Posted on January 3, 2014

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Rand to make announcement 22:34:45
Judge Removes Children Illegally 22:10:50
To Police: "What is the Nature of Your Inquiry?" 22:08:05
U.S. judge asks: Why haven’t the financial executives been prosecuted? 19:42:00
You Have the Right to Remain Out of Jail - Valuable Infographic 19:02:52
Secession: The Real End of America has Begun 18:29:10
Clapper on a Platter 18:17:15
Bernanke speaks his lies at AEA meeting - Market drops - Ron Paul mentioned in video! 17:36:35
ZH: Senator Bernie Sanders Asks NSA If It Spies On Congress 16:51:24
Flash: Rand Paul To Sue Obama Over NSA Spying in Class Action Suit 15:57:17
"We ALLOW People To Grow 6 Plants And 6 Plants Produces A Lot Of Marijuana 15:55:35
Do You Chew Gum? If So, You Better Read This ... 14:57:53
Felony Friday: Cop Gets 1 Year For Trading DWI Charges For Sex 14:11:39
These 15 Republicans Voted To Expand Obamacare In Texas. Fire Them In 2014 13:35:18
Detroit Police Chief calls for more armed citizens 13:16:31
Greta dares to ask the question: Why wasn't James Clapper investigated by a grand jury? 10:35:29
Politicians believe there are no consequences for destroying our liberty… 09:52:59
“Hatred eats the soul of the hater, not the hated.” 12:00:57
Cheerios drops genetically modified ingredients! 07:48:23
Would you stand, watch, and do nothing as your daughter is molested by the TSA? 05:34:24
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Scott Brown On The Record 23:59:23
89 Genius Solutions To Simple Problems 23:37:47
Why the NFL is important (to me) 23:11:44
More Bitcoin Competition: The Ron Paul Coin 23:05:53
Mitch McConnell Loses Ground To Matt Bevin 22:46:38
Miko Peled on Ariel Sharon 22:15:03
US spy court: NSA to keep collecting phone records 22:06:45
2013: Year in Review (Dr. Rand Paul) 22:06:15
Vietnam Pilot Rescued 21:48:14
'The Only Thing We Have to Fear...' is the CIA - President Truman’s true warning on the CIA 21:46:55
What Is The Difference Between School And Life? 21:41:14
Video: The Century Of Self 21:40:32
So God Made A Liberal 21:37:07
GMO and ‘Natural’ Food Fight: Treacherous Terrain 21:17:50
How Many Socialists Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb? 21:15:58
Why Legalizing Marijuana Is a Smart Fiscal Move 21:07:51
U.S. Mint Gold-, Silver-Coin Sales Rise In 2013 On Retail Bargain Hunting 21:03:27
Julie Borowski: Why New Sanctions Against Iran Won't Work 20:49:36
Generation X 20:26:21
Marching Toward Smaller Government 20:24:58
Confirmed: 2013 deadliest for Iraq since 2008, UN estimates 20:21:34
Jan Brewer On The Record 20:13:01
George Will: If Labor Participation Rate Was Same As 2007, Unemployment Would Be 11.3% 19:53:12
Video: How the Government Created the Housing Bubble, then Framed the Free Market 19:49:13
Coming to a Field Near You: 'Agent Orange Corn'? 19:38:25
Global Warming Update - Chinese Icebreaker Now Stuck In Ice After Rescuing Stranded Researchers (video) 19:31:13
Dr. Ben Carson: Marijuana Legalization Will Lead to the Rise of “Hedonistic Activity" (Video) 19:10:12
John Bolton On The Record 19:09:12
Company makes good on leaving Colo. over gun laws 18:58:14
My Interview with World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes January 3, 2014 17:42:32
Monsanto's Charles Allen Thomas (a little history) 17:18:45
2013: Year In Review ~ Rand Paul 17:12:19
I Thought This Was a Good Song for the Daily Paul 17:09:59 - A New Libertarian Network 16:54:09
Do you know what's the most traditional form of marriage? 16:47:43
