Posted on January 11, 2014

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UN/NATO Troops Delivering DHS Armored Vehicles USA (Shocking Revelations) Updated! 20:43:12
Banks Say No to Marijuana Money, Legal or Not 20:38:29
Obama WH: Pro-Sanctions Senators Should Admit They Want War With Iran 16:59:14
Can Cannabis save the world? 16:03:45
Gilmore v. Gonzales: Secret Law and the Right to Fly Without Showing Identification 13:23:39
Kim Dot Com has a new internet 11:21:49
You Know Who Shut Down Roads, Parks and Memorials for Political Reasons? 10:22:14
NSA Should Be Able To Help Out With Hacking of Target 70 million customers 09:18:11
42 USC § 18115 - Freedom not to participate in Federal health insurance programs 06:45:26
California Reporter Comes To Texas! 00:27:21
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Koos Jansen detailed interview: Gold demand in China 23:35:43
TEPCO exiting Fukushima, will change name & Japanese govt. will create new decommissioning div. 23:26:50
To Michael Nystrom And The Ron Paul Revolution: No More Facebook! 23:03:24
Was Sandy Hook Payback for Bust of Child Sex Rings? Anyone Know This Cat Yoichi Shimatsu? 22:14:33
Flashback: Multi Pistol 09 Toy Gun Commercial from days past 21:10:01
One down (Christie), two to go 21:03:09
Chris Christie Is Going To Get Roasted On Saturday Night Live 20:56:20
Overstock first day accepting Bitcoin posts $130k in bitcoin transaction sales 20:45:13
Dual citizen of the United States and Israel & Former Bank of Israel head gets Fed vice chair nod 20:44:20
Advice on how to get out of district court jury duty? 20:33:17
New Report Confirms You Are Most Interesting, Most Important Individual On Earth 20:30:19
USS Liberty on Radio NOW! 19:34:35
Massie Money Bomb This Weekend! 18:25:29
Is your body 17:43:02
Proof Cruz doesn't respect the constitution 17:16:11
GMO labeling to be outlawed? Grocery Manufacturers Association Unveils Deviously Evil Plan 16:22:01
Al Jazeera America Presents: “Caucus” Sun, Jan 12, 9pm - Featuring Ron Paul 16:12:30
Man Discovers Plastic in Noodles 16:10:39
Four-year-old Afghan boy killed by US forces 16:07:16
Need more reasons to feel paranoid about the NSA? Tech Journalist Jacob Appelbaum (VIDEO) 16:05:17
The Re-enchantment of Everyday Life by Thomas Moore 16:00:26
Three warning signs that a financial crash is imminent 16:00:04
Alex Jones Explains Why He Acts Like a Maniac Psycho Freak (VIDEO) 15:13:11
China Surpasses US as World's Largest Trading Nation 15:05:30
Dobson to gov't: You can't make us comply with birth-control mandate - 14:58:16
"Open Borders" libertarians need to be vocally against easy citizenship 14:38:51
Why did we invent guns? 14:27:13
Litecoin and Securing your Crypto Currency 13:57:37
Federal Reserve is concerned about Bitcoin 13:40:51
The Money Masters - Full Length (3hrs 19m) 12:29:41
Yuan Overtakes Euro As Second-Most Used Currency In International Trade Settlement: SWIFT 11:56:32
Pension Scamming Galore: It's Been Going On For A Long Time...Surely Not Just Here in the Liberal State of WA 11:09:49
Canada’s Oil Crisis 10:31:00
What’s the Reason? 10:25:02
An Anti-State Rant 10:07:55
Rationally defending Ron Paul: Detractors and supporters beware 09:39:50
CSPAN: Rep. Brian Higgins agrees to Rethink 9-11 07:49:26
A Righteous Smackdown of Neo-Darwinism 04:09:13
Congressional scorecard 03:28:50
On This Day in 1861, Alabama Seceded. 02:00:47
Adolf gives Germany the thumbs-up: Chilling footage shows Hitler taking office as Nazis swept into power 80 years ago (videos) 01:49:20
(book) Practical Law for the Layman by Foster Furcolo, LLB 01:08:36
Template for Book Recommendations (beta) 00:54:29
BenSwann.Com: Animated Video: Stop, Surrender Your Personal Rights To Privacy, Go! 00:45:37
How Retirees Will Suffer Under Obamacare 15:13:39