Posted on December 10, 2013

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They took my Toothpaste... 23:34:58
Man Builds Deadly Weapons with Items Bought AFTER Going Through Airport Security - 20:55:52
Ron Paul Praises Obama 20:22:58
MSNBC Outdoes the Onion 19:50:16
A mother unable to pay for groceries gets help from strangers. 19:34:31
The New "Bill Of Rights?" Daily Paulers Attack! 19:18:44
JPMorgan Files Patent For Bitcoin-Style Currency 19:15:21
(LIVE) Daniel McAdams on Forced Vaccinations - Allison Bricker Show 18:53:34
Town may vote to shoot down drones 18:46:15
Cookie Iphones to trick cops, BRILLIANT! 17:32:41
Overcoming Historical Revisionism 17:06:11
Unions Spending MILLIONS to Take Over Republican Party and Nominees 16:05:10
BitCoin Not Bombs Reaches its Goal to Hoodie the Homeless - Yea Voluntary Charity 16:03:01
EPA says taking over private property will benefit the economy 15:13:54
David Stockman Rages Market "Valuation Has Lost Any Anchor To The Real World" (VIDEO) 13:33:14
The Real Political Divide 13:31:33
Ok Let's Talk About Fire Plans. Enough Stuff Burning Down Already. 11:49:14
More Public School Insaniety: Colorado 6-year-old ACCUSED Of Sexual Harassment And 'SUSPENDED' For KISSING a Girl 11:37:29
Pope Francis Endorses Government Theft, Wins Social Media 11:34:29
For Those Who Know About Rick Perry 10:17:25
To Choose or Decide. Which will you do? 09:35:29
Driver's License at Dr's Office? 08:46:01
I Wonder If Chuck Baldwin Knows About This Church! 07:17:18
Nearly 20 deputies arrested for abuse of power in CA! 04:35:13
The Hour of Code is coming ~ Start learning now ~ Completely free, forever. 02:09:02
Wow! Outstanding Interview - Obama must be tried for treason! 01:56:56
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Walker crash caused by steering column failure, no impact explosion, no drag racing 23:24:30
Deprogramming 23:08:15
Opposing Views On Greenwald/Snowden Affair 22:49:36
Putin closes down Russia's state news agency replaces it with RT 22:48:44
Spies Infiltrate a Fantasy Realm of Online Games 22:43:53
Ben Swann on the Ron Paul Channel! 22:27:24
Nullify the NSA at: 22:21:54
Rep Ann Kuster (D-NH): We're Not Here To Talk About Benghazi, We're Here To Talk About The Middle East 22:15:02
Gold & Silver, or Bitcoins & Digital Dollars? 22:08:28
BenSwann.Com EXCLUSIVE: Man Builds Deadly Weapons With Items He Bought After Going Through Airport Security (VIDEO) 21:58:31
Zero Hedge - Tuesday (Un)Humor: Selfies At A Funeral 21:54:34
Here Is A Picture Of The Obamacare Website Headquarters 21:47:17
Ukraine Protests Live On Ustream (via ZH) 21:24:36
LewRockwell.Com - Useful Idiots 2013 - Mandela Sings, 'Kill Whites' (VIDEO) 21:13:56
Budget Deal Reached 21:00:08
Are the Intelligence Committees Being Blackmailed? 20:53:25
How Isaac Newton Went Flat Broke Chasing A Bubble 20:42:50
From Article From June 3, 2003: Bayer Sued By Hemophiliacs 20:34:49
.22 Amo? 20:34:43
"Let Them Eat Bugs" - MSM Trying To Sell Us On Eating Bugs 20:19:54
Racism is dying out. Even the most harmed can rise together. 20:05:04
Dr. Katherine Albrecht loses medical insurance & cancer treatment thanks to ObamaCare 20:03:40
Chase Is Chasing Bitcoin Technology... 19:20:43
Judge Napolitano's Speech Used in Intro to new Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Album 19:05:49
American Taxpayers Will Be Working 7 Months a Year for Government 18:44:06
Money 18:31:14
Riot Police Remove Their Helmets in Solidarity With Italian Protesters (video) 18:26:52
Berkeley, CA Health Dept. Considers "Fukushima Resolution" (video) 12-9-13 18:02:28
Connecticut Deadline To Register Your Assault Weappon Is January 2, 2014 17:06:30
All Roads Lead to Rothschild 15:33:12
Dumb Fat American Calls 911 After McDonald's Forgets His Hashbrowns (VIDEO) 15:23:13
John Kasich On The Record 15:19:40
WOW! Explosion, Fire Reported At Arkansas Nuclear Plant: Blaze At Arkansas Nuclear One Near Russellville Contained (PHOTO) 14:39:48
The next Bitcoin Giant: Latin America 14:11:37
Happy Holidays To All My Friends At The Daily Paul 14:04:25
Is Driving and Holding a Cell Phone Illegal in your State? 13:27:35
2013 Action Cam Comparison Guide 12:51:29
Auto dealer accepts Bitcoin payment for purchase of Tesla Model S 12:46:11
EXCLUSIVE: Florida cop arrested for refusing to remove Guy Fawkes 12:29:27
Icelanders Overthrow Government and Rewrite Constitution After Banking Fraud-No Word From US Media 12:23:39
Betty Liberty: Barracchio! 11:56:36
Video: Saturday Night Live Parody Has Obama Chugging ‘Second Term Paxil’ 11:29:26
Bloomberg to Force Flu Vaccines for All NYC Children... 11:27:35
Rick Perry On The Record 11:22:39
U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson Loses $18 Million in Scheme 11:19:13
Christians Are Being Burned Alive, Beheaded, Crucified, Tortured To Death And Imprisoned In Metal Shipping Containers 10:56:06
Ron Paul Is Calling Dr Greg Brannon "The Next Ron Paul" ~ RP Never Says Things Like That ~ This Must be Real 10:47:09
How Isaac Newton went flat broke chasing a stock bubble 10:08:46
Ron Paul: Rand Paul will likely run in 2016 09:28:57
Spies Infiltrate a Fantasy Realm of Online Games 09:12:37
Gabby Giffords Plans 2014 Push - Will Play Active Role In House & Senate Races In Push To "Change The Map" In Congress (GUNS) 09:12:24
Tom Stoppard/The Guardian: What is the Society We Wish to Protect? 08:47:15
NH Congresswoman Ann Kuster Dodges Benghazi Questions 08:36:33
Mandela: What the obits omit 07:57:03
Daily Paul Under Attack 05:39:37
Snowden docs had NYTimes exec fearing for his life 03:30:03
A New Way for Organ Transplantation - Heart In A Box 03:02:32
The Tom Woods Show - Nullify the NSA 02:41:03
Leftists Have A Weird Definition of Self-Government, Thanks A Lot Lincoln! 02:37:57
Daddy Is A Gay Club Dancer 02:18:39
Metal 3D printing and six key shifts in the 'second industrial revolution' 01:14:22
NSA Hires Spies To Play On Xbox Live; WOW, second life to Look For Terrorist Gamers 00:36:42
Choke On This 00:31:23
Ron Paul: My Son Will Probably Run For President in 2016 00:05:40