Posted on January 26, 2014

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Tunisia adopts new liberal Constitution! 23:36:42
Man Who Refused To Show ID at Sunport Acquitted 22:44:11
Snowden: NSA is Serving Corporations! THEFT! 22:02:48
Chinese Markets Are Heading to America Sunday Night Trade 1/26 Dive! Dive! Dive! 22:01:40
China Halts Cash Bank Transfers 19:43:04
Disney & NSA: Horrifying Indoctrination Cartoons 19:20:04
CNN's Jake Tapper on Snowden: You can't trust the government 18:47:08
Sen. Rand Paul: CNN State of the Union (1/26/14) 16:32:41
Ben Swann: "Greater good concepts are a slippery slope" 12:20:26
I Cut The Cord 11:52:49
Sen. Rand Paul: Meet the Press (1/26/14) 11:23:33
The End of All Evil 09:14:09
Does a Capitalist Market Require Government? 03:05:28
Let Us Be One 01:00:48
Ron Paul at Mises Institute - Do We Live in a Police State?-1-24-14 01:00:37
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9/11 Truth Bowl: Seahawks Superbowl Coach Carroll Ripped Into Four-Star Over 9/11 23:39:55
BILL3 is a crisis actor! 23:26:41
what does liberty mean to you? 23:23:22
Man Your Post 22:58:06
Reddit: How to talk to your Republican uncle about weed 22:53:52
Police State: Nearly half of U.S. black males, 40 percent of white males arrested by age 23 22:46:48
Schumer's Plan To "Weaken" The Tea Party: "Redouble Efforts" Made By The IRS 22:41:54
Not the Onion: Venezuelan Government Outlaws Unfair Prices 22:40:42
The Time is Now to Weaponize Liberty to Defeat Tyranny by Executing the Laws of the Union. 22:30:53
Broncos Arrived in New Jersey ~ Game On! 22:30:21
IRS Questions 21:14:31
Arizona GOP Censures McCain for ‘Liberal’ Record 21:13:50
Vertical Farms 20:51:19
Cool song id like to share 20:38:57
The truth In Time by Robert Welch (A video) 20:34:31
How You Are Enslaved And Why You Dont Know It 20:16:21
SNOWDEN: Not Coming Back To America, No Chance For Free Trial 19:34:09
SOCHI: Saudi Prince Bandar Behind Russian Terror Attacks 19:16:35
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk: Every Week Should Be School Choice Week - January 27, 2014 19:02:41
Revolutions 18:59:27
Do you enjoy pork? Then don't worry about collapse, you'll love being a cannibal! 18:46:02
Germany Interviews Snowden: Says NSA Engages in Industrial Espionage Target: Siemens 18:00:28
The ark...was designed for a Great Wave. A Great Wave Is Coming. 17:01:53
*UPDATE* NSA Uses Previously Copyrighted "Cryptokids"! Love the TSA Parodies? NSA Ups The Ante, We Need a Good Parody! 16:51:30
Furious Backlash Forces HSBC To Scrap Large Cash Withdrawal Limit - zerohedge 16:51:24
URGENT: Are 401Ks & IRAs being stolen over the weekend?!? 16:46:41
Trendy TSA - We Will Resist TSA & NSA Tyranny Infowars.Com 16:45:53
Entire family of Kim Jong-un’s uncle executed in N. Korea – reports 16:36:21
Paris Airshow - Russian current aviation technology! 16:26:05
The Burglar 16:12:01
Are You Worried About The Sochi Olympics? 16:07:09
What are they putting in the water in Maryland ? 16:03:10
Gerald Celente slams global propaganda AGAIN! Jan. 21, 2014 15:59:49
Government infects volunteers with live flu virus. NIH official admits he does not know if vaccine prevents infection. 15:54:39
delete 15:33:02
Ted Cruz Marijuana Comments 15:32:36
Chris Matthews Piece Discusses Rand Paul As The Frontrunner 15:29:29
Consumer Reports Warns of Potential Carcinogens in Sodas 15:27:45
Detailed "Blueprint" of World Government Structure 15:21:03
U.S. Spends $2.7M to Study Impact of TV on Area of Vietnam That Lacks Electricity 15:19:10
Illinois Proposes 'Legalizing' Medical Marijuana as Long as Patients Surrender Second Amendment Rights 14:42:11
“It was not my intention, nor will it ever be, to kiss the ring. Chris McDaniel for US Senate 14:24:55
Dreamed About My First Car 14:07:11
Fiscal Nightmare: Argentina Teeters On Precipice. Will Bitcoin Ride To The Rescue? 14:00:40
I know what freedom means to me 13:38:01
Super Bowl False Flag “Treason Bowl” Letter Sent to Before It’s News 12:59:27
Az Gop Censures John McCain! 11:46:59
'Same Sex Anthem' Up For Grammy Song of the Year- Endless Distraction & Division To Ensue 11:02:43
Walmart: A Blight on Society 10:57:44
Arizona GOP censures McCain for 'disastrous' record 10:25:49
A Letter from US Security Researchers Urging to End Society-Wide Surveillance (Matthew Green's blog, 1/25/2014) 07:19:33
Guns For Everyone - Free concealed carry classes 06:28:06
Tigerdirect.Com - Electronics, Tablets, Phones, Office Supplies & Video Games *Now Accepts Bitcoin!* 05:14:39
YouTube Contest Challenges Users To Make A 'Good' Video 01:24:29
How long can you go without sleep? James May's Q&A Ep 14 00:33:33
People please quit saying if the republicans do this we will make sure they lose this and that they dont care 00:22:24
The Next Big Gun Fight: Stopping 8 Million New Anti-gun Voters 00:16:44