Posted on January 7, 2014

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Government seizes and destroys 160-year-old historical documents 23:19:19
Rand Paul Responds... 23:10:47
Cops bash man’s head into wall, pepper spray him, and laugh over and over 22:46:30
Drone crashes into battleship, causes $30 mln in damages 22:10:57
House GOP leader Eric Cantor draws Tea Party rival 21:39:57
It Was So Cold This Morning that 21:10:03
Article: One More Reason The Banking System is a Criminal Scam 20:07:57
Obama Proposes Massive Gun Ban by Regulation Fiat 19:29:10
"Six Californias is an Opportunity" 18:17:34
Brakey Campaign Shattering State Fundraising Records 17:16:08
Indian Point Nuclear Reactor Shut Down - 38miles from NYC 16:54:33
Voluntary Government Checkpoints Spark Backlash 16:12:43
In case I don't see you 15:55:25
Matt Drudge: I’ve Opted Out Of Obamacare For Life 14:55:59
Help Ben Swann Win a Shorty Award! 13:38:26
“I'm Firing You! And Telling the World Your Sins—on Twitter!” 13:36:45
Share the good things with us 13:12:17
"I'd rather not." 12:54:23
Michael Swanson author of The WAR State tonight on the Allison Bricker Show 19:44:29
We're just gonna assume you guys are dealing with the cold. 12:00:37
Video: The Story Of Adam Kokesh's Victimless Crime 22:55:00
Satanic Church Proposes Daemon Statue Baphomet To Be Placed At Oklahoma State house 10:38:04
Life in the Electronic Concentration Camp: The Many Ways That You’re Being Tracked, Catalogued and Controlled 10:34:03
Celebrate Zora Neale Hurston Today 10:27:41
Effort To Shut Off The NSA's Water Supply Goes Bipartisan In California 10:21:34
Sen. Sanders: NSA and Congressional Blackmail 'A Real Threat' 05:07:28
Watch This: Los Angeles Liberty Fighter Nick Hankoff takes on Mark Levin on C-SPAN 12:59:06
The Perfect Human Diet - Video Trailer 16:34:14
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Former Secretary Of Defense GATES Throws The Book At OBAMA 23:36:36
Stop the bailout — NOW! 23:24:59
Traffic Ticket 23:15:44
Video: Rafting With The Baptists 23:03:01
Still Unfolding: Astounding Stories from 2013 22:57:23
You're starting to really frustrate me! (video) 22:52:22
Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates slams Obama's leadership style in new book 22:10:18
Thank you for your service! 21:15:34
Silver, Gold and Bitcoin Predictions for 2014 20:27:25
I, Pencil: My Family Tree as told to Leonard E. Read 20:16:50
“four billion tons of white bullsh*t.” 19:48:24
The forums are flooded with religionists 19:06:31
Vaccine Help 19:00:28
Origins of the Non-Aggression Principle 18:52:35
Man Gets Pistol Whipped By Thugs So He Whips Out His AK-47 (VIDEO) 14:51:08
Overhaul of Israel’s Economy Offers Lessons for United States 18:39:50
Will Idaho be next state to legalize weed? 17:53:51
I Have a Love/Hate for Libertarians 17:13:43
"Spying For The NSA" - We Will Resist TSA & NSA Tyranny Contest 16:38:03
Inside the Beltway: Gary Johnson hopes 2016 is his oyster 15:51:59
The ‘Liberation’ Neocons Would Rather Forget (RPI) 15:39:23
Bedroom-Invading Smartphones Jumble Body’s Sleep Rhythms 14:25:25
Proof that the US government's answer to cyber terrorism is to become the cyber terrorists themselves. 13:37:57
Detroit Police Chief "More guns to good people". (Video) 13:05:07
NSA 'Catalog' of Hacking Tools - Codenames, Prices, Descriptions 13:03:34
Surviving Winter 2014 13:00:31
Calif. Legislators Seek to Ban Cities, State Contractors From Working With NSA 12:44:34
"No more free passes for Rand Paul" 10:37:05
3 Amtrak Trains With Hundreds of Passengers Stranded Since Monday 10:24:31
G-BOMBS 08:46:01
Swept Out to Sea 07:01:20
Parents Call Police For Help, Cops Show Up And Kill Their 18 Year-Old Son 06:04:00
Bitcoin: What You're Not Being Told 03:06:21
Professor Dismantles O'Reilly's "Going to Pot" Propaganda 01:10:38
Officer Shoots and Kills Teen With Schizophrenia: “We don’t have time for this” (Videos) 01:02:22 Ademo's Tips for Doing Time 00:54:41
Office Homophobe 00:37:47
blood of the aliens, reptiles and/or god(s) 'thang' .. 00:26:18