Posted on December 19, 2013

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The world doesn't want to be saved, it wants to be subsidized. 23:10:46
Rand Paul on Greta: 12/19/2013 22:44:33
Retire Lindsey Graham Money Bomb! 19:53:27
Report Suggests NSA changes account balance amounts & manipulates financial system. 19:32:35
Ever wonder why Rachel Maddow stays on the air with low-ratings? Here's why... 19:27:53
Homeowner Forecloses on Bank of America 18:28:47
Ernest Hancock - Freedom Summit - The Allison Bricker Show 20:12:56
New Video: The Time is Now - Russell Brand 18:15:17
Cleveland man fatally shoots home intruder, wounds another 17:33:59
U.S Marine Brigadier General Joins The R3VOLution! (St. Petersburg Florida) 16:36:34
Victory! Emmett, Idaho Bans NDAA Detention, Laws of War - Activist Post 15:53:54
Dog Shaming 14:54:34
Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton: "Snowden Ought To Swing From A Tall Oak Tree" (VIDEO) 13:57:48
Dr. Greg (Ron Paul) Brannon: "Al Sharpton Attacks Me" ~ VIDEO 13:14:53
Impeach Obama! 13:04:42
5 Historical Attempts To Ban Coffee 12:23:46
Nigel Farage defends Godfrey Bloom as Bloom is expelled from EU (video) 12:03:38
Paul Craig Roberts: Washington Drives the World Toward War 11:10:38
Bitcoin Goes On Insane Surge, Leads Police On High Speed Chase, Tense Standoff 10:45:37
Judge Andrew Napolitano Describes Conspiracy Against US Constitution (RPI) 10:23:21
The Long Tail of Comet Lovejoy (It's a BEAUTY!) 09:48:13
Glenn Greenwald is GAY 07:50:51
Don Imus quote 06:57:10
Glenn Greenwald: "Now A Panel Of Obama's Handpicked Advisers Say The (NSA) Program Should Stop!" 02:00:24
CNN: Senator Rand Paul Attempting To Start Class Action Lawsuit Against The NSA 01:37:27
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NYC Council Bans Public Vaping Because It Looks Too Much Like Smoking 23:57:12
Saudi-Sized Cracks In The 9/11 Wall Of Silence 23:53:51
Edward Griffin Unmasks the Creature from Jekyll Island. Interviewed by James Corbett. I found it excellent. 23:22:31
White House Responds to Duck Dynasty Petition 23:22:09
Glenn Greenwald, NSA Documents & Checkbook Journalism - BFP Roundtable #02 23:20:34
Phil Robertson Is The Original Honey Badger 22:43:13
Don't Tread on Media + Above Top Secret Alliance 22:21:31
Hypocrisy - A&E does NOT suspend homosexual stars 21:34:41
"Greedy Drunken Swindlers" A&E Suspend Duck Dynasty Star Over Statement 21:15:44
Do We Even Need a Banking Sector? 21:10:53
Your Mind is Not a Computer... 20:59:05
These Disturbing Fast Food Truths Will Make You Reconsider Your Lunch 20:59:03
New Mexico Cops Strike Again - Woman Sues Over Illegal Cavity Search 20:51:40
Michelle Obama On Al "Race Baiter" Sharpton Show 20:50:45
Check Out The Full Size Lego Car (VIDEO) 20:48:07
WHO? says theres no such thing as internet censorship? Oh right, the ones doing the censorship, thats who!GooTransparency Report 20:41:21
Russell Brand Teaches Conan On How A Monarchy Works 19:51:07
"Seven House Judiciary Members Demand DOJ Investigate James Clapper For Lying To Congress" 19:50:14
"European Commission Admits It Plans To Put 'Corporate Christmas List' Of IP Demands Into TAFTA/TTIP" 19:27:00
Super Boycott of A&E already at 1,400,000+ likes unless DD Robertson reinstated for free speech reasons 15:15:16
MSNBC Panel Encourages Fraud (VIDEO) 18:59:12
Rick Santelli SLAMS bogus Fed "Taper" Charade, says just a 'T' 18:49:27
