Posted on December 12, 2013

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Creating a Paradigm Shift - - A Massive Coalition For Change 23:32:21
Via Drudge: Lawmakers who oversee government surveillance programs receive millions from intelligence companies 23:23:15
This Is What a Failed Abortion Looks Like 22:40:02
A Norwegian Carpenter Thanks American Officials for Precious Metals Manipulation 22:09:59
BenSwann.Com - This Story Made Me SICK!: Jail Staff Allows Diabetic Woman To Die Without Insulin; Boyfriend Saw Her Die 21:37:15
Sh*t Obama Says Compilation 21:18:10
Sen. Rand Paul On The Senate Floor Speaking Out Against The Nuclear Option - 12/12/13 (VIDEO) 20:39:41
Hawaii official who released Obama birth certificate dies in plane crash 19:38:10
(LIVE) Steve Patterson from FEE - Is BitCoin a Ponzi Scheme Allison Bricker Show 19:24:45
Here is the interpretation of what the South African sign language guy was saying. 17:58:52
Dr. Ron Paul w/AJ: Infowars 12/12/13 17:11:08
Are You Catholic? 17:07:54
Drone strike kills 15 'wedding party-goers' in Yemen 16:53:04
Ben Swann: Georgia Will Introduce Legislation To Nullify Obamacare & Sue The Federal Government 16:43:39
LISTEN: Creepy AI Telemarketer Sounds Human, Denies Being a Robot (Activist Post) 16:08:37
DEA Agent Becomes Cannabis Entrepreneur.. (VIDEO) 13:42:56
Where’s the Body Count from Shootings by the Police? 13:19:55
Wow! Huge Reserves Of Freshwater Recently Discovered Beneath The Ocean Floor 12:59:06
BitCoin Myths, Questions, and the Future - Where Do I Start? 12:51:25
8 Photos You Didn't See From Obama's Trip to South Africa 12:27:35
School drops sexual harassment claim against 6-year-old who kissed girl 12:23:28
Why was Cruz memorializing a Communist? 12:22:29
New York bill to Legalize Marijuana 12:01:45
Texas defies feds; we shut the border down ourselves, said Lt. gov. 11:52:37
Colleges Can’t Ban Guns, Rules Florida Court In Major 2nd Amendment Victory 11:37:27
Say what? Durham police: (handcuffed) teen shot self in head while in police car 10:36:27
What We Missed in "The Hunger Games" (Ron Paul Institute) 10:11:12
Snowden fuels fear of 'Big Brother USA' 09:53:34
Now Australia Wants Its Gold Back 06:56:00
The Best Hate Crime Legislation is a Gun - But Cops Prefer People Disarmed 02:50:43
An Airline And Santa Claus Gave These Passengers A Heartwarming Early Christmas Present 02:19:56
Socialist Boehner gets Primaried in Ohio 01:03:06
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(VIDEO) Join The Rebel Alliance - December 16th Money Bomb for Justin Amash 23:37:54
What Is The SR-72? 23:11:01
Casting a Fire Ant Colony with Molten Aluminum-This is Neat! 22:54:51
We Were Made for These Times (Uplifting Message!) 22:26:56
The Liar & Chief 22:23:27
Fox News Flash! Jesus was white! Maybe that's why Middle Easterners crucified him? 22:15:22
See How Your Representative Voted on the Ryan/Murray Tax & Spend Budget Here 21:58:57
Mother Of Girl Kissed By 6-year-old Speaks Out Against Boy Suspended For Sexual Harassment 21:49:50
Passports and Penises 21:42:00
Bitcoin Mastercard Priceless Parody (video) 21:36:52
It's not just the NSA, now the FBI and your local police are spying 21:17:21
What Happened to Ben Swann? 21:03:43
200 Years Of Dollar Debasement 20:38:27
Sierra Club representative gets CRUSHED by "Global Warming Skeptic" 20:13:01
Alan Moore on conspiracies 20:11:15
Liberty Makes Ignorance Necessary 19:38:24
"Priorityism: The Social Justice Economy That Sets Capitalism Free 19:14:02
