Posted on December 7, 2013

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What is your favorite movie ever-Find out with math! 22:58:35
It Started Out as Just a Few Libertarians Hanging Out at a Bar…But No One Could Have Guessed What It Would Turn Into 22:46:56
Man Survives Encounter With Police Officers 21:19:51
We Are Your Enemy (Video of an Angry American) 20:46:28
Help A Ron Paul Supporter 20:22:55
Death Is An Illusion 20:19:42
Texas College Student Shot Dead By Campus Police Officer (VIDEO) 19:43:40
Why We All Should Be Whistleblowers - The Dangers of Willful Blindness (TedTalk) 18:54:39
New York City CONFISCATING Rifles and Shotguns 18:19:57
The Problem with Libertarianism 18:04:53
Govt Attacks Churches Feeding Homeless (Video) 15:43:19
In Detroit, Rand Paul says justice system treats minorities unfairly 14:42:32
Hawaii Going NO-GMO! 14:34:03
FBI can secretly turn on laptop cameras without the indicator light.. 13:51:27
Chuck Baldwin: Get Off The Sinking Ship 13:32:31
Reason Magazine Sucks! "There is no principled libertarian stance for vaccine refusal." 13:20:16
Sometimes I Amuse Myself, Even When I Shouldn't 11:09:37
This Is What A Fast Food Worker On $15 Minimum Wage Looks Like 10:23:59
U.S. Military Changes Drone Rules To Make Targeting Of Civilians Easier 09:44:06
Farewell Facebook... 03:23:33
The Whole World's Sitting On A Ticking Bomb 03:18:29
Ankylosing Spondilitis and me - UPDATE 12/16/13! 04:00:57
Vice Presents: The Real Walter White 01:30:42
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HuffPo: Obama Intends To Propose NSA Reforms, Reassure Americans 23:57:12
Corbett Report: Fukushima's Biggest Secret 23:46:47
H.Res.428 ! New House Resolution Calls for Declassifying Secret Portion of 9/11 Report 23:41:49
First 3-D Printed Record is Amazing - Wired (video) 23:39:34
64K square-foot HQ in Afghanistan never used? 21:22:35
The Phony Pullout From Afghanistan (RPI) 21:15:20
Israel Aims to Sabotage the Geneva Agreement with Iran (RPI) 21:06:29
23-Year-Old Woman Makes Up 'Knockout Game' Story To Protect Her Boyfriend.. Now Charged 20:51:53
Just Thinkin': "What Does It Take To Be Middle Class?" 20:45:17
Katie Couric Attacked for Highlighting Gardasil Deaths (VIDEO) 20:43:03
Corbett Report: Interview 783 – Galen Mitrzyk Discusses the 9/11 Justice Campaign 20:04:14
Pearl Harbor Day 7 DEC 41 19:54:23
Is Jay Carney Getting Tired of Lying? 19:10:24
“If you’re not catching flak you’re not over the target” 18:44:47
Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard 18:16:26
Rand Paul Trying to ‘Persuade’ His Wife to Let Him Run for President in 2016 (VIDEO) 18:04:49
Senator Rand Paul Remarks at the Detroit Economic Club 17:14:51
LA coroner: I 'never said that Sirhan killed Robert Kennedy' 16:48:28
AIDS drug prices go up under Obamacare 16:05:22
Bitcoin Down: Dollar Up! 14:53:58
ShadowStats Alternate Unemployment Charts 14:47:12
If Nelson Mandela had lived in this country he would have been labeled a terrorist and died in prison. 14:29:20
eBay founder on WikiLeaks, Press Freedom and Free Expression in the Digital Age... 14:07:03
"I, Broken Economist": An Analysis of Gary North's economics of Bitcoin 13:55:13
Did The Chinese Government Just Admit Bitcoin Poses A Risk For The Financial System? 13:52:30
Amend the Fed: We Need a Central Bank that Serves Main Street 13:47:33
Suggestion: I'd Love For People to Occasionally Reply To "old threads" (e.g. over a year old) 13:26:51
Using FACEBOOK as a PROPAGANDA station. If you can't beat them, join them and influence them. 12:41:25
The Martial Law Noose Is Tightening Around Our Necks 12:30:31
Obama Says (Hopes) World Won't `See Likes Of' Mandela Again' 12:22:05
"A Day That Will Live In Infamy" lasts only about 70 years! 11:52:11
Bitcoin Perspective in the Correction 11:38:06
United States dollar almost doubles in value in a single day: Too volatile to be a currency 11:32:18
Obama's Fast Food Strike ~ But Why? 10:20:47
Minimum wage is not the problem, Government is! 09:16:36
How do you take your country back? 04:24:37
In the Woods - Ghost Brigade 04:13:56
Need Some Advice from the DP 03:44:38
Bitcoin Bomb for Justin Amash? Biitcoin experts: show us how it works 03:31:44
Now Showing on the Daily Paul: Invasion of the Bitcoin Snatchers 03:11:38 Becomes Self-Aware, Introduces 'Don't Share' and 'No Comment' Buttons 02:29:21
Checkmating Obama: GOP Majority in House & Senate on Horizon 02:16:54
Former Congressman Larry McDonald Talks About The Progressives' Path To Totalitarianism 02:02:46
Journey to Jekyll Island: Part VIII Mercantilism 01:54:51
Ron Paul on Larry McDonald 01:54:50
MSNBC Anchor, Martin Bashir, formally resigned after previously suggesting that someone should “defecate” in Mrs. Palin’s mouth 01:47:14
Sen. Rand Paul Speaks at Detroit Economic Club- December 6, 2013 01:31:46
3D print your pizza with the Foodini home printer 01:26:54
NC Liberty Candidate Has a Money Bomb Starting TODAY! 01:04:07
Bitcoin down 50% in a day. Is it too volatile to be money 01:01:43
UPDATE: Colonel Who Vowed to Disarm Americans Works With Homeland Security 00:55:52
We Are Not Your Enemy 00:51:09
Bitcoin: Protect your privacy from the New World Order Panopticon 00:44:43
New Term 00:40:51
A Sailor's Night Before Christmas 00:31:13
The Farmer 00:18:17
TV Prank 00:13:15
Bill Gates' Food Fetish: Hampton Creek Foods Looks To Crack The Egg Industry 00:05:04
Bitcoin Jesus Speaks! Bitcoin will change the World 00:00:08