Posted on December 8, 2013

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Officer Who Shot at Minivan Fired (VIDEO) 23:15:17
Knockout 'game' backfires 22:37:47
How adding iodine to salt made America smarter 22:20:08
Obamacare Will Be Repealed Well In Advance Of The 2014 Elections 22:11:05
Article V Convention Scam - John Birch Society says it Well 19:42:31
70% Of Calfornia's Doctors Expected To Boycott Obamacare 18:14:21
The Orange Revolution returns to Ukraine, nearly million protesters try to overthrow Gov. decapitate Lenin statue 14:54:58
Get used to it. It’s not going to stop. 13:16:51
The "Icelandic Model". Crowd-sourced constitutional rule possible? 13:14:19
Gerald Celente ~ Trends In The News: Punishment For Proles! 11:59:25
Sen. Rand Paul Fox News Sunday 12/8/13 11:52:18
Campbell, WI: Police Write Citations for Displaying US Flag Dec 7, 2013 10:56:24
It's not just the NSA anymore 10:21:10
Could it be true that our own government would do this? 09:24:03
Photographic Secrets 07:39:38
Local Ron Paul/C4L HQ up in flames. 06:59:01
NSA Spying Is No Big Deal 01:27:32
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People With Man Boobs Shouldn't Be Allowed to Vote 23:29:08
Edward Snowden to give evidence to EU parliament, says MEP 23:21:44
New studies: ‘Conspiracy theorists’ sane; government dupes crazy, hostile 23:10:04
Aldous Huxley: "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance" 22:52:54
Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior 22:47:31
ATF traps mentally handicapped in Gun stings 22:41:05
Iceland police kill a man for the first time in the nation's history 22:08:51
the revolution is here "so don't worry about a thing" 22:05:44
Spice is for seasoning and not for the pipe 21:52:30
Ben Swann - Vatican Bank Scandal 20:44:18
Niners Beat Seattle! Gore Goes Off, 110 Yds. Rushing! BOOM! We're Rollin! 20:38:40
New Federal W.T.F. Agency to Regulate Wormholes, Floating Cloud Cities 20:29:22
Because this is f*&king funny that's why 20:25:43
Rand's Wife Says "No" To Presidential Run? 20:11:03
NAPOLITANO: Pope Francis should be saving souls, not pocketbooks 19:54:14
China's 'Ghost Cities' Have Nothing On The 'Ghost Country' That Is The U.S. 19:36:46
Obama cherry-picked intelligence on Syria - Seymour Hersh 19:33:54
Doctor, Nurse Vacancies Soar Amid Obamacare Rollout 19:27:05
Rely on Gov't for security + Come to the Soccer World Cup in Brazil 18:47:16
Girl from Boston wins second place in "Arabs got talent" singing in a language she doesn't speak 18:33:37
Rand Paul On Fox News Sunday - Dec 8, 2013 (Full Interview) 17:57:12
delete 17:33:53
Texas Student’s Last Words: “You're Gonna Shoot Me?” 17:10:56
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk: Hobby Lobby Case is About Rights, Not Contraceptives - December 09, 2013 17:02:15
Nobel Prize Winner Fama: The World Is At Risk Of Recession In 2014 16:49:23
Ron Paul On Bitcoin: I Do Not Think it Fits the Definition of Money 2014 (video) 16:49:18
An 11-month Financial Times investigation reveals mismanagement at Vatican Bank 16:44:32
Air Force Musical Flash Mob Soars in Smithsonian - The Visitors Are Stunned! 16:43:48
Obamacare Architect Zeke Emanuel: You Like Your Doctor, You Can Pay More (VIDEO) 16:43:41
27 states under Winter Weather Advisory 16:39:55
Ben Swann: Vatican Bank Scandal — JP Morgan, HSBC Cease Doing Business with Vatican 16:35:31
Officer Who Fired on Runaway Family's Minivan Fired 16:34:07
There's Nothing that Can Stop Bitcoin 16:09:25
Liberty Conference Just Happened in Holland!?! 16:07:19
LA Times on the Bitcoin Crash 15:25:17
WTC 7 Pre-Demolition Flashes 15:13:53
The Bitcoin Derivatives Market Has Arrived 14:49:52
Are Despair, Poverty and Dependency Democratic Virtues? 13:37:59
Brush Cutting 13:32:32
How to Lose Weight Fast | Drop 5 Pounds in a Week 13:25:41
Fun With Guns, Hate Mail, and Debates at an Open Carry Rally (video) 12:56:15
Business Insider Executive Editor Changes His Mind about Bitcoin-Right at the Top of the Market 12:54:29
New York’s Russian Diplomats Used Medicaid to Pay for Dozens of Childbirths 12:47:57
Sandy Hook 911 Calls - Transcript and Audio 12:29:44
Clear Channel announced progressive "Diverse LA" will flip to all-conservative line-up 12:27:10
USS Reuben James 11:41:53
Future Epidemic? Monsanto GM foods CAUSE gluten-related illnesses 10:19:43
EVENTUALLY Speeder Pulls Over... In A Place With Lots Of Witnesses (So The Cops Can't Execute Her) 09:42:11
How Do You Explain Bitcoin To People? 09:33:43
Is Bitcoin Being Manipulated? 08:56:02
New TSA Machines? 07:34:36
ANONYMOUS Declaration of Freedom Nov 2013 07:22:15
Nothing Else Matters 06:47:04
Rand Paul backed Greg Brannon now in dead heat with NC Sen. Kay Hagan 05:17:39
100k for Deputy Bit By His Police Dog - Don't Bite the Hand That Feeds Yah - It pays 100k! Yeahhh 04:07:40
I am tired of seeing Portia de Rossi's crotch on DP 03:48:31
Needles! 02:58:20
Do the Math: Guam Snake Project 01:39:36
Bitcoin Bubbles are normal and Predicted 01:17:15
Concrete-Printing Bees And Other Living 3D Printers 01:15:20
I am a free market guy, but I know I am just choosing the lesser of two evils. 00:30:57
Sugar protections prove easy to swallow for lawmakers across political spectrum 00:13:41