Posted on January 4, 2014

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Good laugh for today 23:14:14
Why Do We Have To Have A President? 22:24:04
Atty. Orly Taitz Sends 2nd Complaint Jan. 3, 2014 to get Bounel SS# 19:18:39
The Congressman Who Went Off the Grid 18:57:46
Happy New Year! 141 New Federal Regulations Added In 3 Days 18:26:44
Gov SWAT Teams Target “Rugged Individuals” Who Grow Their Own Food, Produce Their Own Electricity 17:31:02
How to Manufacture (or Suppress) Outrage 15:30:54
Why I’m Leaving 14:53:03
Pentagon Generals Ready to Arrest Obama? 14:51:07
NSA Calls Americans Zombies 14:06:58
The Bakken is the largest domestic oil discovery 13:39:19
David Frum aka Scumbag attacking Michael Scheuer 11:04:04
Who's #1! Find Out the Most Corrupt Politician for 2013 (Couldn't be Obama again? Could it?) 10:26:32
The Daily Infowars 08:07:09
REGAL R&R: Obama's live like royalty on lavish $4,000,000 Hawaiian holiday = An entire retirement for a husband and wife 07:38:45
This is MINNESOTA tonight :) 02:32:59
Video - Rand Paul files suit against Obama and the NSA - 01/03/2014 00:35:07
Money For Nothing 00:05:01
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Colorado Pot Shop to Accept Food Stamps – Taxpayer Funded Marijuana for Welfare Recipients 23:57:28
Best Templates/Themes for Liberty Candidates? How to have Money Bombs? 22:25:01
whats up with league of Angles advertisement here ? 22:21:17
NSA Responds to Sen. Sanders re: Spying on Congress Members 21:54:30
Steve King On The Record 18:43:53
Instagram Star Skips College Education Due To Lucrative Derriere 18:34:27
Pop Star Morrisey Says Eating Meat Is Like Pedophilia 18:28:48
Rand Paul will be on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos 18:27:39
Justice Department buys $544,338 ‘Enhanced Company Profile’ on LinkedIn, gets special access 17:34:14
David Icke's "The People's Voice" Alternative Media Channel Continues Expansion - 17:31:37
Wreckless motorcyclists taunt trooper trapped in crashed car 17:31:11
“Other People” 17:27:01
Proverbs Daily Devotional January 4th 17:22:04
Proverbs Daily Devotional January 1st-3rd 17:18:07
2013: The Year Of Marijuana, Anti-War & Anarchy? 17:14:06
Happy New Year! Bitcoin Gains Are Taxable 15:45:54
Countering the Corporate-Insurgency 15:26:08
Self-Sufficiency: A Local Solution to a Global Problem 15:25:04
Ever Noticed the Huffington Post Always Files Stories About Heat Waves Under Green News 15:13:14
Is Julie Borowski a GOP Shill? 14:11:53
Ukrainian Protesters Hold Up Mirrors to Police, Forcing Them To "Reflect" On Their Oppression (PICS / VIDEO) 13:28:35
ZH: The Fed Is Hiring: Lots Of Cops 13:08:43
MI5 90's whistleblower talks at convention - amen sister, amen(video) 12:01:53
How To Get NSA Spying To "Hit Home" With Americans 11:23:19
Child Molester Gets Rich Suing The Government/Taxpayers 11:15:56
Daily Spoon of No Treason: Voting is not a pledge of government support (Audio) 10:53:51
Name your poison 08:36:05
GMO Food-Worse than We Thought-Dr Russell Blaylock Renown Neurosurgeon (Video Report) 08:12:09
Stand With Rand: Join The Class Action Lawsuit 04:40:43
Sen. Scott Won't Answer Whether Medicaid is Redistribution - Part 2 06:01:57
Sen. Scott Won't Say Medicaid is Redistribution - Part 1 05:57:59
Cops Savagely Beat Woman on Video, Found Not Guilty. Taxpayers Held Liable Instead. 04:29:13
The Predator Drone: Appearing at the 2014 Superbowl! Yay... (humor) 04:21:25
Open Challenge: Find Opponents of Liberty Willing to Debate 02:27:35
Anyone else having a tough time buying the Tech Industries NSA outrage? 02:10:48
This website appeared mysteriously on my computer display? 01:51:29