Posted on December 24, 2013

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A Christmas Message From Edward Snowden - Update 22:04:43
So You Want A Tile Roof? 21:51:11
A Christmas Message from Edward Snowden 21:33:03
A Very Special Christmas Warning From the NSA 20:09:17
Exactly When Was Jesus Born? Not on December 25. 20:07:27
Albert Einstein: “A Foolish Faith In Authority Is The Worst Enemy Of The Truth” 19:56:27
Since the NSA Can Fake Any Communication Am I Immune From What I Say? 18:01:32
Peter Schiff: Unbelievable Liberal Reaction to my Walmart Video 17:15:48
The Lions of Liberty Review the Year in Liberty! 13:41:00
Judge Rules: Obama Social Security Card Fraud May Finally Get Answers 11:47:07
Paul Harvey: The Man And The Birds; A Christmas Story 11:34:51
Alan Turing Pardoned By UK Government, Finally 11:19:38
The U.S. Army At Camp Shelby: Don't Say Christmas 10:51:55
Big Food Companies Push to LABEL Genetically Modified Products as “NATURAL" 10:42:11
Edward Snowden: ‘I Already Won’ 10:28:09
Peanuts Creator Fought for Christmas Message 07:39:14
Almost Every Passenger On A Flight From Dubai To India Was Found Carrying 1 Kilo Of Gold 03:19:04
My First Encounter with a Texas Game Warden and Local Police 01:58:14
Why I Love Paul Krugman 01:30:30
Snowden: “That whole question — who elected you inverts the model,” he said. “They elected me. The overseers.” 00:17:01
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Radiation graph - US west coast 23:27:05
NY Times' David Sanger on C-SPAN Challenged by Caller, Doesn't Know That No Plane Hit WTC7 22:57:58
Bah Humbug! 22:41:03
What Makes Jesus RADICALLY Unique 22:02:39
Obama Education? Now The Government Wants To Mess With Colleges 22:00:00
Don't Forget To Put Out The Milk And Cookies! 21:32:52
God Loves Uganda trailer for a new documentary 20:41:29
I Won One Hundred Trillion and One Dollars 17:56:29
Have a Smudged Up Christmas in Tiny Chat with webcams and music. Now live. Casual. Come as you are. 17:44:33
Knowing the Value of a Bitcoin 15:54:40
Universe Still In Danger of Popping Out of Existence, But Now For a Different Reason 15:49:34
Live Christmas Eve survival mix for politico hipsters 15:43:03
Bloomberg: Trans Pacific Partnership Is “Corporatist Power Grab“As Democratic And Transparent As A One-Party State,” 15:32:10
Military Law Expert: Obama Should Pardon Snowden 15:28:36
Food fraud' a growing problem in grocery stores 15:26:19
Do We Need a Constitutional Amendment Recognizing Jurisdiction of Sheriffs 14:42:11
God In Danger of Popping Out of Existence 14:30:36
Google & NSA Team Up to Track Santa 14:16:18
10th Amd. Center Radio has a Timely Christmas Message for You. 14:14:24
A Storm Inside; A Prayer; A message 13:30:29
Edward Snowden to Give 'Alternative Christmas Address' on December 25 at 4.15pm on Channel 4. 13:24:30
Journalists Win $3.75 Million Settlement Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio For False Arrests 12:55:26
Failure to go shopping could result in medical intervention: (video) 12:45:56
Giving Toys to Children in Need 12:29:04
The Political and Legal Significance of Christmas 12:04:37
Alcohol Boosts Immune System 11:39:01
'Stand'-A poem by a guy who writes poetry 10:53:45
Celebration? 10:33:24
Sibling peanut butter flinging lands Deltona sister in jail, deputies say 10:17:30
My Experience with the TSA 09:55:48
Can I Make A Prediction? This is not a hit piece* 07:50:17
Glenn Greenwald testifies before EU Parliament 06:21:13
Some Different Christmas Stories - 1911 by John Fox Jr. 03:28:16
Scientists Discover Gene That Causes Drunk College Girls to Kiss 02:31:35
Rand Paul's Festivus Rant Begins on Twitter 01:49:16
100 Years Ago: Why Bankers Created the Fed 01:04:13
Drunken Santa Brawl NYC Santacon 2013 01:03:54