Posted on February 1, 2013

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Ben Swann Reality Check: More county sheriffs say they won't enforce federal law that violates 2nd Amendment 21:15:51
Her Romney-voting father was not impressed by my Ron Paul car sticker (Friday night story) 20:19:03
Alaska GOP Ousts Incoming Chairman Russ Millette 20:14:26
National Elementary School Toy Gun Show-And-Tell Day 15:28:47
Thank you from the Daily Paul II 15:06:22
The House Always Wins 18:06:46
Video: 'US a police state, Obama allows torture' – CIA Veteran John Kiriakou 10:50:34
Suicide Bombing at US Embassy in Ankara 09:51:08
FBI given the bum's rush out of Iceland, score one for Wikileaks. 08:46:37
Decorated Combat Veteran arrested in New York: Charged with 5 felonies for possession AR magazines 11:28:54
Man With Concealed Carry Permit Arrested for Exposure of Gun. Video Goes Viral, Officer on Leave 02:46:19
Enemies: A short film shot on the way back from Paul Fest. 15:11:22
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Bought gold? Share your experience here. 23:55:39
Please tell me what you think is wrong with this new Navy commercial? 23:51:10
♫ Happy Days are here again? ♫ 23:45:34
Thomas Jeffersons food for thought. 23:31:45
Russ Baker on John Brennan 23:05:36
Last Lap Dance for the Bankers – Iceland Speaks 22:56:42
VIDEO: DHS - How to be a victim 22:47:22
Gun Manufacturers I BEG you UNITE! 22:39:44
Paul/Paul 2016 - Doing the Math 21:49:59
242 Sheriffs And 5 State Sheriffs Associations Saying ‘NO’ To Obama Gun Control 21:46:48
Is Our Government Involved in Insurrection Against the People? This is Why They Hate the Second Amendment. 21:44:49
Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces Children's IQ 21:37:36
Obama Pushing 'Deadly' Aspertame on Grade Schoolers 21:32:41
Lew Rockwell's Site Needs Donations 01:23:39
Tom Davis will not run for any office in 2014 21:19:03
"Islamic terrorism" is the invented excuse for theft of Africa's riches 21:08:32
Foundations of War - Jim Rickards, Mainstream Media Shill & His Subversive Paul Nitze Alma Mater 21:02:43
Sandy Hook - Another witness, more questions. 20:57:52
House of Cards - great show about DC 20:50:58
When All Means Fail 20:44:18
Industrial Hemp Could be Legalized in Kentucky, Gaining Support... 20:43:47
U.S. military veteran suicides rise, one dies every 65 minutes 20:40:24
Advice on Guns 20:36:02
(>'.')> Gun Haters Logic <('.'<) 20:25:02
Illusion of wealth: Dow 36,000 even while wiping out 80% of real investment values. 20:23:31
The TSA Is Training Employees How To Be Even More Arrogant 20:12:34
What the South fought for: An interview with a civil war soldier 20:00:54
NRA President's Children Receive Death Threats 19:59:01
The War on Health 19:07:00
Video: Peter Schiff: Rising Stock Prices Reflect Inflation And Debased Currency - CNBC 2/1/2013 18:47:12
Model U.N. in schools - long term project, dismantling 18:15:18
More signs of WEAKNESS, Bank Of America, Online and Debt cards DOWN ! 17:54:40
A Story from North America 17:32:29
Catherine Bernard: Neo Goldilocks 17:30:54
Hypocrite - Sly Stallone : "Bullet To The Head" 17:30:16
Rules Suck! Consider this … 17:17:16
Ron Paul 2016! 17:11:59
Obama to Top Military Brass: Will you fire on American Citizens? 17:11:24
My Way - Dedicated To Retired Congressman Ron Paul; The Champion of The Constitution 17:10:21
Soda, Candy 'Are Out' Under USDA's Proposed School Snack Rules 16:56:06
Newsflash: Roman Empire Adopts Habeas Corpus 16:46:28
Burger King To DNA Test It's Beef After Food Processor Used Horse Meat 16:46:14
Obama's Delight: Mayors prepare boycott of gun manufacturers in order to push gun control 16:37:52
Rand Paul Speech On Debt Ceiling, Taxes, Foreign Aid and Balancing The Budget 16:32:01
VIDEO - CNN: Protesters Attack Presidential Palace in Cairo 16:29:11
Need help finding a video 16:27:05
Obama's Economic Stagnation 16:21:54
Iceland kicked OUT the FBI when they arrived to investigate Wikileaks! AWESOME! 16:21:35
More Proposed Anti-Gun Laws That Won't Affect "The Bad Guys" 16:11:34
Iceland President: Let banks go bankrupt 16:01:14
Confidence, a Depression-era cartoon starring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 15:33:51
Thomas Massie, Ron Paul's son? 15:25:48
