Posted on December 14, 2013

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Obamcare website is mistakenly debiting their accounts (VIDEO) 22:24:54
Eviction notice for living off grid 21:38:31
Went and fed the homeless for the first time today. 21:21:01
51 Sailors from USS Ronald Reagan Suffering Thyroid Cancer, Leukemia, Brain Tumors 19:43:54
Liberty Strikes Back... Amash Moneybomb Dec 16th 18:30:11
"Please close my account" 18:29:52
Amanda Billyrock being held in Belknap County Jail 15:47:54
Denver Post Edits Out ‘Socialist’ from Profile of School Shooter 15:47:11
The Affordable Coffee Act (VIDEO) 14:17:16
Awesome Movie Recommendation List! 13:23:32
Republicans moving to overhaul 2016 primary process 12:52:45
Chinese land on the moon 12:40:22
Max Keiser discusses Bitcoin on Alex Jones 09:24:47
The Scots vote for independence in 2014 09:12:22
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Is there anyone here from Minnesota or North Dakota? 23:20:43
Death by a Drone Attack is a Pakistani Patriotic Duty 21:48:33
NASA Scientists Plan To Approach Girl By 2018 21:02:28
'Lie of the Year': Why Obama's healthcare claim is a 'winner' 20:21:19
War on Syria begins with mass vaccination program - Activist Post 20:16:40
"Don't be Evil"-Google buys DARPA-subsidized Corporatist, 'Soon-to-be Evil' Killer Robot Factory: Boston Dynamics 17:50:24
Roger Waters sparks fury by comparing Israelis to Nazis 17:45:29
Take Pix w/Bono! Or, How to make GWB the WarCriminal into a Hipster Icon; Useful Leftist Idiots Guide to Historical Revisionism! 17:42:59
This is What A FAILED Abortion Looks Like 17:17:45
TSA Rectal Exams Could Clog Christmas Travel 16:52:03
Slow-Witted Conspiracy Theorist Convinced Government Behind NASA 16:45:37
Nypd $1 Billion World's Largest Police Academy 15:54:35
Beware of the Bitcoin Overlords 15:39:29
Lawful Money ? 15:24:57
VICTORY! Charges Dropped for Florida Cop Who Refused to Remove Guy Fawkes Mask (VIDEO) 14:01:38
Government Takeover: White House Forces Obamacare Insurers To Cover Unpaid Patients 13:52:05
The Grinch Dies From Enlarged Heart 13:07:36
Shocking New Bitcoin Revelations : A video for all Bitcoiners 12:59:30
Florida Robo Cops - Trained in Israeli Defense by Krav Maga 12:45:15
How to Escape from Jail, Twice, Like a Vigilante: The Weekend Vigilante December 14, 2013 12:23:18
Help spark the REVOLUTION in South Dakota! 11:53:29
Libertarians and their abortion problem 11:35:22
Steven Van Zandt "Obamacare, mostly it's worthless" 09:53:41
Ohio 8th - Meet the Candidates Night December 12, 2013 09:42:01
J.D. Winteregg (R-OH-8) To Primary John Boehner 09:36:14
Both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Bitcoin topped out on November 29, 2013 08:54:54
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Sandy HOOK - Revisited Episode III 04:08:56
The Real Victims of the War on Drugs 03:50:33
Nancy Pelosi Shipwrecked! 03:36:17
Gold, Silver, Bitcoin discussion between Jan Skoyles & Ben Davies (precious metal broker) 02:00:21
Cop gives homeless man sweatshirt off his back 01:31:55
Before You Say Something 'Smart', I Challenge You To Mine This Gold Vein of Intel. 00:35:15
The Stomach Turns: Guns and Racism on Bill Moyers 00:32:02