(flashback) Sources Warn Miley Cyrus Will Be Depleted by 2013 17:30:33
Cannabis Crimes 17:06:27
"turn In Your Guns" At The Masonic Temple On Dec. 14th, Says City Of Los Angeles 16:40:32
SnapCard: The Easiest Way to Buy Anything Online Using Bitcoin 15:48:19
What is your favorite country? 15:39:38
Is Jay-Z in the Illuminati? 15:35:20
Do We Actually Need Deficit Spending? 15:26:32
Fidelity halts bitcoin investments from IRAs 15:16:59
Why The State Would Love Expanded Social Security 15:05:16
Putin: ‘We Will Never Allow Military Superiority Over Russia’ (VIDEO) 14:52:52
Ron Paul! Live Right Now On The Alex Jones Show! 1:00 PM Central. 14:52:10
Dead Forgerers' Tell No Tales? Director Who Released Obama Birth Certificate Dies in Mystery Plane Crash 14:48:11
Obama birth cirtificate = plane crash! 14:46:11
Harvard Obama vs Yale Bushes: The Greater Fool Conspiracy Theory 14:16:04
Vigilantism, Forgiveness, and Nelson Mandela 14:07:32
Where is the best place to purchase Bitcoin, and is there a site some can recommend to keep up with it's value? 13:57:31
Congressman Issa Accuses Sebelius of Criminal Obstruction of Justice 13:54:46
Should Neo-Nazis be allowed to post on this forum? 13:30:39
But its just a coincidence. 13:24:29
Interesting GMO article I found 13:24:28
Is matter eternal? 13:19:31
Health director who approved Obama birth certificate dies in plane crash 13:07:42
Taxpayer funded Univ. of Texas System wastes money suing Ryan O'Neal over an Andy Warhol Farrah Fawcett painting 12:28:04
Check out this pro Second Ammendment speech by Iraq Veteran, Police Officer, it's epic. 12:17:04
Old, but good- Girl shoots Full Auto MP5 in support of Ron Paul 11:23:50
The GOP is NOT Fiscally Responsible! 10:53:28
Our FAKE Congressional THUGS: Blowing Smoke Up Our COLLECTIVE Ass#s! They Hate America And The Constitution..Vote Them Out! 10:28:32
Obama Amends the Constitution By Statute 10:18:25
Black Girl To Another Black Girl - "What Gives You That Right?” 09:56:58
GOP = Democrats... yet again 09:37:43
Grocery Store Kicks Two Girls Off Property for Singing Christmas Carols 08:59:44
Obamas in trouble 08:54:25
This guy should really fit at the Fed 08:40:22
December 14, 2013 Forms Perfect Doomsday Space Storm 08:40:21
Love it or hate it, bitcoins are a national craze 06:49:22
Confessions of a Right-Wing Shock Jock (Jack Hunter's mea culpa) 05:49:16
Criminal Action Is Expected for JPMorgan in Madoff Case 04:56:26
Radical Abundance: Will Liberty Survive the Atomically-Precise Manufacturing Revolution? 03:18:54
De-evolution of Intelligent Thought Continues 02:56:40
Rand Paul: Budget Deal 'Shameful,' 'Huge Mistake' 02:23:10
Lyndsey Graham (R) and Patrick Leahy (D) In Bed Together On Giving 1.3 BILLION in Foreign Aid To Jordan & Lebanon 02:16:20
Glory and Gore | LORDE (lyrics) 02:03:19
Liberty Candidate in me - let go. 01:56:44
What Libertarians Really Do 01:54:32 "We the People" Petition Ends Thursday Night!? 01:48:44
927 People Own Half Of All Bitcoins 01:45:50
So You Taught Your Dog to Roll Over 01:41:25
From Our Home To Yours, Merry Christmas! 01:39:25
What is the best way to go about buying Bitcoin? 01:33:54
Everything You Need To Know About Bi-partisan Budget Compromise In 2 Min! (VIDEO) 01:24:14
Sen. Rand Paul On "Your World" W / Neil Cavuto - Fox News - 12/11/13 (VIDEO) 01:10:58
Adams Farwell Automobile 00:25:39
Sandy HOOK - Revisited 00:11:22
Check Out The Comments About Dubya In This Article 00:06:24
Stoned Kids 00:02:50