BTW, Anybody Else Enjoy Seeing Oklahoma Kick Pompous Alabama's ... 16:27:11 - The tenacious rise of digital currencies 16:26:11
Physical Gold Demand Soared As Gold Price Tumbled In 2013 16:14:14
How printers and Photoshop detect and refuse to process images of currency 16:11:33
Daily Spoon of No Treason - Section I (Audio) 15:52:13
A Glimmer Of Success 15:50:47
Premeditated Merger 15:32:41
Rush, Zerohedge, and Meteors 15:27:18
Raging Fire in Downtown Guangzhou High-rise - No Collapse 12/16/2013 15:23:23
Jamie Dimon's Daughter Wants Criminals Brought to Justice 15:22:38
Fukushima, a Global Conspiracy of Denial 15:18:18
Federal lawsuit: Texas police chief tormented man during affair with his wife 15:16:51
Courageous Man Refuses To Believe He Has Cancer 15:14:26
Children's Books Glorify Homeland Security 15:14:20
Traitor Judge who ruled NSA spying is Legal "because of 9/11" Let Convicted Israeli Spy Go Scot-Free 15:14:10
I'm Taking Max Keiser's Advice on Litecoin 15:10:48
Garbage In, Garbage Out: Portugal’s Dirty Protest Against the Banks 15:09:43
New High Tech GrowCubes Offer Indoor Gardening Solutions 15:04:23
Just in: Obama administration proposes new executive actions on gun background checks 14:56:38
Doctor’s Office Spends 2 Hours On Hold With Health Insurer For Patient’s Surgery Authorization 14:15:38
Liberal Leaning Quinnipiac Study: "Concealed Carry Results in Fewer Murders" 14:10:06
911 to Lady Reporting Man for Open Carry: “It’s Not Illegal to Open Carry.” Cops Arrest Him Anyway - 911 tape released 13:59:26
Ex Reagan Aide Bruce Bartlett: Legalizing marijuana a smart fiscal move 11:54:18
Vaccinate or not 11:51:09
Acoustic Levitation in 3D Space (Video) 10:27:06
Clay Aiken ‘actively considering’ run for Congress: sources 10:17:23
Bulb Ban May Generate a Black Market 09:56:52
NY Times: Academics Who Defend Wall St. Reap Reward 09:32:41
Dennis Kucinich for Ohio Governor? (RPI) 09:03:48
American Dictatorship, NSA Court Decision, and More: Daniel McAdams and Jay Taylor - Turning Hard Times Into Good Times (RPI) 08:54:35
Rap Group Dead Prez Member Barred From Flying Due To Tattoos 07:46:05
Would you be offended if I told you or your kids that war sucks? 07:42:06
Fourteen Ted Cruz Quotes on Israel 06:50:15
Violence In The Face Of Tyranny Is Often Necessary 06:27:38
One year old US Navy Warship is Disintegrating because of a massive design flaw that is causing electrolysis 04:38:24
Savings Tax? 04:21:32
Arlo Guthrie's most recent interview w/o music, (Mr. Customs Man, Down Under, had his guitar!) 03:53:11
Advice welcome! Substitution of Counsel received post-judgment! 03:08:17
Philosophical Musings: Faith and Logic, part 2 02:38:56
IMF paper warns of 'savings tax', mass write-offs and a wave of haircuts as West's debt hits 200-year high, 02 Jan 2014 08:26:51
Will the Democrats Throw Obama Under the Bus With Impeachment and Repealing Obamacare? 02:29:13
Save the Bees (Sign the Petition) 02:01:51
Court grants law license to man in US illegally 01:42:25
You can't get more free than a guy on a buffalo! 01:37:29
Iraq War Vet First to Buy Legal Pot in Colorado 01:07:29
Hospital staff are turning away sick people because they can't determine whether their Obamacare insurance plans are in effect. 01:03:38
Got Plywood? NWO Kills U.S. Plywood Industry Jobs. Denies Petition To Stop Chinese Plywood Dumping 00:31:11
Man Arrested For Using Assault Banana - Not Fake 00:21:41
(book) That Every Man Be Armed: The Evolution of a Constitutional Right by Stephen P. Halbrook 07:53:33