Posted on January 25, 2014

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Sunday NY Times Front Page: Rand Paul’s Mixed Inheritance 22:08:47
Ukraine Rioters Beat Police, Storm Government Building (VIDEO) 20:27:09
168 Photos from the Ukraine Riots 20:17:28
HSBC Refuses "Large" Customer Withdrawals Unless they Can Provide a Reason 11:25:28
Introducing "The Kronies" Action Figures! 09:58:24
Market Crash or Healthy (Overdue) Correction? 06:00:35
Keep on Learnin' 01:45:43
The Ark door is closed, the freedom fighters are in and it is checkmate, I may be overlooking the reason for this, but it seems 00:14:24
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Happening: Mysterious lights over Okinawa 23:57:19
In lieu of all the religious posts, I would like both Christians and Atheists to watch this video and either refute 23:54:25
Elizabeth Loftus, TED: "Memory, like Liberty, is a fragile thing." 23:32:52
The French economy has been "run into the sand" (The Telegraph,1/19/2014) 23:19:29
Jerry Patterson, Republican Liberty Caucus Candidate for Texas Lt. Governor - GRAA Speech 22:13:52
Ron Paul 2016! Please sign to let Dr. Paul know you want him to run again! 22:06:16
Emergency Health Scare! Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide! Sign the Petition! 21:35:55
1984: George Orwell Predicted Football-Watching, Dumbed Down Slaves (VIDEO) 21:11:20
Let's talk about Property Rights and Aggression 21:07:35
Americans Have Got To Be Morons 20:41:50
Nero Fiddled, Obama Played Golf: Gerald Celente (Video) 20:31:19
mall shoots 3 dead 20:21:26
The Lord's Prayer - John Denver 20:11:58
nice article Ron Paul 2016 19:53:59
Michael Hayden: "Hackers Are Greatest Danger" (Cryptome, 1/24/2014) 19:33:38
Rand Paul still mulling presidential bid as unofficial campaign blooms 19:25:55
Lincoln: Slavery, State’s Rights, and Civil War 19:10:16
Why the US Cannot Be Saved 19:06:27
How to get rid of hiccups with 100% success rate. You've probably never heard this one before. 18:59:51
Homeland Security Chief: Illegals Have 'EARNED' Right To Be US Citizens 18:56:23
Israel Defense Minister Barak fears 9/11 truth, quits politics! (Not sure if the translation is real) 18:50:27
Arizona GOP censures McCain for 'liberal' record 18:24:16
Reading Books Is Fundamental 18:13:38
Wheaties Cereal Attracted to Magnet! I Go To Grocery Store and Test It Myself... (VIDEO) 17:59:12
Snowden's main beef with the NSA 17:50:01
Please share this / Burn Treatment Who knew?... 17:02:57
The Election ... ( Every Election ) 16:43:20
Leftover Democrats defend the NSA from evil Ron Paul peeps and libertarians 16:43:18
The Lies of Senator Mark Kirk 16:20:16
Dui Cop Found Passed Out Drunk In Car (Not Arrested) 15:56:40
Financial Times - You'd Better Get Your Gold via 14:52:00
"The streaming music business is one crowded jam session" 14:18:29
What is “Snowden's secret" Kevin Barrett 14:05:43
Csi New Episode Based On Michael Hastings 13:59:54
3 dead after shooting at shopping mall in Maryland. Suspected shooter dead (of course) 13:57:48
What happened to Lew Rockwell's podcast? 13:46:12
Free movie for limited time concerning Bees 13:37:09
Ben Swann on Spirituality, 9/11, Censorship, GeoEngineering (video) 13:17:52
10 Reasons To Join The Global March Against Geoengineering on Saturday, Jan 25 13:03:27
A Christian and the States Authority 13:00:38
State of the Union Address (full video) 12:57:48
Retailers to Congress: Replace Credit & Debit Cards With ‘Pin & Chip’ 12:52:11
Inventions! (You Never Saw :) 12:37:13
Mitt Romney Slow Jams The News on Jimmy Fallon 12:04:26
Scientists Successfully Teach Gorilla It Will Die Someday 11:46:23
The Nuclear Scare Scam | Galen Winsor (Video) 11:41:23
Feb 11th NSA protest 10:51:24
Whose Responsibility is It? 10:26:08
All my hopes 09:48:53
Retired FL cop threatened for asking questions about Sandy Hook Investigation 08:52:58
TransCanada's Keystone XL South Pipeline Begins Operations 08:48:52
Tocqueville's Critique of Socialism (with remarks about America), 1848 07:50:52
Federal Court system hit with cyber attack 07:48:53
Libertarian themed TV Show: Klondike 07:25:59
A Relationship That Defies Everything of the Books 05:07:39
Kiev, Ukraine, 01/22/2014 05:06:04
Google, Apple, Intel, Adobe, Ebay & Other Silicon Valley CEOs Conspire to Drive Down Engineers’ Wages 04:57:33
Impeach President McCain - Impeach McCain Now! 03:43:22
More NFL - A Bad Lip Reading (video) 02:28:10
Organ Donation - What Bioprinting Means for the Future of Medicine 02:21:02
I Feel Sorry for Jay Carney 01:49:41
Lessons in Propaganda: Slavko Martinov at TEDxChristchurch 01:37:53
Free Thought and Atheist Gurus 01:21:04
"Nobody is Safe" : A Common Sense Take on the Indictment of "2016 Obama's America" 's Filmmaker (1/24/2014) 01:14:15
Video Shows AZ Cop Shoot & Kill Man With Back Turned & Hands Up 00:52:45
This is the Return of the Individual. - Do NOT Let the "Supermen" Abuse You. 00:32:13