Posted on January 6, 2014

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Senate Floor: Sen. Rand Paul Opposes Yellen Nomination To Federal Reserve 23:57:21
Watch What This Cop Did To This Dog. Then Watch What The Dog Does To The Cop! 22:59:58
Chicago gun sale ban unconstitutional, judge rules 21:58:34
Rand Paul's NSA Lawsuit May Be Heard 'In Tandem' With Already-Successful Suit 21:51:33
Marijuana & the 2nd Amendment 17:03:59
Drudge Report: Fukushima Radiation Hits West Coast 16:21:59
Fox News panel agrees Peter King's attacks on Rand Paul are over the line (VIDEO) 14:55:04
Pat Buchanan Fears Libertarian Trend 14:01:06
How Hitler used Universal Healthcare in Holocaust 11:19:01
Doctor: You Don’t Have ADHD. No One Does. 11:03:33
Liberty candidate to challenge Cantor in Va? 07:52:20
Should There Be A National Day Set Aside to Honor Edward Snowden? 04:43:54
Liz Cheney to abandon Senate bid 01:07:05
What We All Believe In 21:23:33
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10 things you could do in 1975 that you can't do now 23:59:38
Jay Leno Comments on Duck Dynasty and Congress 23:45:20
James Turk, leader in gold / silver market endorses Bitcoin as money 23:41:10
Touche 23:36:16
Gold Will Break Below $960 – It’s in the Script 23:34:57
The White House Gardner Fired 23:23:38
Hollywood movie director Michael Bay walks off stage when teleprompter fails (video) 23:02:15
BenSwann.Com - Ron Paul: Let Obamacare Self-destruct 22:57:16
Cop Block 22:18:30
People Vanishing In Clusters, Unexplained – What’s Happening? 22:10:03
BFP: Part II- David Miranda’s Detainment: The Calico Kitten in Wag-The-Dog? 21:49:53
Dead Sandy Hook children at the Superbowl (video) 21:38:41
Life in the Electronic Concentration Camp: The Many Ways That You’re Being Tracked, Catalogued and Controlled 21:34:21
The Ice Age Is Coming 21:25:47
Janet Yellen Is Confirmed As Next Fed Chair 56-26, Rand did not vote 21:02:41
Academic Zionist agents in US go public 20:39:11
Rand Paul Rails against the Fed 19:46:21
All men are created equal... 19:26:03
Bernanke OUT on Jan 31st - Here comes Yellen! 19:25:43
For Football Fans 18:48:20
Feeling Sleepy? Beware of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning With This Extreme Cold 18:33:12
Fallujah Falls To Al-Qaeda, Resurrecting Conspiracy Theories 18:28:16
delete 18:19:09
Ode To The Welfare State (Published Friday, November 4. 1949) 18:18:17
Peter King's noise 18:01:35
Anonymous at Super Bowl! 17:55:02
Real Reason U.S. Deploying Troops to 35 African Countries 17:13:00
King George Responds to Daily Paul Declaration of Beliefs (VIDEO) 16:50:05
About to choose a book to read! need help! 16:30:26
Behind-the-Scenes Look at MSNBC 16:10:52
Senator Ron Johnson to sue over healthcare subsidy for Congress 15:17:57
UFO nearly hits plane, investigators baffled 15:01:12
13-year-old boy killed his cousin after an argument over an Xbox 14:56:51
Lions of Liberty Interview with Jeffrey Tucker on! 14:44:26
Direct Your Anger At Clapper 14:30:54
Support Rand Paul in Audit the Fed 11:30:00
Mondays With Murray: The Origin Of The FED 14:15:53
Mother Accused Of Raping Her Children While People Watched (VIDEO) 14:10:55
WOW! 42 Million Watch Niners / Packers Game 13:46:00
Why Do We Have Faith in Gold? (One Simple Statistic) 13:31:34
Are We All Nazis? The Stanford Prison Experiment 13:21:36
Former Canadian Defense Minister Says Aliens Have Visited Earth For Thousands Of Years 13:10:05
WHOA! What A Hypocrite!: In Hawaii, Obama shames GOP for going home for holidays while ‘mothers need help feeding kids 12:50:49
Austin Tx: Meet Ben Swann, Dwayne Stovall, Congressman Steve Stockman and more! Jan. 18 12:11:51
Rand Paul vs NSA Spying 11:53:28
(HD) Brilliant UFO Documentary | The Day Before Disclosure 2010 11:39:38
Usefulness of Gold and Silver after collapse? 11:23:51
Nacogdoches Cty resident files for Texas Governor for Constitution Party 11:20:49
Some Idiot Sold A WW2 Rifle at a Police Gun Buyback For $200 Gift Card (VIDEO) 11:02:34
The Ron Paul Channel 10:56:47
This Teacher Rocks! 10:50:26
Ted Cruz's Father Rafael's Religious Group Scraps Website After Media Scrutiny 10:46:39
Google: Rand Paul Dominate Most-searched Senators Ranking 08:36:33
Man Shot By Cops Discusses His Acquittal, Freedom & the Current Police State of America 08:28:40
POLL: What Will You Do After the Next Stock Market Crash? 08:23:56
2 Congressmen Viewed Shocking 9-11 Report – Saudi Arabia & Israel May Be Connected To Use of Directed Energy Weapon on 9-11 08:20:30
Proverbs Daily Devotional January 6th 06:50:58
VICE- Kim Dotcom: The Man Behind Megaupload 06:11:10
I Foresee Some Sort Of False Flag/Mass Shooting Near Or Past The 2014 Elections 05:34:08
Why is there scientific disdain for religion? John Lennox hashes it out. (Video) 03:09:48
The Official Counterfeiter 02:02:01
Happy Birthday Michelle! Soak Us For Another $2,000,000 Baby! 01:30:37
Career Ideas for a Linguist 00:42:39
The Self-Healing Benefits of Meditation 00:31:10
You Have the Right to Stay Out of Jail 00:15:22