Jury: Oregon Car-Bomb Suspect Guilty of Terrorism 15:22:16
I am now becoming a legal permanent resident of the USA. 15:21:05
Nella Fantasia and the Non-Aggression Principle (video) 15:15:01
Dr. Paul could use some love in this Yahoo article. Lots of trolls. 15:11:53
Ticked Off My Phone Company Today 15:06:57
Oregon Drone Bill Would Claim the 'Airspace' Above Your Shoestrings 14:57:35
Bank CEO proposes Fed to expand balance sheet by $30 TRILLION 14:50:54
More Fox Hypocrisy 14:45:15
Damn! Gas price for cash just doubled in Chicago! 14:33:22
CNN Goldman Sachs & the Zio Matrix 14:21:05
Video: Rand Paul says AIPAC Conspiring to Send F-16s to Egypt 14:20:52
MARKETWATCH: No - Money - Down Mortgages Are Back.. 14:16:25
Is Martial Law The Ultimate Goal? 14:09:23
Ron Paul in Idaho, 2012 Presidential Campaign 14:03:53
John Kerry: "Obama Offered Me The Job a Week Before Susan Rice Pulled Out" - VIDEO 14:01:53
VIDEO: Newtown Calls For "Armed School Officers" 13:47:59
Lady Liberty 13:47:43
Adrian Wyllie for FL governor 13:38:12
Why Is Barrett Brown Facing 100 Years in Prison? 13:30:50
VIDEO: McCain and Schumer Move To Force Americans To Use "Biometric ID" For Employment 13:30:40
So if this is a spiritual movement how the heck would one define it? 13:28:53
MSNBC Urges Viewers To Boycott Gun Manufacturers 13:21:49
Current Sheriffs' count now at 243 pledges to resist Obama and defend Second Amendment 13:17:39
Ben Swann's Reality Check speaks with 1st sheriff to take a stand on 2nd Amendment 13:15:55
Military Drills: Is the Army Preparing for a Martial Law Scenario in the United States? (Latest Photos) 13:15:46
Causes for the Fall of the Roman Empire 13:12:01
DOW hits 14,000; Peter Schiff WRONG again! 13:05:54
Ready Fuel gel fire starter burns at 1,200°F 12:55:18
Proof of War Crimes by Obama? 12:54:11
Iron-oxidizing bacteria could be used to convert electricity into biofuel 12:52:57
. 12:51:38
3D-printed lunar base may be on the way 12:50:16
How Fed Creating $4 Billion in New Money Each Day Helps Rig Stock Market (Video) 12:50:08
Meet the Contractors Turning America's Police Into a Paramilitary Force 12:49:19
Claim: asking $250,000 for domain, down from $800,000 12:43:42
Gun seizures begin in New York as Governor puts out false FAQ sheet 12:35:00
New York State Resistance - "... prime for something like that." 12:20:21
CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou: Torture was official US policy 12:13:11
Introducing Tom Woods' Freedom on Tour! 11:58:32
Integration of Drones into Domestic Airspace - Related Legal Issues 11:22:05
VIDEO: Gun Owner "ALERT" with Larry Pratt 11:21:47
VIDEO: After The Tribulation - Sneak Peek 11:10:18
While We are Distracted by Gun Control - Pacific Southwest Is Being Handed Over to the UN 11:09:19
15 Signs That You Better Get Prepared For The Obama Recession of 2013 11:55:39
Decorated Combat Veteran Arrested in New York, Charged with 5 Felonies for Possession of AR Magazines 10:22:28
Video: Corbett exposing the hypocrisy of the anti-war Left. 13:37:50
When Mike encouraged us to post more originals...I decided to look back on my past writings 09:11:58
Rand Paul to bring new fight against TSA 08:52:52
New Video:Quarks to the Universe in 1 minute 06:58:32
"Which Is Best : Government, Anarchy, Or Protectorate?" (By G. Edward Griffin) 05:30:05
Colorado Sheriffs Stand up for 2nd Amendment Rights 04:45:38
Freedom on Tour: Bringing Liberty to the Masses 04:44:22
Let's Call It The Douglass Day Dinner 04:42:18
Video - CNBC: Jobless Claims Much Higher, Spending, Income Up 04:10:50
Alachua County / Gainesville FL 03:56:19
Judge Napolitano this week 03:48:39
9/11 Military Trial Judge – Like 9/11 Commission – Frustrated by Government Shenanigans 02:59:42
Harry Reid takes 1 million dollar bribe! 01:19:33
With carbon taxes breathing down our necks... 01:13:39
Obama and Gore pushing hard for Carbon Taxes now, here's why... 00:57:44
It is Easy to Become a Libertarian. It is Easier to Be an Anarchist. 00:54:11
Just got back from HI: My Report on Airport Security 00:23:04
The Flat World, A Case for Global Economics 00:10:34
The 10 Most Misunderstood NFL Rules 00:07:09
The Daily Paul Needs Your Help. Fundraiser 64% Complete 14:25:52
Lampoon The System: "Kill The Goose" 15:40:53