Posted on January 31, 2014

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You, your family and all your friends are going to die. 22:37:52
Technical Difficulties at the Daily Paul 22:05:18
I hope the State lasts forever 21:35:30
Groundhog Implicated in Shadow-Rigging Scandal 20:38:43
Drone Beer Delivery Shot Down By The FAA (Video) 20:07:48
Dr. Ron Paul Goes #OffTheGrid w/ Gov. Jesse Ventura (1/31/14) 19:49:40
Detective at the door 19:11:11
The Path is Short the Way is Wide 17:47:51
The Smartest Duck in the World - A Tragedy 17:14:13
Christie Knew ? 17:10:13
Firing Lindsey Graham, Statewide Update 17:04:06
ANNOUNCEMENT: Lions of Liberty To Debut on Daily Paul Radio TONIGHT at 7PM Eastern! 17:02:17
Obama Confused About Power to Reschedule Pot, Advocates Say 16:33:03
Rand Nixes New Iran Sanctions; Now Here’s the Bad News… 16:06:24
Ron Paul’s Million Could Help Rand Paul in 2016 Presidential Race 14:31:32
House Committee Advances Bill Giving Domestic Police Powers to National Guard 13:55:07
Revolutionary “Cottage Food” Law Proposed in Virginia 13:51:40
AIPAC Drumming for War With Iran-8 Senators Needed-Take Action! 11:54:21
Nigel Farage - Political Rebellion - Interview 11:17:41
Dear America, I Saw You Naked: Confessions of an ex-TSA agent 10:34:57
Super Bowl Snipers: Is This A Possible Setup For Another "False Flag?" (Video) 10:26:34
Dershowitz, legal experts say vindictive D’Souza indictment came from higher up (Video) 10:05:23
Roadside Violation: Drivers, passengers say police searched inside underpants (Video) 09:53:31
Functional and Cheap SHTF Communication 09:21:41
Snowden: Airport Surveillance 'Net' - Follows Travellers via WiFi for Days 09:10:35
For All You Silver Bugs. 03:17:04
Snipers at the Superbowl - NYC on Lockdown 00:45:28
PA SB 195 Voters’ Choice Act. (Very Important) 00:20:53
Are there any good solutions to healthcare costs? 00:00:27
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Anger Rising: Obama's An 'Enemy Combatant' (Video) 23:27:49
Marx Was Right? I think not. 22:59:24
The Little Book of Conspiracies: 50 Reasons to Be Paranoid 22:36:50
Senator Schumer: Gov Will Provide Tracking Devices for Autistic Children 20:34:21
Economic Crisis: Causes and Solutions by Alan Watts 20:10:20
Libertarian Radio on iTunes? 19:29:42
Ben Swann Video - Ukraine Protests Prove How Governments Use Tracking Tech To Control Opposition 17:44:14
Global Warming indoctrination! 16:56:03
Does The NFL Own The Dept. of Homeland Security Now? 16:34:22
There is No Such Thing as a Safe Vaccine and there Never Will Be (Video) 15:50:03
Nullification Protests 15:44:53
Propane Shortage 15:22:22
Sweet Wormwood & Iron Kill 98% of Breast Cancer Cells in 16 Hours 15:16:18
D.C. Has Record $1.75 Billion Rainy Day Fund 14:13:23
New Military Vehicle "Fed Alpha," with Lightweight Aluminum Chassis, Address $400 Per Gallon Battlefield Fuel Costs 14:08:15
Felony Friday: The State Protects Their Sports Gambling Interests 12:34:00
Dancing Around the World - video 12:26:50
vote rigging 12:21:56
Geoengineering Whistleblower ~ Ex-Military ~ 01/18/14 (Video) 11:59:57
Mexican teen killed by U.S. border agents was shot SEVEN times in the back after throwing rocks across border 11:39:56
Muhammad Subuh, Obama's look-alike 11:32:11
Judge Nap: Sorry State of the Union 11:22:55
Bankers Being Suicided? 10:38:04
Nice Summary and links: Catalog of the Snowden Revelations 10:22:45
Mountain Man OWNS Judge, Walks Out 10:14:51
Airport Wi-fi used to track Canadian travellers: Edward Snowden documents 08:31:01
2600: Off the Hook 07:12:12
Barter Networks 06:53:44
Oil and Water Don't Mix Very Well 06:00:05
McCook's Mr Bill... On The Radio 03:38:54
Small business employees react to life changes necessitated by Affordable Care Act - Video 03:23:28
"You Can't Have A Cop Who Is A Friend, But You Can Have A Friend Who Is A Cop". 03:11:55
Angry women and guys in confederate caps talk to state senator about property rights. 03:07:38
We The Tiny House People (Documentary) 01:36:35
Miami police shoot protester & laugh about it (8 year old video) 01:05:11
Idiocracy is now update 00:58:25
Libertarian candidate Otto Guevara could become Costa Rica's next president 00:52:05
Bill to Reduce Mandatory Minimums for Drugs Now Adds Mandatory Minimums for Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence and Arms Smuggling 00:34:03
Where is the best place to buy silver/small amounts of gold? 00:14:18
The anti-fracking activist barred from 312.5 sq miles of Pennsylvania 00:12:42