Posted on December 6, 2013

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WHOA! School Bans Christmas Trees, Kids From Wearing “Christmas Colors Saying Merry Christmas 23:18:25
BenSwann.Com - EXCLUSIVE: What The Media Is Not Telling You About Future Lead Ammo Shortages 23:10:52
Video: Sen. Rand Paul Speaks at Detroit Economic Club - December 6, 2013 21:50:13
One of The Dumbest Things I've Ever Experienced While Driving 20:57:00
U.S. Sheriffs Rise Up Against Federal Government: Sheriff Threatens Feds With SWAT Team ~ Grass Roots Take Charge! 20:29:30
Evil Octopus Strangling the World Becomes Latest US Intelligence Seal 20:01:14
I 3D printed a "defense" rifle, and it shoots great! 19:11:00
Put Your Hands In the Air and Step Away From The Baked Goods - Minnesota says 'no' to homemade cookies 18:31:27
Privately Owned Prisons Suing States Over Lack Of Prisoners 17:47:04
The Coolest Nature Video Ever 16:16:55
I'm frustrated with the anti Bitcoin crowd and their vitriol against it. 17:26:38
Medical breakthrough: bitcoin being used to treat disappointment addicted patriots. 14:47:30
Army Officer: 'We Will Pry Your Guns From Your Cold, Dead Fingers' 14:41:59
VIDEO: Homeland Security Searches Vehicles at Ferry Crossing Checkpoint 13:23:49
The Mule 13:00:15
WOW! What A Remarkable Dog 12:51:08
The Copenhagen Wheel. Whoa! 12:27:30
President Obama: NSA Is Doing “A Very Good Job” Of Not Spying On Americans. 11:16:23
Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) on Hollywood actors with an agenda 10:49:21
When is the correct time to pursue your dreams? 09:35:01
Are low wages stalling America’s economy? 09:15:35
Overcoming the Modern Tories 19:06:30
14-year-old Boy Tased in the Face While Handcuffed After Shoplifting $32 of Stuff at Walmart 01:53:04
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A Completed Obamacare Website! 23:51:34
Bitcoin price cut in half in a day! Comments? 23:50:43
For too long has the Federal Government hoarded our lands. 23:50:21
Japan passes State Secrets Law; if found guilty of divulging arbitrarily defined secrets, 10 years prison 23:46:05
Remarkable Speech By Aldous Huxley Talking Mind Control Used For The Purpose of Enslaving Humanity 23:37:22
Robin Koerner: Rand Paul Is Right: Civil Rights Aren’t Simple Rights 23:29:58
Pretend Beatings Key Strategy in Campaign for Head Bully 23:11:11
Live Now: The Jeff Treubig Show on Daily Paul Radio - Up Now: Bitcoin 22:35:35
Obama, Bush, Clinton going to South Africa next week for Mandela memorial... 22:19:42
Congressman: US should nuke Iran nuclear facilities if needed 21:53:22
History of Bitcoin 21:52:34
Mexico; theft of nuclear materials; 6 hospitalized 21:28:33
Bitcoins, The 2nd Biggest Ponzi Scheme In History 21:27:51
The Telegraph Online Poll: 86% UK Want Their Handguns Back ! 21:26:19
Private Industry Vs Government 21:14:10
DLT 21:02:27
Bitcoin Slammed As Baidu Suspends Payments Due To "Fluctuations" 20:49:26
The Most Comprehensive Police Survey on Gun Control Ever 20:45:10
Ann Barnhardt: ‘If You’re Still in These Markets You’re Either Stupid or On Drugs!' 20:39:28
Shanghai's Record Pollution Is Creeping Inside Buildings 20:05:32
U.S. Navy Fires "XFC" Drone from Underwater Submarine 19:38:30
Without Silver Bitcoin Would Not Be Possible 19:19:31
The Bitcoin Revolution in Full Force 19:16:00
Bitcoin 'Canary in the Coal Mine' - Matthew Dowd on Bloomberg 19:14:16
just impersonation alex jones Ron Paul Julie Borowski George H W Bush and Obama and more. 18:38:22
5 laws that made sense on paper, but led to disaster in reality 18:14:34
Bitcoin is Bigger Than Grumpy Cat 18:03:22
Bitcoins: The Emperor Has No Clothes 17:40:19
Exclusive Interview w/ Florida Cop Who Was Arrested for Refusing to Remove Guy Fawkes Mask (VIDEO) 17:34:32
Daily Paul Video Response 17:33:23
