Posted on January 9, 2014

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Rand's Challenge 13:02:36
What It's Like When The FBI Asks You To Backdoor Your Software 23:32:21
500 Years of History Shows that Mass Spying Is Always Aimed at Crushing Dissent 21:11:10
Dear Amazon: you are great, you really are but we feel it's best for us to move on. 20:44:17
U.S. Navy Mistakenly Emails Reporter Plans To Dodge FOIA Requests 20:41:00
Jeffrey Tucker Interviewed by Kurt Wallace on Rand Paul: "Rand Paul has Real Chance to get the Nomination" 19:51:39
Allison Bricker Show - Ernie from CES, Rand Paul & Amnesty/Snowden 19:31:15
Tom Woods Calls Out Mark Levin: Debate, or Shut Up! 19:22:22
Two States Move To Nullify Hemp Ban: One To Legalize Pot 18:28:45
Rand Paul is One Sly, Cheeky, Son-of-a-Gun 17:44:40
Rand Paul on Greta: ObamaCare Gave My Son Medicaid! 13:54:12
TSA Kids Video (Now With Truth) 13:03:36
"Cold Weather Due to Global Warming!" 13:01:06
Daniel Ellsberg: Snowden didn't take an "oath of secrecy." He swore "to support and defend the Constitution of the U.S... 12:05:48
Christie Faces Scandal on Traffic Jam Aides Ordered *updated* (related link at bottom) 11:47:58
Woman unconscious later dies after EMS delayed due to George Washington Bridge closure 11:45:15
Rand Paul Moves to Repeal Iraq War Law 11:44:37
Huge Front Page NY Times Hit: Chris Christie Scandal! 11:39:38
WSJ: Rand Paul ‘Unsuitable To Be Commander In Chief’ 11:34:53
Ben Swann Interview on Allison Bricker Show (Audio) 09:37:21
TPWD goes Ballistic: FEMA Grant pays for militarization of Game Wardens (via LewRockwell) 09:22:47
Your party is an illusion 09:33:53
The (Secret) City of London 01:13:27
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God Bless Delta Baggage Handlers 23:35:24
Omidyar/Greenwald Business Model for "First Look" is Like a Second Life or Anti-Virus Guard Scam 22:25:52
Does money make you mean? 22:08:34
"Still Time to Attack Iran" 21:24:30
JUSTICE: Feds pick Obama supporter to lead probe into IRS tea party targeting 21:09:39
ZH: For First Time Ever, Most Members Of Congress Are Millionaires 21:06:58
YELP critics must be identified, court rules in online landscape altering decision 21:00:47
Chris Christie Politician Trick 20:55:01
Ron Paul Cryptocurrency is out now! 20:44:11
Republican poster boy for President of this great nation trafficking humans 20:38:27
TED talks don't work, says TED talker 20:14:58
Help! I'm lost! 19:36:22
You've Just Entered "The Obama Zone" 19:34:07
Karen Hudes says this is not a fight about money, but survival of the planet. "We're dealing with whether we can continue as hum 19:15:32
Will the "NSA " please take full control of my iPhone? 18:40:28
"Money is Material" by Collage Artist, Mark Wagner 18:08:03
40.7% of Kids Born to Single Moms...Be Afraid. 18:07:07
HOAX: Michael Bay Meltdown Was Staged Marketing Stunt to Sell TV'S (VIDEO) 17:38:10
German Judge Bars Family From Immigrating to Country Where Homeschooling is Legal 17:31:28
Police group: Detective who fatally shot mentally ill teen acted justly 17:01:16
Police group: Detective who fatally shot mentally ill teen acted justly 16:53:45
List of Legal Objections in Courtroom Trials 15:53:46
Common Sense published this day in history. 15:36:29
Walter Jones' War 15:25:35
IMF how to create a currency war 15:03:09
Liberty Karaoke w/ Thomas Massie @ O'Sullivan's Irish Pub in Arlington, VA - Tuesday, March 11, 2014 14:53:53
Chemtrails conspiracy accusations a fraud? I guess not 14:50:33
This Chris Christie scandal is taking our eye off the ball 11:45:09
Janet Yellen on the US Economy: Everything's Coming Up Roses! (and daffodils) 14:19:04
Amazing Grace Sung By Elvis Best Ever 13:24:14
Standing upon the Land 13:04:38
Global Economy 2014: When the Giants Unwind (Andy Xie) 12:22:43
Mitch McConnell: ‘Senate can be better than it is’ 12:11:10
Chris Christie traffic scandal: An end to presidential plans? 11:41:46
The Consciousness Commodity: Why Some Deserve Minimum Wage and The 1% Deserve More (VIDEO) 11:39:30
I Miss Ben Swann's Reality Check 11:13:56
Disability USA: 60 Minutes on the Explosion of Disability Enrollees 09:45:26
High Class Dining: Colorado Restaurant Introduces Weed-and-Food Pairing Menu 07:56:20
Libertarian Party Of Ohio Wins Fight To Stay On 2014 Ballot 07:39:08
CNN: Miracle Cancer Cure = America Gone To Pot 06:56:35
Walmart shoppers greeted by traffic tickets: Cops hiding in bushes ticket customers as they go in 06:44:57
Gov. Jesse Ventura's Friends Say He Wasn’t Punched As Ex-Navy SEAL Claimed In Book 05:57:12
Time to Unplug 03:31:09
Will this Solar Flare Cause a Grid Shut Down EMP? 02:16:33
David Blaine: Real or Magic? 00:21:19