Posted on December 11, 2013

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CO Cops disarmed and arrested a man for open carrying and now they’re going to pay. 23:50:51
1000 yard shot... gets hit by a ricochet. 23:35:21
Cop hears a man clear his throat, decides to a.) ignore it, b.) check to see if he's OK, or c.) slam his head into the wall? 23:06:34
Sibel Edmonds exposes Omidyar, PayPal: Implicated in Withheld NSA Documents; William Binney & Russell Tice CONFIRM! 22:06:50
I, Robot 22:05:05
Ron Paul Interviews Lew Rockwell 21:26:18
"What Is The Constitutional Justification, Congressman?" 20:14:36
The Venerable Sten – The Allies’ $10 Dollar Submachine Gun 19:34:28
(LIVE) Allison Bricker - 7pm Open Phones 19:09:59
Daily Paul Radio - SPECIAL Broadcast Tonight 12/11/13 17:40:42
City Code Officers Push Oklahoma Senior To Suicide - Upside Down World 17:16:35
A Huge Win for Investigative Journalism! 16:38:10
An Inferior Race? 15:36:58
WHOA! Medford Cops Train to Kill People at Traffic Stops (VIDEO) 15:15:13
Paul Ryan Agreed To Cut Taxes $23B Over 10 Years But Raises "Fees" $65B Now (Ben Swann) 15:10:18
Mandela Funeral Sign-Language Translator a 'Fake' 15:07:52
Police officer wraps a $100 bill inside a traffic ticket. 14:51:55
Uruguay marijuana move 'illegal' - UN drugs watchdog 14:24:34
Ron Paul Defends Against the Thought Police - full Ron Paul Channel video 13:50:00
How to see what government agency is spying on your phone... 13:20:50
Santa Threatens to Cancel Christmas with a Creepy Global Warming Video Aimed at Kids 13:06:12
Obama Supporters Sign Fake Petition Supporting Karl Marx For President in 2016 12:32:55
FBI testified; says Kelly Thomas had right to defend himself against police *UPDATE 2* 11:20:13
How Every Part of American Life Became a Police Matter 09:13:37
NYPD Beats Staten Island Family, Kills Pet Parakeet During Home Invasion, Lawsuit Says 06:02:05
Happy Festivus to the Daily Paul! 01:18:34
Snowden: Boom! NSA Eats Google Cookies 00:02:02
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Child Labor in Bitcoin Mines exposed 23:59:28
Article And Plea, P.C.R's 23:57:32
The Logic of Mass Murder False Flags and the State of Manchurian Technology: Declassified 23:13:07
A Love Song for lady Liberty. 23:07:44
Hidden Illusions and some Philosophical Illusions. 23:06:16
Either God approves or God is powerless to do anything about it 23:04:04
Rare Footage of President Ronald Reagan Speaking the Gospel (Video) 22:40:58
Former head of Israel’s central bank a contender for Federal Reserve post 22:40:20
David Stockman: Budget deal a 'joke and betrayal' 22:36:12
FDA cracking down on misleading advertising 22:32:44
CNBC Video - Former Reagan Budget Director David Stockman: 'Budget Betrayal, Final Surrender' 22:18:49
Mandela Proves Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist 22:14:33
The Libertarian Movement Grows 22:12:03
Riding With the 12 O'Clock Boys in Baltimore 22:07:31
King Obama Chooses Another Law Not To Enforce 22:05:11
Should More Americans Get In On The EZ-Go Juicer Craze? 22:04:30
S.C. Rep Trey Gowdy Admits The House Could Defund ObamaCare But Is Exercising Their Power Not To! 21:51:02
"Stairway To Heaven," And Two Salami Sandwiches 21:50:14
56% Of Californians Say They Would Vote To Legalize Marijuana 21:48:19
House to Vote Tomorrow On Ryan's Budget! 21:45:55
Just be glad you don't live here 21:43:05
Republican Senator's Chief of Staff Being Investigated for Child Porn 21:34:35
SecondMarket CEO: Wall Street Will Put 'Hundreds of Millions' Into Bitcoin 21:33:49
Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander staffer arrested for child porn 21:18:24
Air Force Academy leader seeks to end spy program 21:12:37
