Posted on January 22, 2014

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Pasco Co., FL Sheriff Defends 2nd Amendment on Piers Morgan! 23:34:40
The face you make when you see an Obama Sticker 2012 on a car 23:16:41
The Google God 22:14:25
2 Monkeys Were Paid Unequally 22:05:32
The difference between cats and dogs 22:02:57
Video: 'Rejected' Super Bowl Ad: Daniel Defense Firearms 21:52:05
Portrait of Nystrom as a Young Man 20:38:39
Maybe the Most Orwellian Text Message a Government’s Ever Sent 20:33:07
John McCain Introduced The Wars Powers Act so President Can Declare War W/out Congress 19:19:01
This: Is Exciting 17:51:34
Update: We just lost Iowa! 17:02:46
Entering a big league ballpark will be like going through an airport by 2015 16:43:01
Swedes Rush To Dump Nanny State Healthcare For Private Insurance 15:24:29
The Atlantic Labels Rand Paul The "2016 Republican Frontrunner" 15:04:08
Florida Republican gets Secret Service visit after calling for Obama to be hanged 13:56:09
Snowden Calls Russian-spy Story “absurd” 13:34:55
Michael Lotfi NSA nullification - 7pm EST - Allison Bricker Show 13:32:17
Free for Kindle (at least today): Various gardening books (from 101 to advance) 13:06:53
Edward Snowden LIVE Chat Today 1/23 - 3pm ET 10:56:25
AMC movie theater calls “federal agents” to arrest a Google Glass user 10:10:03
US Gold is Gone - Paul Craig Roberts 09:56:27
Dr. Ron Paul vs. The NSA: The Independents (1/21/14) 08:22:27
Tennessee files historic legislation; Takes aim at state’s NSA facility 08:09:34
“Dear subscriber, you are registered as a participant in a mass disturbance.” 05:55:42
Cop Followed & Confronted for Reckless Driving & Turning Without a Signal (VIDEO) 04:07:11
President Barack Obama Against Homeschooling? (2013) 03:31:45
Whatever Happened to Peace Officers? 01:25:30
Michael Lofti and Ben Swann say Historic Legislation to be introduced in Tennessee Tomorrow 00:37:29
Time to start courting the Democratic Party 00:16:01
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Been some time, but here is a post...haste. 23:30:34
FEMA to Conduct Chemical Contamination Operation on Food Supply 23:25:51
Humor: What if Google was a Guy? 23:07:46
Kiev Protest - Police set on fire - Tanks on their way now - Police allowed to arm themselves again 23:05:08
Jfk Cia Document - Countering Criticism Of The Warren Report 22:49:25
Forbes: Google Lets Slip That It's Exploring Possible Bitcoin Integration Plans 22:45:29
Anybody here have experiences with Online Trading Academy? 22:44:05
Keiser Report: Let's Encrypt the Internet! (E548 ft. Kim Dotcom) 22:29:38
Dr. Paul's statement on today's annual March for Life event 21:57:43
music video~Groovy Snowden 21:49:05
Statement! 21:44:07
1966 US Government Document Outlines National Weather Modification Programs And Implications 21:35:49
Ex-DEA agent jumps jobs to join marijuana investment firm 21:30:29
Wall Street adviser: Actual unemployment is 37.2%, 'misery index' worst in 40 years 21:27:00
HELLO, Peter Schiff is live on Rogan right now! 21:25:13
Plant illegal money 21:24:41
7 Myths About The Brain That You Probably Believe 21:09:07
Ubiquity, Discontinuity, and Sphinx-like Riddles 21:05:35
Fornicating to Preserve Virginity (This is G-Rated.) 20:49:56
2 months ill! 20:49:05
Kiev War Zone: Violent Clashes in Ukrainian Capital 20:42:50
Cops War On People Deadlier Than Iraq 20:38:38
Stop calling your Congressmen. They don't listen! Shut It Down 20:18:51
Facebook's "disease-like" dynamics 20:01:38
Bill Gates on Raising the Minimum Wage (Not the answer MSNBC was hoping for) 19:47:57
The border security apparatus 19:46:25
Go home, Facebook. You're drunk. 19:44:10
Canada's PM Serenades Netanyahu, LMAO! 19:39:12
WA 4th CD Representative Doc Hastings on Funding Domestic Spying by the NSA 19:02:28
"Being Black Isn't Your Problem… The Problem Is You Suck" 18:30:39
Discus censors 911 and boston bombing comments 18:13:47
Gold vs. Bitcoins: Gold Bugs Shouldn’t Be Bitcoin Bashers! Here’s Why 17:54:18
Bill Gates Says Government Spying Isn’t Always Bad (video) 16:31:11
Utah Police ready with grenade launchers and riot gear - Who do they plan to use this on 15:46:07
Not Without Our Consent 15:41:38
. 15:29:28
American Idol Trolled by a Ron Paul Supporter 15:23:25
Live Q&A with Edward Snowden: Thursday 23rd January 3pm EST 15:21:58
Wait, What If We Try Giving People Home Loans They Can’t Actually Afford To Pay Off? 14:46:17
Militant Group Threatens the Russian Olympics 14:38:14
VIDEO: Mysterious Object Explodes in the Sky Over San Diego 14:28:44
Rick Perry @davos 14:14:46
Oklahoma University Shooting 14:05:42
Adam Kokesh is trying to raise $100k and he's giving out some pretty cool stuff to donors! 14:04:25
Beyond Activism 13:32:13
Fighting Poverty 13:30:05
Las Vegas' Oldest Casino Starts Accepting The World's Newest Currency - Bitcoin 13:20:02
Rate Obama on His Job Performance (Have Your Say) 13:12:13
Gene Therapy and genetic manipulation... it's not all bad 12:58:57
The Top Ten Bad Votes of Senator Mitch McConnell 12:55:25
“Cruel and Unusual” Is the Only Way to Describe It -FBAR Penalties 11:11:58
Homeland Security Agents Pull Google Glass User From Movie ~ Right Out of Stasi Playbook 09:51:55
Betting On Bitcoin, Two Las Vegas Casinos Allow Virtual Currency 09:40:31
Quickest Road To Freedom (Stefan Molyneux, "Against Me") Is He Right? Should We Be Doing This? 07:44:24
Discriminating Against Libertarians 07:09:25
E U Is F R E E D O M! 07:03:41
Idea: Tax Deduction For Volunteer Work 05:14:00
Rights around the world are the same. 04:57:41
A Very Serious Question for Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II, 44th President of The United States of America 04:52:59
Seahawks Players and Staff: ‘Jesus is Better Than The Super Bowl' 03:59:42
My Response to "Daily Acts of Revolution" for those who are serious. 03:55:05
Observations on Fight Club 04:04:31
Confirmed: The United States Is the Chief Facilitator of Christian Persecution 02:55:12
Opinion : Chris Christie MSM Distraction to Destroy America (1/9/2014) 02:36:50
My Home State Actually Is Transforming Education For The Best ~ Good Story 02:12:19
Vincent Liang, owner of the Hibachi Grill and Buffet offers apology to veteran he turned away - Good Story 02:03:07
'NATO 3' in court on terrorism charges, entrapment alleged after posting video of police harassment 01:32:53