Posted on January 18, 2014

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Harry Reid Joins Ranks of Medical Marijuana Supporters 22:19:51
Soylent Green Movie - Check this out. 20:17:54
Video (1:54): Obama on Surveillance, Through the Years - 2005 - 2013 19:48:35
Pickens County, SC Censures Lindsey Graham 19:40:03
The System 18:06:43
Mayor of Hoboken accuses Christie regime of corruption, offers to testify under oath 18:05:48
Former Soldier Jon Lewis Alexander Pulls Gun On Liquor Store Robber Real Footage 17:43:48
Human Farming 17:35:29
People who see sounds and taste words (Synesthesia) 13:17:22
Colbert on US Foreign Policy 11:34:11
Open letter to NY Governor Andrew Cuomo 11:14:39
Rand Paul’s College Newspaper Writings Reveal He Hasn’t Changed At All 11:06:08
The Hows and Whys of Gold Price Manipulation 10:54:08
Paul Coming to Dallas, Endorses Huffines 04:01:30
But Wait. It Gets Even Better ~ NY Gov. Cuomo: Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Pro-Marriage Conservatives 'Have No Place In The State' 02:21:23
Obama 8-6-13 vs. Snowden 6-6-13 - Who Do You Trust?: Facebook illustration 11:43:19
UPDATE: Victim Speaks Out ~Drudge: REPORT: 16-Year-Old Boy Suffers Ruptured Testicle During Pat-Down By Philly Cop... 01:44:43
Bill Maher and Glenn Greenwald clash over ‘totally batsh*t’ Edward Snowden (video) *updated w/full interview* 01:00:07
Rolling Stone: A Tale of Two Drug Wars 09:00:08
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Instability in Russia is Supported by USAID 23:24:53
In 2014 Obama Will Try To Finish Destroying America (by Dr. Common Sense, 1/18/2014) 23:15:40
Nullification Mainstream? 23:04:46
Navy Officer Says He is Confined to Wheelchair Because of Fukushima Radiation Exposure; At Least 70 Other Sailors Also Sick 23:04:03
Time to Start Monitoring the Trustafarians and Stately-Home Socialist Shills 21:42:12
Deleted 20:50:34
Survival Or Extinction: The Om Principles Versus The Global Depopulation Policy | Part Seven, Power Of Money 20:40:42
Toward A Liberty Independent Electoral Alliance: Restoring The Constitutional Republic 20:36:39
Let's send Congress some candy! 23:34:15
Another False Alarm re Pending Comex Default or is it Real This Time? 20:03:55
Cop Accused of Killing Kelly Thomas Wants His Job Back 19:45:08
"Major Political Donors Have Access to TPP Documents. Everyone Else? Not So Much" 19:18:14
"Take a look inside the world's largest cave" 18:34:44
Audio of Michelle Obama has surfaced. 16:49:46
ABC's 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo Galavis Says Gays Shouldn't Be on the Show 16:43:03
I Don't Usually Upvote the Front Page Posts 15:50:42
UN and IMF officials among 21 killed in Kabul suicide attack 15:18:04
Is it REALLY a good idea to buy gold? 15:14:00
Support the Ron Paul Freedom Bomb! 15:05:05
We Not Only Help People Who Cannot See, But Also Those Who Have Seen Too Much - KNGF 14:44:57
Snowden totally abandoned his girlfriend when he fled amid NSA revelations, her dad says 14:40:47
Catastrophic Terrorism: Tackling the New Danger 14:33:10
Thread deleted 14:28:12
S.F. Newscast From 30 Years Ago 14:13:02
A New Bill in Tennessee Could Nullify Federal Gun Control Laws and Punish LEOs Who Try to Enforce Them 13:55:37
Cher: Obama Let Us Down 12:48:15
When you bring those into the light don't forget 11:42:03
Godfrey Bloom of UK goes head to head with women of the EU 11:02:12
Geoengineering and Environment Canada 10:28:21
Who Will Win the War Against Income Inequality? 10:23:10
Why Is the Corporately Owned Media Hyping Earthquakes This Week? 10:03:32
For Those Who Love Liberty 09:36:30
3 Glenn Greenwald Interviews on NSA 'Reforms' 01/17/14 08:51:31
Sanity Check Radio Show: Every Saturday @ 7am, listen online or 94.3 FM The Talker 08:23:42
The Love of a Mother 08:04:31
Happy MLK Day! 05:05:37
Jeffrey Tucker Launches Indiegogo Campaign 03:08:50
Send Snowden home (Petition) 02:54:22
Time for my nightly chow session 02:24:04
New Mexico Man forced by police to have enemas, colonoscopy settles lawsuit for $1.6 million 01:50:32
Harvey Weinstein Has Change of Heart On Violent Content In Films: “The Change Starts Here”, Says He Will Change His Choices 01:37:37
Cher: Obama Let Us Down 01:34:12
This photo pretty much sums up the current situation 01:02:53
No Joke! "Rich Chinese continue to flee China." Wait For It... To the U.S.A.! 00:05:33
China’s War in 2014 – Strengths and Weaknesses 00:05:06