Posted on December 23, 2013

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I got the TSA to say they're sorry! 23:26:47
Why Gold and Silver Will Break to New Lows and Tax Moves to Capitalize Upon 23:16:52
Caught off guard by a very important word! 20:13:06
Cop Tells College Grad ‘You’re Lucky I Didn’t F-ing Shoot You’ After Raiding Wrong House (VIDEO) 19:12:08
Mikhail Kalashnikov dead at 94 18:47:25
GOP Rep. Justin Amash warns: Executive branch becoming too powerful 16:55:52
Justin Amash: Washington listens only when voters speak up VIDEO 16:53:56
All I Want for Christmas is U... 15:04:57
Sen. Rand Paul: "Merry Christmas From The Paul Family" (VIDEO) 13:43:49
Mondays with Murray: Rothbard on the "Social Contract" 12:33:08
Towering symbol of Flint’s past falls to rubble with Genesee Towers implosion 12:09:33
PBS Drops Bombshell on 100th Anniversary of the FED! 10:29:45
Harvard Bomb Threat Thwarted! Tor network used 05:17:56
Straight Talk On The 'Gay' Thing 00:22:15
Judge Rules: Obama Social Security Card Fraud May Finally Get Answers 00:20:55
Is Liberty Only for Owners of Land/Websites? 00:07:33
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Read this! "The Probability Broach" by L. Neil Smith 23:34:51
How To Have Fun In Cold Weather: 23:24:25
A Romantic Comedy About a Woman Who Gets an Abortion is Going to Sundance 23:10:22
Funnies for Gunnies: James Yeager & Reid Henrichs' After Action Report on... Warren G.'s "REGULATE" ft. Nate Dogg! 21:16:27
The Obamacare 12 Days of Christmas 20:24:27
Attorney suing NSA reports 'very strange' email issue 19:54:35
OBSCENE: Take From The Vets, Give To Illegals 19:26:15
Pink Floyd speaks out against Israel 19:21:05
Ron Paul will be on Cavuto on Fox Business 8 pm EST 12/23 19:14:36
Merry Christmas, Walkin' in Barack O'bamaLand 19:10:52
Paul McCartney Interview On GM Food 18:59:11
Duck Dynasty Decoy Distracts Liberty Movement while the NDAA sits on Obamas desk 18:53:37
"Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Saturnalia" ...? 18:18:21
Penn & Teller Explain Why Social Security is an Unsustainable Ponzi Scheme Doomed to Fail (VIDEO) 17:23:09
Duck Dynasty star gets bad rap on alleged 'racist' remarks 17:02:46
I Want Raw Milk And I Want It Now 15:43:04
Bitcoin & Litecoin Mining: The Project for a Sustainable Energy Project and Lifestyle; The Final Spear Into Agenda 21 15:29:14
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 12/23/13: Progress Toward Peace in 2013, But Dark Clouds Remain 14:32:32
Online Black Market Admin: Feds Stole $33.6 in Bitcoins 14:20:05
In (Dis)Honor of the Fed's 100 year reign: Paper Money - Montrose 14:01:33
Ron Paul, G. Edward Griffin, and Bruce Fine guests on AJ: Centennial B-day of the Fed 12-23-13 13:27:45
Peter Schiff needs help combating hateful statists on his Facebook page! 12:33:52
Propaganda by Inundation and LIES of CNN...Bahrain and Joe Rogan and Amber Lyon Podcast 12:11:44
Adulterers and Sorcerers Lobby Call For Phil to Be Re-Fired From Duck Dynasty 12:07:14
On its anniversary, 100 reasons to abolish the Federal Reserve 12:04:32
15 YOLO Moments From The First 100 Years Of The Fed 11:58:52
Still wanna play duck-duck-gay? We're in the semifinals. Plenty of spots left. 11:34:58
Why doesn't everybody at the DP support... 11:17:52
Deleted-Duplicate 10:58:31
On The 100th Anniversary Of The Federal Reserve Here Are 100 Reasons To Shut It Down Forever 10:32:44
- BOOM! Phil Robertson Returning To Duck Dynasty January 15, No Plans To Fire Him Says A&E 10:13:16
What happens on TV is NOT politics, freedom, or liberty 09:27:49
OPEC Ministers See No 2014 Oil Glut Amid Signs of Demand Growth 07:44:49
China's airheaded 'air-defense zone' angers neighbors 04:45:15
Today marks the 100th anniversary of the Federal Reserve 01:30:10
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 12/23/13: Progress Toward Peace in 2013, But Dark Clouds Remain 01:09:45
Lee Ann McAdoo interviews Amber Lyon on police brutalities, media/Big Pharma propaganda 00:15:17
The New Abolitionists 00:10:19