Posted on January 20, 2014

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Cop Stops To Throw Football With Kid 22:35:39
"Sooper Bowl" Now this is oh so very Clever. 21:19:05
Can you guess the most common Google autocomplete request of the 50 states? 20:49:41
Power Grab: RNC to Hold Final Vote this Week on Controversial Rule Changes 20:00:22
Fullerton California: A Police State in Action 19:05:12
Coming Soon: The Great Pot Flood of 2014 18:03:30
Robin Koerner Debuts tonight on Daily Paul Radio 7pm 17:56:18
We The People Should Fire Congress, They Are Worthless 17:42:33
The Best Libertarian Movie I've Seen In Awhile (Dallas Buyers Club) 16:10:17
Mexico - The Right to Bear Arms (Video) 15:36:53
Despite the propaganda, it's becoming more and more obvious that people are waking up 14:33:42
Chris McDaniel - The next Rand Paul? 14:15:51
Michael, thank you ! 14:11:08
The Black Telephone 13:04:52
Top U.S. Checkpoint Refusals Of 2012! 11:49:03
Virginia Legislature Ready To End Conventions! 11:27:00
Liberty = Privilege -Supreme Court of the United States 10:45:04
Texas House Candidate Michael Cargill: "Come and Take It, I Dare You!" 08:51:54
Feinstein says get used to it 07:33:37
Gary Johnson Gun Rights Speech (Austin, Texas 01-19-2014) 02:15:48
Liberty is a verb 00:09:28
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If you were Google, this is what people would be asking you about right now 23:56:54
Sitting For Hours Can Be As Unhealthy As Smoking 23:51:24
Why Google Just Bought Nest for $3.2 Billion 23:43:14
Pale Blue Dot: A Great Speech By Carl Sagan. The 2014 Remaster 23:28:34
Study: 85 *Individuals* Own Half of All Global Wealth 23:24:58
The Militarization of Police: Pentagon Arming US Police With MRAP Combat Vehicles 22:57:49
Dianne Feinstein Emerges as a Defender of Spy Agencies 22:53:46
Obama’s Lies, NSA Spies, and the Sons of Liberty: Will You Choose Dangerous Freedom or Peaceful Slavery? 22:50:19
Milton Friedman Predicts the invention of Bitcoin 22:30:27
The Great 1968 Earth Rise Photo 22:28:36
Nominate Greg Brannon for FreedomWorks Endorsement! 22:27:37
A Lesson About Left & Right 21:56:06
Her 57 Chevy 21:46:33
Stefan Molyneux and Seth Andrews, host of The Thinking Atheist, discuss breaking free from religion. 21:46:06
The Calf Path 21:31:31
Have you heard of an "optimal currency area?" Is there an "optimal law area?" 21:18:23
Fukushima fall out will peak in 2016 21:11:51
DHS Gave Muslim Brotherhood VIP Treatment, No TSA Pat Downs 20:18:53
US District Court: Citizen Journalists Have Same Rights as News Media 20:11:42
Hey, Did the Obama's Pay to Rent White House Facilities for the NSA 'Blacked-out' Birthday Party? 20:07:03
NFL Players Mentor Troubled Detroit Lions 19:57:16
The Planned Destruction of America by Dr. James W. Wardner 19:52:58
Hope for Liberty: Three Opinion Polls Indicate Major Public Opinion Changes 19:43:02
Economic Advice for Legal Marijuana Distributors 19:13:15
Rob Fords approval Rating Higher Than Obama 19:08:41
Over 40% of men are arrested (non-traffic-related) by age 23. 18:45:11
Adam Kokesh on Liberty and Happiness HD - Save LI Forum 17:33:31
On the Importance of the Freedom of the Press, by Benjamin Constant (1815) 17:02:49
MLK Day: Same As It Ever Was… 16:29:22
MLK remembered 16:00:10
Wildcat Banks 15:59:03
Celebrating Legal Recreational Cannabis In Denver! 15:46:38
Tap It: An NSA Slow Jam 15:39:56
Cry for help from Syria (Petition) 15:28:58
SNL attempts open racism disguised as humor (2:08 seconds in) VIDEO 15:28:31
Kathie Glass, Libertarian Candidate for Texas Governor - GRAA Speech 15:16:30
Ken Ham vs Bill Nye the Science Guy 2-4-14 14:50:58
Liberals-worst-nightmare-about-to-come-true 14:06:39
Postal Service, union wrangle over Staples outlets 13:57:08
Martin Luther King- "America is not be the policeman of the world"video 12:56:09
Feinstein for president 12:33:38
Martin Luther King, Jr vs Malcolm X (VIDEO) 11:49:27
The Silk Road->"libertarian"->Ron Paul Connection 11:45:44
Ahhh. Sunlight may lower your blood pressure 11:15:20
Cops Bloody 84 Year-Old — For Jaywalking (VIDEO) 11:00:26
yay or nay? 09:45:38
My 2014 gold prediction 09:08:44
Legal Marijuana States Face Off In Weed Bowl 08:58:14
Blacks and Ron Paul 05:44:47
Premature Globalism Defining Our Future Again (Video) 02:49:07
Could Jesse Ventura hand Rand Paul the Presidency? 01:33:06
Founder of Blackwater Erik Prince, now working with state controlled Chinese firm 01:23:21