Mysterious Object grinds World's largest drill to a halt 20:41:55
New Twist In Decades Old Alien Autopsy Controversy 20:28:37
Tao and the breath behind my own - poem 20:23:10
(update) Posters and Stickers First youtube video ever 20:14:12
Arsenio Hall rips into Kanye over claims of racism and slavery 19:54:46
Heart attack and E.M. wave 19:49:33
Mystery 'Tips for Jesus' tipper identified in NYC 19:47:59
Snowden: Runner Up Time Person of The Year 19:47:25
Checkbook Journalism & Leaking to the Highest (Greenwald) Bidders 22:06:19
Anyone who votes for this disaster of a budget deal needs to be voted out - they are Fascists 19:09:02
CCTV captured footage of terrorists attacking Yemeni military hospital (Graphic) 18:47:24
Sen. Lamar Alexander's Chief of Staff Put on Leave Following Child Pornography Allegations 18:24:41
La Rouche PAC: Kesha Rogers running for Senate in Texas on Democrat ticket 17:50:25
Making Christmas plans? Better check with the U.N. High Commission for Human Rights 17:09:34
Murdoch’s Own Newspaper Calls Him ‘Evil’ 17:08:02
Economist: BitCoin Once In a Lifetime Opportunity 15:33:56
Congressman Steve Stockman: "I'm running for Senate against liberal John Cornyn" 15:26:59
Rothschild Wine 15:18:06
The rich do not pay the most taxes, they pay ALL the taxes 15:13:42
200,000 People Apply To Be First To Live On Mars: The Congress, SCOTUS, POTUS And Their Families Welcome 14:44:46
duplicate 14:18:59
BOMBSHELL! Russia Warns America ‘We Will Respond With Nukes’ 13:38:30
Silence about the Debt Ceiling 13:35:17
SPN Exclusive: Apple announces digital currency iBit 13:26:29
Sen. Lamar Alexander's Chief of Staff Put on Leave Following Allegations Involving Child Pornography 13:24:28
Mega crash: And they just keep on coming, and coming, and coming... 13:24:05
Pfizer Under Attack Over The True Dangers Of Zoloft 13:18:00
Another POS Cop Cleared In Blatant Police Brutality Case.. 13:11:13
Cop Who Killed 13-Year-Old Boy Armed With Plastic BB Gun Back on Duty (VIDEO) 13:00:29
Time 2013 Person of the Year: The Pope 12:48:20
LAPD punished for illegal traffic ticket quotas, again 12:17:13
Gilad Atzmon Debates Israeli West Bank Settler (Hilariously Predictable - Watch A West Bank Settler Run Away) 11:45:38
Paul Ryan, Spineless Idiot 11:01:07
Why Mourn Racialist, Commie Nelson Mandela? 10:47:12
Sit, Stay (Video) 09:35:54
Reality in South African ~ President Zuma Is A Scandal Machine Just Like Barack ! 09:35:08
UK man arrested because he joked about Mandela: Police hold him for 8 hours, take DNA, seize computer 09:29:26
Apple Rejects Bitcoin Apps 09:04:41
Korea Rejects Bitcoin Currency Status 08:54:17
Wall Street on Parade 08:13:10
The USAF Band Holiday Flash Mob at the National Air and Space Museum 2013 07:56:13
State Gun Law Legislation since Newtown - Timeline/Graphic from New York Times 07:02:18
The Man In Black has one more song to sing 05:07:58
Colon Powell Pitches Single-Payer Healthcare 03:41:26
Ted Cruz certainly has more class and decorum than the Kenyan village idiot. 02:52:58
Judging by BHO's actions he won't mind if we yuk it up at his funeral. 02:39:32
The Tom Woods Show - Afghanistan 101 02:11:41
Syria Crisis, Interrupted. Not over 01:53:22
Encourage Music! 01:33:34
Uruguay legalizes Marijuana; Whole country gets baked 01:15:27
sallly Returns obamacare the state self ownership rabbit hole and hilary clinton 00:58:31
Jon Stewart left speechless 00:51:25
Jon Stewart Hits Obama on Surveillance: ‘If You Like Your NSA Spy, You Can Keep Your NSA Spy’ 00:43:48
Ryan, Murray Reach Budget Deal: Mark Levin Tells Ryan It's "Mickey Mouse" (AUDIO) 00:36:38
He Fought The Law, And He Won 00:32:00
Robert Murphy Speaks of the Revolution: "The Man with the Plan." 00:10:46