Posted on June 25, 2013

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Michael Savage on Michael Hastings 23:32:14
Waking Up! 23:27:24
Edward Snowden's Martyrdom ...Doug Wead 22:54:49
HA HA Lindsey Graham proven wrong Pro Amnesty, Hispanic Senate Candidate loses Mass. race, voters pick old white guy! 22:11:51
Powerful Political Cartoon...Share! 21:47:49
The Feds want Snowden to become a Spy 21:42:53
WHOA! Donald Trump Says Edward Snowden Should Be Assassinated - VIDEO 21:37:08
Quantum Levitation Demonstration! Superconducting Sapphire Crystal Allows for Stabilized Levitation Over Magnetic Field 19:51:08
The Slaughter Of The Bonds Has Begun 19:48:32
Arizona Voters Look To Recall Sens. 17:54:57
Rand Paul asks FEMA about drones, claims 'just model planes' 17:29:41
These are the words of a predator speaking to his hostages: 17:19:31
Putin a Secret American Patriot? 16:22:30
How to get terrorist-free air travel without being molested by TSA agents 16:20:30
Rand Paul: Peace thru strength doesn't mean war thru strength. Neocons always think war is the answer -Laura Ingraham show 6/25 16:14:02
Why Luke Rudkowski Hates Google Glass 15:52:03
Sibel Edmonds Blows the Whistle on Government Blackmailing 15:29:16
Putin Says No to US Request to Turn Over Snowden: "He's In a Moscow Airport"- 2:20 PM ET 6/25 14:47:16
Victory For Liberty! Greenwald: Snowden's Files Are Out There If "Anything Happens" To Him 14:22:28
I've Been Playing A Lot of Chess Lately 13:59:51
Recall Of Second Colorado Anti-Gun Democrat Legislator Validated 13:50:53 offering FREE tools to help u get your ham license! 13:24:17
15 Year Old Leaves Anti-Gun Politicians Speechless! 11:54:41
Yahoo: Why does Obama talk like Rand Paul but govern like Dick Cheney? 10:45:25
US interventionism: Maher destroyed by Glenn Greenwald 10:36:48
Mick Jagger zings Obama at Verizon Center concert 10:03:19
LENO: "IRS Has Ruled Obama Can Write Off First Half of His Second Term As A Total Loss' - VIDEO 09:00:57
CNN | WikiLeaks spokesman: 'I know where Snowden is' 08:54:05
Russia Rejects US Demand For Snowden's Extradition - VIDEO 08:51:59
Russian FM: 'Never Crossed Our border, US Threats Unacceptable' 08:17:46
The Parable of the Mexican Fisherman 03:38:55
Ron Paul On Edward Snowden’s Indictment: Government Views You And Me As The Enemy 02:51:33
Judge Napolitano debates John Stossel on government spying 01:23:37
Actor John Cusack Slams David Gregory 01:10:16
John Cusack: The Snowden Principle 01:08:07
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Turkey's Civil Revolt: Istanbul Rising (Vice) 23:45:13
Jericho - 2006 TV Series - Excerpts from Wikipedia 23:43:45
Russia will NOT Extradite NSA Leaker to US 23:38:51
Rand Paul: Congress, Not The President, Should Determine If The Border Is Secure - Hannity 6/25/2013 23:33:04
James Corbett Points Out - No Mention Of Russ Tice By Glenn Greenwald 23:03:34
How To Buy A Nice House With 5 Oz Of Silver 23:01:37
National Database: The Real Reason for the Immigration Bill 22:45:15
Reported: Sen. Leahy hosted post-9/11 FBI most wanted for dinner 22:35:25
Rand Paul F*cked us all on the Immigration bill 22:06:47
Friend Says Michael Hastings Was Working On "Biggest Story Yet" About CIA - VIDEO 21:58:57
The Deadliest Political Weapon Ever Used 21:54:07
"Let's show them how much they need us" 21:47:50
Officer Pleads Guilty To Assault, Blames Female Grope-Down On PTSD 21:46:47
Am I wrong ? 21:32:35
After FEMA Hearing, Sen. Paul and Sen. Begich Discuss FEMA Shirt Button, and Pinhole Cams... 21:23:46
BREITBART - IG: IRS Credit Cards Used For Wine, Porno 21:21:42
4000 Year Old Egyptian Statue Moving On It's Own Power Caught on Time Lapse 21:03:23
Jack Nicholson Asks: "Why Can't We All Just Get Along?" 20:45:06
American Press Is Defending Government Secrecy vs Individual Privacy 20:41:40
NASA's Strategic Issues/Future Warfare Manual PDF 20:34:35
Special Prosecutor for the IRS? Why Neither the Left Side of the Aisle Nor the Right Side Can Be Trusted 20:28:07
A Pep Talk from Kid President to You 20:23:00
The Chess Game of The Gods by Richard Feynman 20:14:50
Life And Music by Alan Watts - Video 20:11:25
Latest submission to the local newspaper - regarding Edward Snowden! 19:58:57
Fashion Icon Vivienne Westwood dedicates new Menswear collection to Bradley Manning 19:31:50
5 Ways You'll Lose Money in the Next 5 years 19:31:42
Idea For DP 19:15:52
Senate Bill: Employers SAVE $3000 To FIRE Americans and HIRE Amnestied Immigrants 18:52:55
