Posted on December 13, 2013

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Interview with Jim Morrison's father (Admiral Morrison) and sister talking about Jim 22:50:14
(from Sept 2007) Student tased for asking John Kerry about "Skull and Bones" at a forum 22:47:09
Congress Triples Obama's Request on Miltary Aid to Israel 21:39:47
Sen. Rand Paul On CBS This Morning - 12/13/13 (VIDEO) 17:56:37
Classic: Merry Christmas from Ron Paul and the Founding Fathers 17:06:04
Terrorist tries to blow up Wichita Kansas Airport Officials Claim 16:51:12 we go again breaking news from Colorado 16:46:40
Sentence in Texas teen's fatal DWI wreck stirs ire 15:05:08
Block-It Pocket cell phone blocker.. 40-45$ 13:40:50
Dr. Ben Carson: 'Why did the founders give us the Second Amendment?' 12:54:52
Good Bye DailyPaul, Merry Christmas! ACLU's New Classic: Ho Ho Ho! The NSA is coming to Town! 12:40:16
Felony Friday: BB Guns Equal Jail Time In NJ 12:08:59
N.J. Cop’s Gun Range Stapler Accident And Its $2 Million Fallout 12:06:25
InfoWars Exclusive: South African Deaf calls Communication Apartheid on Mandela Event Signer 10:57:19
Chinese Naval Vessel Tries to Force U.S. Warship to Stop in International Waters 10:33:01
Lawmakers who oversee government surveillance programs receive millions from intelligence companies 08:53:44
Details On NSA-QUANTUM Advanced Targeting Through Hacking Program 05:40:41
For those considering quitting smoking 07:00:10
Three Years Without A Cigarette! 08:35:35
Obama, Boehner sneak NDAA through Congress 03:07:16
U.S. Government Shuts Down Bitcoin "Mint" 00:07:18
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Fidelity Halts Bitcoin Investmemts 23:36:54
And the lie of the year goes to Barack Obama! 23:24:45
MSM Trying To Make Gun Control A Red State Blue State Issue! (Divide And Conquer) 22:28:24
Student Eyewitness: Colorado Shooter was "Bullied a lot" 22:10:15
Grandma's Thanksgiving Rules 21:38:09
Wichita Airport Car Bomb Plotter "Was Under Constant FBI Surveillance" - MSNBC via MoxNews 21:19:33
Ron Paul 21:06:00
Bloomberg Defends NYPD's Controversial Stop And Kiss Program 21:04:22
Get Lucky Cover - Russian Police 20:43:48
A Monument to Liberty on Rt. 70 in Brielle, NJ 19:58:20
"The NSA Is Coming To Town" ~ "You better watch out, You better not Skype, You better log out," 19:18:31
This Should Shake Your Ideas About 9/11/01 19:01:26
Is Glenn Greenwald’s Alternative Media Network Another CIA Mockingbird Operation? 18:54:54
Absolute Beauty 18:31:10
5 Wrongly Convicted People the Legal System Kept on Screwing 18:24:04
The FBI called my wife and wanted to install a FREE security system in our house! 18:23:04
U.S. Relied On Small British Firm in Benghazi: Who is this Blue Mountain Group that was in charge of security in Benghazi? 18:22:01
Do you believe in Aliens and UFOs? 18:10:05
Snowden Leaks More: NSA Working Directly With Canada’s Spy Agency, The “five Eyes” 18:08:59
You Picked A Fine Time To Leave Me, Blue Shield (humorous video makes light of the Affordable Care Act in a jocular fashion) 18:07:27
Congressmen Want to Bring Obama to Court for Not Faithfully Executing Laws 17:56:17
Massie Endorses Brannon! "there's no doubt I will be outspent during this election." 17:33:46
How Corrupt is the USA? 17:33:34
Our Narrow Slice 17:22:43
Cass Sunstein & CIA Dir. Are the Advisers Fixing the Snowden Psyop “Crisis” 17:19:36
Basic Income: From Paine to MLK; a solution to Welfare and Poverty? 17:06:49
3D-printed skull mimics feel of brain surgery 16:43:58
The NSA Is Coming To Town 16:22:12
Arrest made in attempt to bomb Wichita airport, FBI says 16:09:24
Inside the Evidence: The Truth about Chemical Attacks in Syria 16:09:07
Syria: Media Disinformation, War Propaganda and the Corporate Media’s “Independent Bloggers” 16:02:26
"I am not a number!" - The Lost Prisoner Episode "Living in Harmony" 15:45:31
The Snowden/Greenwald Psyops 15:34:19
Rep. Rohrabacher stumps officials on basic Afghanistan questions 15:30:44
46 million dollars in tax returns sent to one address in Atlanta 15:13:34
Is the Daily Paul addicted to articles about smoking? 14:57:42
NSA considers amnesty for Snowden if he stops leaks 14:25:34
Nicotine - The Zombie Antidote 13:51:14
Thomas Massie just emailed me a picture of his Tesla, He Stands with Rand! 13:30:41
Smoking Doubles Risk of Developing Alzheimer's 13:25:14
. 13:18:59
Confirmed by AP: American hostage in Iran was there on unapproved CIA mission 12:50:18
Russia's Largest Bank Proposes Bitcoin Alternative 12:39:25
Health Benefits of Smoking 09:09:43
. 11:51:12
Iron Maiden War Criminal: Your Next President? 11:44:35
No Bitcoin Oscars Acceptance Speech: A message more so to the Banksters 11:22:59
Unions + UPS vs FedEx 11:02:21
Producer of Physical “Casascius” Bitcoins is Being Targeted by the Feds 10:25:03
The Verge: The NSA is out of control and must be stopped 10:04:34
Watch Out Federal citizens, the One World Government is Coming via the IMF. 09:39:35
Obama Liked Mandela Fake Signer So Much He’s Bringing Him to D.C 09:21:35
Affordable Health Care Coming To America! 05:44:33
Explosive documentary about Sweden's role in NSA XKeyscore 04:38:21
Pelosi on budget deal: ‘Embrace the suck’! I say, 'suck the embrace' 04:14:40
BTCoin on a 4 Hr. Chart 04:07:56
John Boehner's Words of True Wisdom 04:02:58
The Tom Woods Show - Bitcoin: Objections and Replies 02:21:42
Swallow the Sun - Falling World & Plague of Butterflies FULL! 02:09:19
Founding Fathers of the Future 02:03:22
15 Reasons Not to Disarm, Nor Surrender Our Rights to Rogue Tyrants Promising Safety and Security. 01:28:13
Using Lessons of Monte Kiffin’s Defensive Philosophy of Football Showing us How to Defeat the New World Order. 01:25:39
Petition to Reinstate D-503 01:06:19
SHOWDOWN: White House Reporters Confront Carney Over Lack Of Access (VIDEO) 01:04:19
Dump the Chamber of Commerce 00:38:19