Record High Say Big Government Is Top Threat. Do They Really Mean It? 18:37:15 looking to start accepting Bitcoin 17:37:29
Who Gave Liz Cheney My Email Address-Updated 17:25:21
It's A Living: Work and Life in Vietnam today 17:21:12
Ron Paul on Money With Melissa Francis- Fox Business 5pm EST 12/19 17:13:33
The Free Enterprise System is a key to happiness 17:01:56
Microaggression is Not Aggression 16:25:50
The World of Warcraft Effect: Why Bitcoin will always be on top (VIDEO) 16:13:34
Arrogance! Harry Reid Isn't Going Anywhere Anytime Soon 15:59:24
Sen. Rand Paul In The 'Situation Room' W / Wolf Blitzer - CNN - 12/18/13 (VIDEO) 15:57:14
How to Steal BitCoin in Three Easy Steps. 15:55:01
Washington Has Discredited America — Paul Craig Roberts 15:50:29
War is on the horizon. European Army will be established. 15:31:54
Did Bitcoin fans hack China's central bank? 15:11:10
Remaking ‘Gilligan’s Island’ 14:58:13
Red Alert: Homeschoolers Beware: Ohio Under Attack: SB248 14:42:54
End of the line for the LEAD Bullet? REGULATIONS, bans force switch to 'GREEN' Ammo 14:35:38
The Truth About Bitcoin (video) by Stefan Molyneux 14:25:03
. 14:16:02
STUNNER: Non-Citizens Caught 'VOTING' in 2012 Presidential Election (VIDEO) 14:08:24
The Obamacare ‘Shotgun Wedding’—Marry or Lose Your Home 14:06:12
CNSNews.Com - Michelle OBAMAMIDABLE: 'Make It a Christmas TREAT' to Talk About HEALTH Insurance (VIDEO) 13:49:40
A $55 Trillion Error: Commodity Futures Trading Commission underreported size of swaps market 13:48:49
Merry Christmas Target Shoppers! BOOM! 40 Million Accounts May Have Been Breached 13:25:40
John McCain Prays for Lindsey Graham 13:19:51
40 million! 13:16:10
Small Town Throws Pride Parade For Only Gay Resident 13:07:21
. 12:51:15
LaRouchePAC: Fed should sell off its Toxic Asset purchases 11:51:09
Reddit bans comments from global warming skeptics 11:22:14
Police Militarization is Not Inevitable: 58 Percent Think It’s Already Going Too Far 11:07:59
Sen. McCain, Interventionism's ‘Energizer Bunny’ 10:59:19
The Fed's Ceremonial Taper Yesterday 10:27:30
Sorry GOP, an 'R' Is Not Enough 10:07:14
Mittens gets a documentary made about him. 09:34:33
Hilary Woos Wall Street & Dares Elizabeth Warren to run in 2016 08:40:31
Greenwald questioned by annoying BBC statist 07:01:30
Living off and earning more than the sheeple no longer good enough for federal workers 06:49:06
Zerohedge Guest Post: Keeping it Real (Jim Quinn) 06:39:52
NSA Official: "I Have Some 'Reforms' For The First Amendment" 05:52:10
Democrats PERSECUTE Homeschooling Parents (VIDEO) 04:37:32
David Attenborouh's First Life 04:32:29
Texas Court Rules WARRANTS Can be Obtained on ‘PREDICTIONS of Future Crimes’ 04:27:20
White House: Trans Pacific Partnership ‘remains a top priority’ for Obama 03:39:08
All Wars Are Bankers' Wars! 02:12:18
Ed Schultz Admits He Doesn't Need Proof, Going Off 'Gut Feeling' 02:05:20
Patriarch kicked off 'Duck Dynasty' after gay comments 02:01:33
Duck dude gets fired for speaking his truth. Do libertarians see the danger of cultural imperialism? 01:46:10
Greenwald on Al Jazeera 01:40:16
First Politician Bought With Bitcoin 01:02:57
Blimey Cow Videos 00:27:06
Have you guys seen the secret image on the five dollar bill? 00:17:03
The True Duty of a Jury 00:14:52
It Only Took This Holocaust Survivor 4 Minutes To Kill Obama’s Gun Control 00:12:43
More EPA Endorsed CRAP: E-15 Gas Coming To A Station Near You 00:02:06