Massive 9/11 Billboard Coming to Times Square This September 18:43:06
Sometimes When Things Get Really Stressful, I Close My Eyes, Sit Back, And Pretend I’m Back In Kenya 18:29:36
. 18:20:55
The Sweet Irony of the TSA's Union Battle 18:05:45
Dimming the lights can increase your creativity by making you feel 'free from constraints' 17:52:53
How other people's unspoken expectations control us 17:51:15
Why Christians and the Church in America is No Longer the Salt of the Earth. 17:37:58
Guardian Editorial: History Will Be Kind to Edward Snowden 17:10:42
Edward Snowden’s Current Options 16:47:09
Why is international media ignoring current protests in Bulgaria? 16:31:24
2012 Olympic Logo 16:23:46
Free Market Education Replacing Government Schools 15:19:15
Watch out Rand comes the NeoCon competition 15:04:16
NSA Drops 'Fact Sheet' From Website After Accusations of Inaccuracy 15:03:04
Do you support Ben Swann's Truth In Media project? 14:54:25
We can only hope! We are ALL Snowden! 14:52:38
Naomi Wolf: My Creeping Concern that the NSA Leaker is Not Who He Purports to Be ... 14:00:37
Alex Jones on "Coast To Coast AM" W / George Noory - 6/25/13 13:55:07
George Noory on "Alex Jones" - - 12N - 2PM CT - 6/25/13 13:47:55
Lindsey Graham Letter to Russian Ambassador 13:41:22
DHS No Longer Conducts Regular Background Checks Of Immigration Applicants 13:34:55
Food vs. Phood 13:32:04
Social Conservatives Push Socialism to Limit Access to Video Games 13:26:34
WND: Networks Demand More Sex, Cussing On Air 13:26:02
Thomas Drake interviewed 13:14:22
Awesome New Video - Enemies of the State 13:12:52
Earthquake in Atlantic poses no threat to Hawaii? 13:01:18
Snowden: Live updates on The Guardian - seering commentary 12:53:11
voluntary (market) vs force (government) 12:44:54
Purple Hearts! 12:38:17
The Columbus Liberty Coalition 12:37:04
This Is Not About Edward Snowden. (Bloomberg Article) 12:19:09
"Congress is being blackmailed by the NSA;" James Corbett on The Jack Blood Show 6-25-13 12:04:46
El Dorado County Sheriff STRIPS Forest Service of State-Law Power - VIDEO 11:56:50
Sheriff Strips Forest Service Of State-Law Enforcement Power 11:49:03
Gun buyback hoax exposed: Police departments actually sell the guns for profit 11:39:01
So where bis Snowden? 11:38:51
Don't Forget you want HRC in 2016? 11:30:39
Paul Ryan: Obama’s Failure To Retrieve Snowden Shows Admin Growing ‘More Incompetent By The Day Video 11:16:15
Modern Wheat: a Perfect Chronic Poison 11:06:16
By A 5-to-4 Decision, The SCOTUS Strikes Down Section Four Of Voting Rights Act Of 1965 10:26:48
Another Level Of Unbelievable 10:26:17
#1 Most Censored News Story in the World 10:21:28
Need info on best practice for collecting signatures: experiences? 10:15:53
Issa issues Benghazi subpoenas to State Department 10:14:00
John Kerry Questioning Edward Snowden 10:13:48
Snowden the whistle blower, or traitor? The real elephant in the room 10:10:14
Clear Violations 09:53:43
DR. DOOM: "A Lot Of Problems Are Coming... Revolution... Social Strife..." - VIDEO 09:51:47
Robert Taft: The Ron Paul of His Day 09:39:04
Dems unhappy: IRS screened for progressives too 09:24:18
Gold Was A Horrible Investment from 1500 to 1965 09:09:37
Speaking Power to Truth 08:50:47
Michigan Gov Snyder Loses Medicaid Battle to Grassroots Campaign 08:45:03
Graphic Video - Woman in China killed by runaway doley at store 08:23:35
Jeremy Piven’s Libertarian Rant on Lost Freedoms 08:09:14
Feel the Joy of Giving 07:58:40
Tea Party Patriots- Pres. Poll 07:38:01
Human Head Found In Hamburger 05:19:22
legal Gun Owner Stops robbery in progress 04:54:23
How fortunate I am... 04:07:38
NeverWet, a Technology That Keeps Stuff Dry! 04:04:46
I have nothing to hide! 03:55:55
National ID / "Border Surge" amendment vote 03:13:16
"He who thus domineers over you has only two eyes, only two hands, only one body" - La Boetie 02:50:55
Long Term flaw in the economy I don't hear addressed 02:23:22
Pirate Party: Norway Snowden Passed Through Norway to Iceland 02:12:37
Webster Tarpley on Snowden 02:01:38
Walter Williams: Bit By Bit Strategy 01:31:54
Is This Why The The DOJ Has Gone After James Rosen? (Judge Napolitano On Hillary Clinton) 01:29:48
Minivan Jack: Let's Get Something Done 01:16:33
BOOM! Sessions Issues Statement On Tonight's Procedural Vote To Advance 1,200 Page Substitute Immigration Bill 00:50:56
"Wasn't one of those guys supposed to be a terrorist?" 00:21:59