Posted on January 8, 2014

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Best Black Bean Recipe. Ever! 23:52:27
"This country would be reduced to chaos" (Video) 23:27:43
Rule from the Shadows - The Psychology of Power-Stormscloudgathering 22:56:10
Poll: Political Independents Hit Record-High 42% 20:37:25
The Daily Paul is Not Broken 19:46:29
In San Francisco, It’s Illegal to Store Your Own Stuff in Your Own Garage 17:11:42
Another Thug Politician: Emails tie Christie administration to bridge controversy 16:02:02
Update: I have a court date, what should I do? 15:03:23
Border Agent Acknowledges Constitution At Checkpoint -Video- 13:09:33
New Found Fun With a Pressure Cooker 12:23:45
Today is my 2 year DP anniversary 11:51:54
Ben Swann - Tonight on the Allison Bricker Show 11:03:52
The Independent States of America 11:03:15
Rand and Cory Booker to team up on Drug War? 11:02:15
Weatherman admits on air that chemtrails are real.. 10:52:50
Ron Paul, Tom Woods, Lew Rockwell, Jeff Deist - Mises Circle Southwest Regional in Houston January 18, 2014 10:50:14
Need advice on precinct chair attempt *Updated today 1/13 10:38:18
"This Officer Who Shot My Son He Needs To Die The Way My Son Died" 05:47:09
Dick Johnson: TSA Wunderkind! (A TSA/NSA Parody) 05:12:46
What are you doing! 03:39:47
JP Morgan Pays $2 Billion to Avoid Prosecution for Its Involvement In Madoff Ponzi Scheme 01:25:26
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The official story of 9-11 is collapsing almost as fast as the Obamacare website. 23:46:26
Death By Atomic Wedgie 23:07:34
Rand With A Beard 23:03:29
What is the purpose of this forum? 22:41:20
BenSwann.Com - Kristin Tate Asks People: What Did Our Government Do Best In 2013? (VIDEO) 21:57:32
Deregister Any Motor & Become The 100% True Owner 21:42:15
AR Question 21:16:24
Vice News looks like it is starting as an expansion to their video documentaries. 21:14:55
Calif. deputy waited seconds before shooting boy with toy rifle: lawsuit 20:53:35
"Smart" Gun Control with Mental Health Care 20:41:27
USDOT drug testing - "I will not comply", nearly 8 million do... 20:02:30
Chris Christie is evidently at it again (being overtly corrupt) 18:59:22
Government’s Tactic To Take Away Guns: Claim You’re Crazy 18:33:33
Is Christianity at odds with liberty? 18:12:27
"Imagine if your dog could tell you what he's thinking. Now, he can," 17:47:15
No one should pay for a mistake with their life. 17:36:00
Congress Is Close to Deal on Farm Bill ~ The Time To Act Is Now 17:23:56
100 NY police and firemen arrested for 9/11 disability fraud 16:58:34
Dr. Ron Paul Endorses Jerry Patterson for Lt. Governor of Texas! 16:51:08
The Daily Paul is Broken 16:06:52
Joe Rogan & Stefan Molyneux 15:48:32
A quick guide to God. 15:30:37
"But Whether The Constitution Really Be One Thing, Or Another, This Much Is Certain" 15:19:16
Send Mark Levin a Message from us "Neo-Confederates" 14:52:08
Federal judge overturns Chicago's gun ban. RT and Ben Swann discuss this huge victory for liberty 14:49:05
Eli Lilly funded "Academy of Preaching and Celebration" on the moral issue of health care. 14:18:10
Cheap food might starve the poor in Venezuela 14:05:50
More Than 100 Ex-NYC Workers Caught In SCAM, Faked Disabilities, Got Federal Benefits 13:59:00
Greenwald Tips His Hand 13:17:21
New Band Project Aimed at Heading Revolution :) 12:51:06
Scholar: Rand Paul misstated my research on unemployment 12:47:39
The War on Poverty Kept Poor People Poor 12:21:21
New Ad From "Team Mitch" Featuring Rand Paul 12:08:17
Let the People vote in 2014 to nullify ACA 11:23:52
Want the domain ? 11:22:38
Trying to understand some politically correct terms 10:54:09
Ezekiel 40, history? Prophecy? Both? 10:10:55
California Crop Circle Turns Out To Be Marketing Stunt by Nvidia Chip Maker 07:37:42
The War For The Internet Has Begun 05:38:17
Emotional Correctness! A new way to be trendy 03:32:31
Chuck Baldwin 03:12:54
Yup Here We Go, We Are In A Fight And It's Gonna Get Ug-ley Honeys 02:36:22
How to Fight the NSA – and Win -, Justin Raimondo 02:16:50
How The Pirate Bay Plans to Beat Censorship For Good 01:36:57
Is the Daily Paul the best designed site you've ever been on? 00:55:52