Posted on January 17, 2014

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Don't Be Fooled: That Stasi Transformation of America Hasn't Missed A Beat - Seriously 23:15:49
Can you believe we actually fell for this? 21:23:48
Open Debates 2016 20:35:56
Glenn Greenwald on Obama Speech: He's not an agent of change but the soothing branding packaging for it. 20:14:23
Rand Paul on the Dana Loesch Show: Obama does not understand constitutional question on NSA’s metadata collection 18:43:17
The Russian-Saudi Showdown at Sochi 17:49:15
A Special Edition of the Lions of Liberty Podcast on the Kelly Thomas Verdict 14:51:57
Venting to my DP family - update to "Letter to my CO" 14:49:03
Rand Paul Responds To Obama's Speech On Reforming The NSA 1-17-14 (video) 14:41:11
Man gives change to homeless person, is handcuffed and held by police for an hour 13:49:01
Hollywood’s Weinstein: NRA “Gonna Wish They Weren't Alive After I’m Done With Them.” 13:45:20
Justin Amash goes against his colleagues and votes against spending bill 13:43:58
They Are Watching... You Can't Opt Out (RPI) 13:30:52
Felony Friday: D.C. Cop Charged With Production Of Child Pornography Found Dead 13:24:14
Don't kick snow into a cat's face 13:13:15
Who Read 1,582-Page $1.1T Spending Bill? Congressman: 'Nobody Did' 13:10:40
Update Video: Adam Kokesh walks with time served and 2 years probation! 11:53:57
Rand Paul Pulls Rhetorical Judo on Neocons Calling them "Isolationist" 10:43:02
Study: Chris Christie's New Jersey Least Economically Solvent State in U.S. 10:00:40
Obama to end NSA holding of metadata 09:03:57
Third House Dem in Three Days Calls it Quits 08:16:26
'The Matrix' Discussion Thread 03:18:04
Onwards to Peacefully Dissolving the STATE 01:43:59
What a special Day it is today! 00:13:17
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Marijuana Debate: Nancy Grace vs. Nancy Grace 23:43:13
Jason Scheurer: Obama Worse Than Bush On Civil Liberties Abuses 23:17:34
Catch-22: Another excellent movie to revisit 23:04:09
Parenting Divisive Or United - Children In The Household Unite For Unity 22:28:15
George Bush: 'God told me to end the tyranny in Iraq' 22:09:56
If Hillary Doesn't Win The Democratic Nomination, Who Will? 21:42:53
America’s Spies Want Edward Snowden Dead 21:28:29
Bill Murray's Insightful Words On Marijuana 21:22:54
The B%#tard Blinks (Obama NSA Speech) 21:16:59
EXCLUSIVE: Will New Hampshire Be Next On Marijuana Nullification? 21:04:34
Go Figure: Budget comes to $3 million per word 21:00:46
California Drought Emergency 23:49:50
I think the NAP is confusing people. 20:34:42
Gary Johnson Not Buying Obama's NSA Reforms 19:48:01
CRAZY anti money laundering question- Anyone concerned with their privacy is to be suspected 19:39:55
Supreme Court to weigh cell phone searches by police 19:26:32
Obama’s NSA Speech: Liberty Counterpoints & Obama’s Inner Monologue 19:12:48
Ambassador Stages UN Coup, Issues Long List of Non-Binding Resolutions 18:45:24
Leaving Paul, (USA style) Libertarianism 18:23:29
Tom Woods: What if the Chinese Bombed an American Wedding? The Golden Rule in Foreign Policy 18:07:26
Spies Want Snowden Dead 17:48:27
Nancy Grace: "People on Pot Shoot, Stab and Strangle Each Other" 17:40:03
Top Four Mysterious DC Deaths 17:34:07
Up to 48,000 Afghan, Iraq Vets at Risk for Homelessness 17:16:29
New Drug toTreat PTSD by Erasing Memories? 16:21:47
Barbara Bush: I Hope Jeb Doesn't Run (video) 15:54:45
Cspan video: The Fed would be insolvent if... 14:06:27
US Defense Contractors Caught Smuggling F-35 Blueprints To Iran ( 14:02:24
One Slip And He Dies! 13:49:16
Texas Man Arrested for Speed-Trap Warning 13:46:12
Liberal Caller Punks Rush Limbaugh Regarding Ronald Reagan's Conservatism 13:46:07
Gold Production 13:43:36
Club for Growth backs Justin Amash, targets Brian Ellis in 'six-figure' ad buy (video) 13:40:33
No More! 13:24:34
Lt. Onoda dies 13:21:02
Why Obama’s Dubious Promise to End NSA Surveillance Is Meaningless 12:52:57
Man In Black 12:49:52
If you give a little love you can get a little love of your own 12:27:01
Officer Jeremy Henwood's Final Act of Kindness He was shot just moments after. 12:17:34
Obama-backed Mexican Troops Disarm & Massacre More Civilians 12:15:58
Can Money Buy Happiness? 12:00:39
I heard a rumor from inside the military last night 11:07:52
Planetary Foreign Policy 10:47:11
Local police departments struggle to find recruits who can 'write a report' 10:36:54
Nano Pesticides: NO Regulations & Already in Use... What? 09:18:31
*Tom Coburn to retire, prostate cancer returns, will finish current session* 09:18:19
Global Road to Ruin Through Education 09:13:01
Blackphone claims to be first NSA-proof smartphone (1/16/2014) 07:59:24
Gundersen: “Essentially Entire Plant Has a Gamma Ray Haze Over It..." 06:54:56
Lessons Of 'Bridge-gate' (Justin Raimondo, 06:43:42
Has Anyone Here Figured out Free Energy Yet? 05:35:01
Washington State Attorney General Says Cities & Counties Can Ignore Voters 05:25:43
Bad Policy Or Bad Intent? 05:20:42
Judge Napolitano on NSA Using Radio Waves to Track and Attack Computers 01:34:09
The LvMI Presents: "The Police State: Know It When You See It" Streaming Live from Houston, for Free! 01:28:39
Choosing The Best Bug Out Properties and Land To Buy 00:36:29