Bitcoins: What you're not being told (A Rebuttal) 17:11:38
Rand Paul is Right: Civil Rights Aren't Simple Rights 16:55:19
Help a libertarian filmmaker win! 16:54:45
Political Cartoons by Burning Monk 16:31:53
Tens of Thousands of Marines’ Children Poisoned 16:15:50
The History of The English Language in Eleven Minutes or Fewer 16:15:32
Federal Police? 15:52:10
Pentagon widens US drone kill box. 15:34:43
Knowledgeable Libertarians On Bitcoin 15:30:46
A Fox Hunting Under the Snow 15:20:37
NSA spied on Italian leaders ‘from US diplomatic missions in Rome, Milan’ 15:13:07
StormCloudsGathering-Bitcoin: What You're Not Being Told 15:09:03
Ron Paul's Podcast Nation #41 ~ Political Action 14:44:03
Mandela and Israel 14:29:50
What price are you waiting to buy bitcoin at? 14:20:42
You’re Too Old for MRI under Obama Care 14:19:15
Santa Shames Thanksgiving 'Parasite' Shoppers Lined Up...Using a Megaphone! 14:15:17
Obama Visiting Universities 14:03:19
"Mandela, the man once branded a 'terrorist' by the US" 13:45:11
NRA silence gave pass to ‘pro gun Democrats’ who voted for ‘nuclear option’ 13:40:35
Obama dismisses IRS targeting of conservatives: ‘They’ve got a list, and suddenly everybody’s outraged’ 13:35:28
Late actor Paul Walker’s dad urged him to give up his “daredevil” ways during the last conversation he ever had with his son. 13:31:51
Felony Friday: Should Felons Have Second Amendment Rights Restored Upon Release? 13:14:31
Tman Community Idea - Popular Free Banking in a Digital Age 12:39:56
Anybody know what Nelson Mandela actually did? 12:20:37
You can kill with just a sneeze 12:11:18
American killed in Benghazi believed God would guide him 11:50:27
Bitcoin: Letter to Peter Schiff 11:44:12
Asia: the New Front for American Interventionism? U.S. Escalating Tentions In Asia? (RPC) 11:21:09
Beware of Tricks when Trading Bitcoins 11:05:07
I Sold My Bitcoin -Guess What I Bought *Updated* 10:51:00
Global Warming "proof" evaporating 10:34:21
Now is the time to shove Mandela's Example right up Obama's Hypocritical A_S_S! 10:18:14
Milton Friedman Warns About 10:17:45
(Full Interview) Sen. Sen. Rand Paul In A Fox News Sunday 'EXCLUSIVE' W / Chris Wallace - 12/08/13 (VIDEO) 10:14:18
Mises Circle 2014 Houston, Texas January 18th 10:12:11
Question about BitCoin 10:04:54
Ben Swann Forum hosted by Texas RLC - CD 36 Jan 17th Houston, Tx 10:03:26
Mr. Bernanke: What is Gold, Do you Understand it What is Bitcoin? 10:00:51
I'm Allergic To Work! 09:56:00
Why Bitcoin is Fundamentally Broken 09:38:02
Why is Adam Kokesh being so quiet? 09:29:43
Check out this 777 trying to land in a windstorm 08:46:54
An Economic Analysis of Bitcoins, "I, Broken Pencil" 08:37:05
Merry Christmas to all... 08:36:27
How They Managed To Get Any Sign of Christmas OUT at Sea-Tac Airport 08:35:02
This Whole Bitcoin Thing Could Be Big, Says Bank of America 08:22:29
(Bloomberg) Is It a Good Time to Go Long Bitcoin? 08:00:28
Bitcoin developer confirms he's working (With) US Government) 05:40:27
Is Bitcoin the planned Globalist Digital Currency? 03:25:37
Personal Record Online Website Transaction Hub for Personal Record Online Website Transactions Interglobal. 03:07:32
How to board a train that doesn't stop 03:02:30
Judge Napolitano ~ Right To Remain Silent: Police Shooting Sparks Policy Change 02:33:09
The Daily Bull-poodypie 02:12:58
I Sold My Bitcoin -Guess What I Bought *Updated Video* 02:10:54
Mystery 'alien-like creature' seen in Bristol harbour 02:07:58
A late-stage symptom of the gulag slide and how to solve it the free market way. 02:07:03
Doug Casey's New Book, "Right on the Money" Trailer 02:01:25
Centers For Disease Contraction Urges Americans To Suck Doorknob 01:27:58
Al Sharpton Speaks Out Against The "Knockout Game" 01:24:03
My DP Originals 01:18:48