Posted on January 21, 2014

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David Bowie Anti War Video 23:38:52
Thoughts on Freedom, Coercion and Control 21:43:47
Update on Virginia Legislators attempts at ending conventions 21:38:39
Wall Street adviser: Actual Unemployment is 37.2%, 'MISERY index' worst in 40 years (VIDEO) 21:18:31
If we would all resist Tyranny, tyranny will fail! AWESOME video! 18:55:00
Happy birthday to me 18:47:41
Nobody Likes a Liar 18:27:19
Courier Journal writes about the three way split in the Iowa GOP and Rand Paul's chances 16:00:33
It Has Begun: The Line Drawn in the Sand 15:01:10
Random Acts of Revolution for the Everyday Revolutionary 14:29:40
Permaculture, Liberty, and the "Freedom Movement" 14:07:11 Expert Hacker Grabs 70K Documents in Under 4 Minutes :) 11:55:10
Snowden to ask Russian police for protection after US threats 11:35:53
Complete History and Timeline of RNC Rules Fight Since Tampa 11:00:30
Liberal icon urges Obama impeachment 'The most destructive, dangerous president we've ever had' 10:32:46
If He Was Around Today, Thomas Jefferson Would Be Considered A Tea Party Extremist 09:55:42
Updated - Illegal $50k Seizure by Sheriff - Humboldt Co., Nevada 09:46:06
TSA Agent Actually Cares About Personal Liberties…When They Are HIS Liberties 08:42:59
Oregon local channel weatherman: Military planes dropping Aluminum! 05:02:44
7 Years! Happy Birthday Daily Paul! 11:06:36
"We kind of had to steal the Republican nomination" - Mitt Romney Documentary 00:10:11
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Rick Santorum@RickSantorum Thinking of all my Iowa friends who are caucusing tonight. Best of luck! #IACaucus 23:30:57
Paul Craig Roberts: All U.S. Gold Gone. Fed keeps price low by naked short selling (illegally) 22:47:46
"The Square", great documentary on Egyptian Revolution (Netflix) 22:38:08
Stossel: Stop Subsidizing The Rich! Video 22:36:47
Vote Now! GOP suggests 32 candidates for president in 2016 - POLL 17:34:34
Hospitalization - Inpatient or Under Observation (Video) 22:19:41
Technology continues its relentless march: US Army considers replacing troops with robots 21:58:21
BenSwann.Com - New West Virginia Legislation Would Nullify Federal Gun Laws 21:29:49
The Deflation Menace 21:17:05
I'm Speechless: Michelle Obama In Miami Heat Video - On Taxpayers' Dime 21:06:12
Black GOP senator compared to ventriloquist's dummy 20:40:45
Former Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell, wife indicted 20:10:26
Pentagon Didn’t Know Benghazi Mission Existed! Gen Carter Ham Didn’t Know CIA Annex Existed 20:10:15
Protecting Privacy: Former Navy SEAL Unveils ‘Anti-Spying’ Smartphone 20:06:04
Tom Woods interviews Robb Wolf author of 'The Paleo Solution' - Audio 19:30:04
Morgan Fox Marijuana Policy Project - Allison Bricker Show 19:51:22
Join the Israeli Defence Force 18:19:40
Are you surprised ? 18:15:03
Dude at top of PIMCO retires (@Zero Hedge) 18:03:58
Federal DOT to deny employment. Need DP advice 18:02:18
55 Million Dead...and Counting 17:34:17
Mister Rogers is a visual of 1970's Stagflation 17:02:16
Can the Liberty Movement Work with Progressive Liberals on NSA, war, etc? 16:41:43
Downtown Detroit hit by massive sinkhole 16:21:38
Ron Paul on MLK inconsistent? This Daily Beast contributor does: 16:02:27
Want to help in the RNC Rules Fight? Help Elect Pat Kerby! 16:02:22
New rule for Iowa caucuses will bind GOP national convention delegates 15:58:16
Rand Paul Slips to 9% in Recent GOP Presidential Poll; Christie Still Leads 15:29:44
New York Mayor Andrew Cuomo Tells Right Wing Conservatives to Leave His State 15:18:49
Who is the best candidate for Texas AG? 15:18:10
Ron Paul on 1984! 15:01:07
sovereign first encounter with cops 14:39:09
Nancy disGrace debates Nancy disGrace on pot 14:37:21
Red wine and chocolate could fight type 2 diabetes, research says 13:57:11
ALERT! Hillary Clinton - KEYNOTE Speaker - San Jose State University - Thursday, April 10th 2014 - 8PM 13:44:55
EPA is stealing land from the States, Bureaucracy gone wild ! 12:31:08
Message To All My Fellow Americans - Wake Up! 11:18:51
The Top Secret Birthday of Michelle Obama 11:14:15
Has the RNC Reveresed Their Position on the NSA Because of Rand Paul? 10:44:03
Fear Google: NYC Overrules Its Own Assessors and Lowers Google's Real Estate Taxes By $21 Million 10:23:24
...:) 09:30:42 09:24:30
Glenn Beck Declares Ted Cruz the Second Coming of Ronald Reagan 08:57:35
Protesters destroy Lenin monument in Kiev Ukraine 08:37:46
Lew Rockwell: "how dare they invite Iran!" 07:57:04
AMC movie theater calls FBI to arrest a Google Glass user 07:25:32
Banks: 'Permission' to Transfer Money Overseas? 06:45:41
Mitt Romney Admits "They Had To Steal Republican Nomination" From Ron Paul 04:37:57
The Bear and the Two Travelers, by ÆSOP 02:42:46
Go Seahawks! A Strong DEFENSE Is The Best Policy! 01:24:51
Protesters turn out on cold morning at State Police barracks to rally against Cuomo, SAFE Act 00:38:18
Rand Paul Moons the NSA 00:23:51