Posted on January 24, 2014

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Dr. Ron Paul's Diagnosis: The Independents (1/24/14) 23:56:40
I own a couple hydroponic stores in Ohio and can drop ship equipment to be able to grow plants indoors if anyone is interested 23:49:43
Currency ReSets Over the Weekend? 22:04:21
Legal Marijuana Blamed for Munchie Shortages in Colorado, Washington 20:37:26
Medical Marijuana Strain Has Hundreds Of Parents Flocking To Colorado 19:21:24
Governor Rick Perry Tells Davos He Will Work To Move Texas Towards Decriminalization Of Marijuana 18:27:04
Ukrainian Protesters Encircle US Embassy: ‘Yankees Go Home!’ 17:51:14
BenSwann.Com - Breaking: South Carolina House passes legislation 100-0 to ban drones 17:19:45
What Does The Daily Paul Ark Look Like? 16:14:40
Resolution Denouncing NSA Spying Adopted By RNC Today! 16:09:14
Gmail Goes Down Worldwide 15:48:36
2016 RNC changes: "no longer going to participate in a circus of debates" 15:29:49
Successful Revolutions 14:51:08
What is John McCain really doing? 13:57:10
Gun flight: BOOM! Smith & Wesson, Ruger Quit California Over Stamping Requirement 13:07:21
How Does the Daily Paul Feel About Their Community Fire Departments 10:56:32
"Excuse me, Congresswoman, we have some breaking news. Justin Bieber" 09:32:21
Argentina: Inflation Riots Blackouts Looting Price Freeze Default Looms 08:17:05
Rand Paul to Deliver Alternate Response to State of the Union 06:59:59
1988 is Dead. Time to Move, Now. 05:30:19
EMERGENCY: Obama Has Launched Purge 04:11:04
The Ark Door is Closed 01:05:27
You will never convince anyone 00:06:49
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Do you know? 23:12:18
Revolution Solid silver ring 22:11:55
God and the New Physics by Paul Davies 21:49:36
we are all indivduals not collectivism=liberty movement. 21:39:09
Ron Paul on "The Independents" tonight 9 ET (1/24) 21:32:17
John Kerry: Assad is the “single biggest magnet for Jihad and terror”. 21:01:42
It's Time to Resurrect the Ron Paul Blimp 19:55:16
Justin Bieber being top story should be no shock at all... 19:51:06
China Building Second Aircraft Carrier, Two More In The Pipeline 19:38:10
Never Force Children To Pray 19:27:14
Neon & Old Fords 19:20:14
Blimplike surveillance craft set to deploy over Maryland heighten privacy concerns 18:54:02
Seattle Seahawks Cornerback, Richard Sherman Was Fined $7,875 For 'TAUNTING' 18:43:09
The Kronies 18:34:14
4000-Year Old Tablet Reveals New Details About Noah's Ark... 18:21:30
Peace vs Equal Rights - Peter Tosh 18:00:27
1st Amendment Test, McDill AFB 17:53:20
Christian Resistance to Ungodly Government 16:31:49
Monsanto Is Going Organic in a Quest for the Perfect Veggie 15:39:25
Mises Circle: Ron Paul, Tom Woods, Lew Rockwell, Jeff Deist (video) 15:29:37
RNC calls for end to NSA domestic spying program 15:12:06
The Stolpersteine Project: World's Largest Memorial 15:05:15
Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price: Everything In Our Modern World Is A Lie (Exclusive Interview!) 14:30:01
Officials: Man who was carjacked, robbed of shoes gets frostbite walking to police station 14:17:01
Felony Friday: When It Comes to Pot Prohibition, Obama’s Rhetoric Confuses 13:31:24
New guidelines help banks deal with marijuana businesses 13:22:09
One On One With Walter Williams 13:11:11
The blueprint 13:00:36
Republican Party Calls For Investigation Into NSA Snooping: Good News for Rand's Aspirations! 12:59:14
Pentagon to launch blimps to guard against cruise missiles (video) 12:56:03
I watched 'Shadow Recruit' last night 12:47:45
Oversight board finds PATRIOT Act Section 215 to be largely useless 12:46:22
Boehner: "you learn to deal with every jackass that walks through the door" (video) 12:33:29
Beating Up Grandfathers, Rupturing Testicles... Who's Going to Protect US from THEM? 11:54:40
Head of Hollywood Conservative Group: 'IRS Told Us We Had Been Targeted' (Video) 10:57:55
What's this guy's problem? 10:56:22
Justin Bieber Needs Our Help 10:41:37
How does Obama pick an Ambassador? VIDEO 10:40:47
South American Investments Severely Impacted By Venezuela Investor Alert 10:26:15
Let's Commit a Crime to Prevent a Crime ... Really 10:25:47
20 Early Warning Signs That We Are Approaching A Global Economic Meltdown 10:14:47
German Court Rules: Google Must Block Photos 09:52:52
Some things I do and do not know how to translate to Lakota 09:47:28
A pretty to the point explanation of how we got where we are today 09:06:39
Spending my morning with you DP (Ice pellets on ground in Houston) 07:47:14
Winning people over to Liberty! 06:51:31
Divide and Conquer ("Don't Be A Sucker", 1947) 06:19:41
Is it unlibertarian to work for the TSA? 05:38:11
Anybody remember this story? Mysterious illness cause "Tourette's-like" symptoms in NY teens... HIPPA cover-up! Vaccine related? 05:34:28
#Radiation Protection with #NoRad4u from #4EHSbyEHS #Relate4ever #Interview 05:32:40
Feds seize $27K from couple at PHL-Filed no charges - And will NEVER have to return their money! 04:49:43
'2016: Obama's America'Conservative filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza Indicted for Violating Campaign Finance Laws 04:23:32
"Didier" 04:20:40
Ministry of Silly Walks 04:03:15
"Agreed, Joshua." 03:44:12
Rand Paul's name 03:18:01
The DUI Racket 03:11:48
It's a flag! 02:45:35
Time for my nightly dream session 01:50:09
The American Parasite - Candida 01:06:00
Update: Police Break into Guys House, Kill Him, Walk Free 01:02:09
Establishment Republicans and Democrats team up in bipartisan deal to sell new action figures. 00:54:49
7 Errors Libertarians Make 00:20:05