Posted on December 30, 2013

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The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Iran And The Bomb, Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Facts 23:30:05
2014 Will Bring More Social Collapse — Paul Craig Roberts 23:22:22
Judge Andrew Napolitano on the Tenth Amendment 22:53:30
Bradley Blakeman: another neocon down for the count 22:44:00
Ron Paul Makes Gallup’s Most Admired List 22:08:36
Cops Strip Search Mom, "Forcibly" Pull Tampon Out of Her for Maybe Rolling Through Stop Sign 21:45:35
Gerald Celente's 2014 Predictions - War, Financial Crisis in Q2 & Gold Prices Going Up (video) 21:29:52
Man Closes Door On Noisy Cops, Cops Go Into His Backyard And Shoot His Dog 20:31:44
President Putin. It is time to Issue Letters of Marque and Reprisal With a Bounty Going After All Parties Behind the Attacks in 18:37:53
How the plummeting value of the dollar, the value of gold, and inflation are connected and how it affects all of us. 18:06:07
Businesses brace for 'serious cuts' as city enacts highest-in-nation $15 minimum wage 17:53:52
Life in the Emerging American Police State: What’s in Store for Our Freedoms in 2014? 17:48:24
My personal testimony of the Iraq "war". 16:52:48
Ducks, Evil Coins, and Liberal Conversions 16:31:49
- 14:40:47
NDAA 2014 or Duck Dynasty and Homosexuals? 13:30:07
Lions of Liberty Podcast Ep. 15: Angela Keaton of 12:23:29
The Guardian: "I worked on the US drone program. The public should know what really goes on" 10:31:33
Ted Cruz Endorsed Rick Perry, Believes Iran Is A Grave Threat And That We Should Use Overwhelming Military Force 09:20:02
Looking for FEMA inspectors for a Presidentially-declared disaster Nationwide 04:27:51
Why I fled Libertarianism — and became a Liberal 01:23:20
Requiem for an ASSASSINATED: The Untimely Death of Journalist Michael Hastings. R.I.P. 00:19:42
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Video: Obama’s Top Constitutional Violations Of 2013 23:31:30
Market Crash In the Works: “A Canary May Have Just Keeled Over” 23:01:43
Happy New Year From Oath Keepers! Molon Labe Online For Free Viewing! Until Saturday Night Jan 06 2014 22:53:33
Father of slain Tsarnaev associate pens letter to Obama, alleges FBI deliberately killed son 22:49:47
The Society for United Action 22:49:13
Private Prisons Pushing To Increase Profits 22:45:56
Artificial Fruit Drink Creates Its Own Cancer Causing By-Product 22:19:58
Wells Fargo To Pay Fannie Mae $541 Million Over Toxic Loans 22:14:33
Psychiatrist who treated Adam Lanza surrendered his license just months before the Newtown massacre and is now living in New Zea 22:08:55
Strontium, PFOA and toxic chemicals found in one-third of U.S. water supply 22:00:46
Is America About To Reach A Breaking Point? Anger Grows As Unemployment Benefits Get Cut 21:53:56
Brave New World Order: The Artificial Womb Is Born And The World of the Matrix Begins 21:40:33
State Dept Whistleblower Has Email Hacked Deleted 21:25:09
CIA Social Control Through Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll 21:19:33
A Lesson in Financial Responsibility 19:18:34
"Democrats Turn to Minimum Wage as 2014 Strategy" 19:06:41
A Year with Google Glass Will Turn You Into an Obnoxious Monster: Report 18:58:23
The End of Freedom in America? 18:41:48
2014: The Year of Blessing or Consequence? To Make or Break Us.We Decide Our Fate! 18:33:36
Federal government funded hardcore porn project 18:24:19
Libertarian radio: Sanity Check Radio Show every Saturday @ 7AM EST 18:18:21
Where Are Libertarians Going? By Justin Raimondo 17:38:18
Police: Fake cop pulled over real cop 17:25:25
Chris Duane has left 17:23:15
Intense demand may cause Colorado pot prices to soar 17:15:17
2013: Fewest Police Deaths By Firearms Since 1887 17:13:11
Drudge: "It Begins: Hospital Workers Go Unpaid..." Already! 16:40:13
Why We Shouldn't End the Fed 15:44:19
Meet The Minimum-Wage Homeless Who Are "Cleaning Up" Fukushima (For The Yakuza) 15:29:07
Critics: Nanny Bloomberg's Final Act Will Actually Hurt Public Health 14:53:47
Propaganda by Search Engine Optimization 14:33:52
Unbelievably lenient sentence for cop who fingered suspects’ anuses 14:22:46
YOU Are Invited To Talk On Radio Tonight 14:13:55
Guy Records Himself Working While High on Coke, Acid, and Special K 14:02:16
Has anyone watched House of Cards on Netflix? 14:01:11
Conn. Gun Owners Rush to Register Weapons, Ammo 13:55:18
And the Obamacare Approval Rating Is? 13:52:00
2013: fewest police deaths by firearms since 1887 13:42:27
NYT: Official Overseer of Obamacare Rollout Resigns? Michelle Snyder Is "Retiring ." 13:05:47
Some new laws for 2014 12:54:01
Does anybody watch "Person of Interest"? 12:49:23
State Dept. whistleblower has email hacked, deleted 12:49:19
Why the ‘Duck Dynasty’ Controversy Could Hurt Democrats 12:17:49
US Drone Whistleblower Speaks Out! 12:15:17
Shots fired at German ambassador's home in Athens 11:21:12
Google bought eight robotics companies this year, including Boston Dynamics 11:01:44
The DP chat is a collectivist conspiracy in our midst. Why is no one talking about this? 10:58:06
Operation Rescue Japanese Homeless People 10:44:01
California AG: Legalizing Marijuana Would Save Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars A Year 10:40:45
Whoa! It's Coming. The Display Centric World - Video 10:37:44
Ron Paul: "Raising minimum wage hurts the poorest" 10:28:51
The REAL Face of Obamacare. 09:50:19
Debate: Peter "Zeitgeist" Joseph vs. Stefan Molyneux 03:05:34
Japan's homeless recruited for Fukushima cleanup at minimum wage 02:48:51
Blacklist #1 TV Show 02:45:19
2 Questions? 02:16:50