Posted on January 5, 2014

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Watch What Happens When Guns Are Banned! (Australia) 23:04:29
Forbes: An NSA Coworker Remembers The Real Edward Snowden: 'A Genius Among Geniuses' 23:00:15
Homeowner Beats Robber With Shotgun 22:51:46
Erick Erickson exposes Peter King's terrorist past after questioning Rand Paul's patriotism 22:31:54
If you ever get lost in the woods, look for a dog 22:31:22
Family says officers shot and killed son 20:37:44
Police break 13 year old's nose for refusing to confess to something he didn't do (Video) 19:43:26
What Rand should've said on Snowden clemency 17:49:03
Glenn Greenwald To Fox's Eric Bolling: Government Labels People Like Snowden ‘Traitors,’ History Calls Them ‘Patriots’ (VIDEO) 16:08:06
On Equality 13:51:40
Self Mirandize Card 12:21:40
The Man Who Planted Trees 09:02:39
GREAT Video on Snowden and Greenwald... 05:39:40
Obama is not a Keynesian, He's an American! 03:55:07
My Twilight Years by Clint Eastwood 00:38:38
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If Ron Paul was out of Line 23:31:23
Should Christians Vote for the Lesser of Two Evils? 23:23:59
"Anti-Tax Crusader" Grover Norquist OK With Taxing Marijuana 23:13:32
The Mike Bloomberg Legacy: 12 Years of Tyranny in 2 Minutes 22:49:44
University Developing Technology to Cast Votes on Tablet, Smartphone 22:40:29
How is the race for president like the NFL playoffs? 22:23:12
Niners Beat The PACK! Advance To Play Carolina 20:51:07
Do we as citizens of the United States have a say in what our government agrees to or has agreed to with the United Nations? 19:47:52
I'm With Rand Paul on Edward Snowden 19:41:05
Star Trek and Socialism: A Fantastical Love Story 19:07:10
Hillary Clinton In 2016: She Makes It Official? 18:40:25
EXTREME Terrorist Prank 18:32:32
Why is there religious disdain for evolution? 18:25:53
The Video That Will END Piers Morgan 18:16:20
Gotta recognize Glenn Greenwald: He's a BADASS 18:15:56
police stop in the UK 17:55:49
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk - Iraq: The ‘Liberation’ Neocons Would Rather Forget 17:42:08
Saudi Arms Shipments to Al Qaeda Rebels Waiting behind Iraq’s Borders with Syria 17:09:20
Mental Illness is a myth 17:07:58
New version of Vote Track for iPhone available. Call or Email your Reps instantly. 16:47:21
Volgograd and the Conquest of Eurasia: Has the House of Saud seen its Stalingrad? 16:46:38
Kim Dotcom House Raided By Government Thugs, New VICE Documentary Exclusive (VIDEO) 16:11:14
Sen. Rand Paul Calls for ‘Reasonable Sentence’ for Edward Snowden 14:21:50
Proverbs Daily Devotional January 5th 13:59:55
Compendium Of Tyranny 13:51:49
Malcolm X on "Civil Rights" (Video) 12:34:52
Rep. Steve Stockman to sponsor a pro-Bitcoin Bill in Congress now accepting Bitcoin donations for Senate bid 12:24:33
The Patriot South American Investment Tour Part I! Exclusive VIP Earlybird Access. 12:01:22
Sunday Spoon of No Treason: Payment of compulsory taxes is not akin to approval (Audio) 11:45:06
Jim Cramer predicts that Bear Stearns will be fine, 11 March 2008 10:45:33
Fed's Bill Dudley: The Fed Doesn't Fully Understand How QE Works 10:40:03
MSNBC Associates Duck Dynasty Gun Line With Mass Shootings ( VIDEO) 10:26:22
Sen. Rand Paul: ABC News This Week (1/5/14) 07:42:22
DC Libertarians field 7 candidates 07:14:40
Pot Fed Pork! 06:24:05
$1 Million Arlington Bus Stop Makes Top 10 List of Government Overspending >LOOK< 04:54:33
The Risks of Trusting the Snowden Story 01:24:00
Mainstream Mockingbird Media 00:54:23
Billionaires Dumping Stocks, Economist Knows Why 00:51:30
Al-qaeda-linked Force Captures Fallujah Amid Rise In Violence In Iraq 00:44:41
Volgograd Bombings: Who’s Behind The Terrorist Attacks In Russia? 00:35:27
Actor Steven Seagal Says He Is Up For Arizona Governor Campaign 00:31:28