Posted on December 21, 2013

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Say Goodbye To Your 40 Watt Incandescent Light Bulb 1/1/14 22:05:51
A&E's Miscalculation 19:53:23
Look at what insurance companies say about Patriot Act! 19:05:33
Looks like Obama is getting HIS Christmas present! 18:27:48
YouTube 'Radicalizers' Targeted By NSA 18:07:28
What's your favorite Anti-War song? 15:26:39
NDAA 2014, WORSE than 2012, 2013 combined: #WhileAmericaDebatedDucks, Senate 'debated' NDAA, passed It! 14:19:56
GRTV/Corbett: Syrian War & Media Lies 14:01:38
Peter King Says Sen. Paul "Disgraced" Office by Criticizing NSA 13:32:24
Everyday you make a choice - Meme 13:17:10
My Favorite Investments For 2014 12:19:09
Heat Your Home With 240 Recycled Aluminum Cans 12:02:59
What Is Christian Anarchism? And Who Is George Fox? And Why Foxburg Pennsylvania? 09:22:44
NEW Political Ad: "If You LIKE Your SENATOR You Can KEEP Her, Otherwise, You KNOW What To Do" 01:31:33
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Baa Ruh Bup Bum Bum... Me And My Drum! 23:40:53
Karl Pilkington - Helping the hungry 23:32:21
New Years Resolution 23:08:28
NSA Spys on Santa Claus: Snowden Releases List of Who Has Been Naughty and Who Has Been Nice! 22:46:07
Little Guernsey: 200 Years of Debt-Free Money 21:53:05
Nairobi mall attackers may have escaped: NYC police 21:18:29
Scientists Insist Iraq Nuked by US 21:16:40
Mystery 'Tips for Jesus' tipper 21:14:53
Family And Consumer Choice Act Of 2007. A La Carte Tv. (By By Cbs Nbc Abc ) 21:01:40
After Christmas Expect a Surge on Litecoin, Miners Are Just Gearing Up for 2014 20:37:54
Wishing you the best w/ peace on Earth & Halley's Comet! Protest songs over the decades. 20:09:52
Food fraud' a growing problem in grocery stores 19:28:16
Outrageous - Cops Say you can't wash your own car on your private property... - VIDEO 19:27:23
Jack Kornfield: The Ancient Heart of Forgiveness 18:44:57
Morality is Subjective...Not. 17:10:54
Is the Federal Reserve Charter Expiring In Two Days? 17:02:15
A Simple Example of Why Basic Income Schemes Fail 16:57:35
I Confess! I Tried to Sign up for Obamacare 16:56:21
* Happy * Holiday * To * All * 16:46:37
The McRib is back! 16:45:29
12 Ways to Calm the Overactive Mind 16:34:03
Ho Ho Blow, Merry Det-cord Christmas, er...Tree! Or, What You do when You're a Young Demo Expert/SOT Licensee stuck in Califa 16:05:58
The Truth About the Duck Dynasty Fiasco 15:38:50
Wow, my girl really put Ed's girl in her place 15:37:29
Chris Nolan produced TRANSCENDENCE: 'Neo-Luddites' vs Kurzweilian Eugenicist "Singularity" Technocracy Predictive Frontloading? 15:18:32
Killing In The Name Of? 15:17:14
Peace, Love and Pepper Spray 15:05:36
Secure Startmail coming real soon 14:08:38
Help Israel Now! (A Teacher's Message To Kids In Private School) 13:34:40
Creator of Creepy DARPA Robots Is Asked If Robots Will Take Over the World (VIDEO) 13:25:01
UK, US govts hand in hand with bankers committing financial crimes 11:56:11
Guaranteed Universal Income = Guaranteed Universal Poverty 10:36:12
Big Oil Corrupts Governments; Courts Protect Big Oil; Will Chevron Escape Paying Ecuador? 10:29:13
DE Gun Grabbers 09:23:50 CEO Unveils More Details About Bitcoin Adoption 08:34:47
Never the Twain Shall Meet 07:52:54
Wake Up! Huge Government Distraction Going On Now! Police State (New NDAA) In Process While We Worry About Duck Dynasty 05:53:50
NSA Allegedly Paid RSA $10M To Implement Flawed Cryptography Standard 03:43:02
Oathkeeper Running For Clark County Sheriff Meet and Greet 02:07:08
Fraud Glenn Beck Interview with SE Cupp on CNN Piers Morgan 01:38:40
Screw Up!: FBI Agent Puts Bureau's Secret Interrogation Manual In Library Of Congress 01:22:35
"A senator now is just a big Rep, and for six years." Mark Bircher Get's It! 00:40:47
What Is Next? An NSA “Kill Switch” for Smartphones? (Or, 3 Basic Rules about Tyranny UPDATED 00:11:41