laws’ Could Lead to Overthrow of Government (video) 22:43:17
NSA Opponents Want to 'Nullify' Surveillance With State Law 22:41:08
Fast and Furious Redefined 22:18:07
Three Friends 21:22:55
White House Launches Creepy New Obamacare Initiative: #WHYouth 20:22:55
Fox Business launches new nightly show with a libertarian perspective hosted by Kennedy and Matt Welch from Reason 20:18:47
Woman Leaves Room Speechless: "I'm just a mom!" - One Of The Most Powerful Speeches Ever Made 18:34:26
(LIVE) Allison Bricker Show - Jacob Hornberger, the Minimum Wage & the Drug War 18:34:13
Daily Paul Radio By Home, Cell Or Office Phone! 18:27:31
The Affordable Care Act Has Been The Law For 3 Years, Stop Trying To Change That. The Second Amendment Has Been The Law For ... 18:20:18
If I Were The Devil 17:27:06
Message to Police! (It needs to be said) 16:09:34
You Are Free 14:27:47
Is Katniss a Modern-Day Spartacus? 14:21:15
WHOA! Editor Of Guardian: 'We've Only Published 1 Percent Of Material Received From Snowden' 14:13:23
Gold Drops Below Cash Cost, Approaches Marginal Production Costs 13:49:24
FDA Cracks Down on Aloe Peddling Quacks 12:35:27
Government Chemist Tampered With 40,000 Cases, Locking Countless Innocent Americans in Prison 12:09:13
Help Us TODAY to Stop Seattle CC: Limit Speech And Mesh Spying: Help Us! 11:31:06
Anti-Gun Vote in the House Today 11:29:47
Thanks for sharing this journey with me! 11:06:38
Did You Think Americans Wouldn't Find This Out ! 09:49:12
How much gold should each person have? 08:18:22
COMEX on verge of default 07:47:55
Libertarian Jesus 02:08:51
If there were a "Made in the U.S.A." section in each store department 01:22:16
Icelandic Police Kill First Person in Their History! 01:07:43
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NRA News Special Report From Ginny Simone: "The Wrong House" (VIDEO) 23:32:10
YAL: The largest, most active, and fastest-growing liberty organization on America's college campuses! 23:31:46
You'll Love This One! 23:08:13
Rand Paul: Americans Trading Liberty for False Security 23:05:02
China threatens military action against Japan 22:38:52
Americans Need More Dollars, Not Less 22:29:31
James Corbett: How Monsanto Stifles Scientific Dissent 22:17:55
Help Adam Berman in Washington State 21:58:09
Russia Launches 'STEALTH' Submarine In St. Petersburg (VIDEO) 21:57:35
Keep Al Qaeda Out Of My Asshole 21:50:22
The Nation: Could Google and the NSA Make Whistleblowers Disappear? 21:49:40
House Of Representatives Renews Plastic Gun Ban With Voice Vote 21:46:05
ATF Regulation comments due by DEC 9th on proposed changes 21:39:17
Bail-Ins And Deposit Confiscation Confirmed At ‘Future of Banking in Europe’ Conference 21:37:18
How Wall Street Has Turned Housing Into a Dangerous Get-Rich-Quick Scheme — Again 21:36:20
Video Worth The Time 21:31:35
Pillsbury Loves the TSA-Let's Boycott the Doughboy 21:31:17
A letter that very little here care about?! 21:30:02
Christians Need Not Be Persecuted in End Times 21:27:58
Snowden Leaks Spark UN Probe into NSA Mass Surveillance 21:21:48
Ben Swann EXCLUSIVE: Truth In Media: Vaccine Court And Autism (VIDEO) 21:11:52
Nuclear Energy Design Finalist Ignored by Judges 20:47:06
on air now - 7 - 8 EST 20:03:51
Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Quinn & Rose And Yes Even Alex Jones 19:22:33
“I Hear An Army (of Amazon Drones)” 16:21:02
Boycott NFL Games for being phony, hyped up, brainwashed and just plain full of *it 16:20:59
My quick opinion about the Amazon Drone 16:18:56
Please Sign White House Petition. 16:15:35
New Documents Show US Participated in Iraqi Chemical Weapons Attack Against Iran and Kurds 16:15:27
Government Drone vs Private Sector Drone 16:13:59
I Will NEVER Support Ben Carson For President! 16:02:33
3D printed gun parts found after police raids in Manchester 15:50:33
LA Times: Sheriff's Dept hired officers with history of misconduct 15:49:06
High Schoolers React to Bitcoin 15:31:42
Law Banning 3D-Printed Guns Up for Crucial Vote 15:09:35
Pope Benedict Once Worked As A Bouncer, Vatican Confirms (VIDEO) 14:27:59
"World's only superpower" creating next generation prepared only to be slaves. 14:18:14
Should The Government Stop Dumping Money Into A Giant Hole? 14:17:52
Just a little Welfare Abuse! LOL 13:46:58
An open letter about the libertarian position on abortion! 12:49:40
TSA now overseeing warrantless vehicle searches for cars parked at airports 12:40:07 needs help 12:36:12
Live now: Guardian editor testifies before Parliament on Snowden 11:52:07
Did You Know the Mysteries of the Heart? 11:41:28
What Do Government Agencies Have Against 23andMe, Uber, and Airbnb? 10:28:10
Mexican Colleges Look To Expand Into America 10:16:59
Bob Dylan Charged With Making Racist Remarks In France 10:05:28
Precious metal ownership no panacea. Hidden confiscation thru rigged taxation? 09:19:13
The Trans Pacific Partnership: Another disaster from Obama 08:30:48
Glenn Beck: Time Might Be Right to Send GOP the Way of the Whigs 08:29:31
765,651 abortions in 2010 in states that report abortion numbers; down 3%: latest CDC figures 06:26:59
A Third Obama Term? Piers Morgan: 'The Perfect Barack Obama, Who's a Perfect Physical Specimen' (VIDEO) 04:06:13
Max Keiser ~ Parasitic world driven by parasitic needs ruled by parasites. 02:41:41
CNN: America going to pot! 02:32:52
Wsj - March 10, 1986 - Most overlooked article ever in that publication imo 02:30:44
Eaters of the world unite! 01:48:57
Were Directed Energy Weapons Used in the Death of Paul Walker? 01:36:05
Topless Pro-Abortion Women Sexually Harass Men Protecting Church 01:12:56
BATFE Letter Confirming Individuals Aged 18-20 Can Buy, Own Handguns! 01:05:27
This video will turn any Libertarian into an anarchist 01:02:31