Posted on February 2, 2014

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81 year old woman jailed without bail for feeding wild animals 22:38:22
How To Start Each Day With A Positive Outlook: 21:47:16
Creativity At Its Best: Paranoid Libertarianism by Cass Sunstein 19:10:30
Property Rights Bill Introduced After Va. Woman Threatened with Fines for Kids' Birthday Party - 19:02:08
The Guardian: How Edward Snowden went from loyal NSA contractor to whistleblower 16:07:24
US Government: You're Not Actually Unemployed! 16:06:30
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 2/3/14: The Continuing Al-Qaeda Threat 15:36:09
Sedgwick, Maine First to Enact Free Food Trade Immune to Federal Law, Say NO to Forced GMO Regulations 14:12:21
U.S. Mint Sells 76X More 1 Ounce Silver Eagles Than 1 Ounce Gold Eagles In January 11:54:50
NFL cornerback Chris Carr talks about his support for Ron Paul and how he became a libertarian (VIDEO) 11:35:45
Which State is the Most Free? 11:26:27
Maine Bound: RNC Ties That Bind 10:59:50
Jim Grant: Fed Insists On Saving Us From ‘Every Day Low Prices’ 10:25:09
The Sniper Bowl and Smoking for Health: The Weekend Vigilante February 1, 2014 09:40:58
Why Is It Important To Know Chris Christie's History? 08:36:20
John B. Wells No Longer With Coast To Coast 06:25:34
Ron Paul Defines Libertarianism 00:52:21
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UK woman dies from smoking half a joint per day! (according to the pathologist) 23:31:39
Gold legend James Turk: "The market appears to have spoken: Bitcoin is for real." 23:25:30
My Super Bowl observations 23:08:54
Protecting and Serving the poop out of him 22:51:40
9-11 Documentary 22:36:41
Lessons in inflation , Esp of Bill 3 22:28:05
Required Reading For All DP'ers: Murray N. Rothbard 22:04:59
29-0 Seattle...only a false flag will save me now. lol! 21:02:40
Massive Brainwashing Campaign Currently Underway - Post Super Bowl Propaganda Here 16:12:38
Israeli premier rejects Kerry's boycott warning 20:06:39
First Car Purchase in NH using Bitcoin 19:37:45
Super Bowl Fans Collapse At Secaucus Junction Station While Waiting For Security Checks 19:26:58
An Alternative to Watching the Super Bowl 19:19:57
Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman "Leaks His Imminent Death" in Final Red Carpet Interviews at Sundance Film Festival 19:13:01
Demonology by Smudge Pot or I know some Demons and they are really nice people. 17:33:52
What we really need President Ronald Reagan 17:29:53
Sniper Chris Kyle To Be Honored During Super Bowl Coin Toss 17:14:47
They Come to America - VIDEO 17:13:59
Governor Chris Christe, Politics and The NFL: NJ gives NFL Super Tax Break for Super Bowl, and Pays for Security 16:01:45
How the GOP Lost Middle Class America - Pat Buchanan 15:26:50
Insurance Companies begin EXCLUDING all Coverage for Radiation Claims 14:21:55
30 Days In The Hole 13:33:45
The 9-11 False Flag Op. 12:27:47
. 09:53:36
Socialized Medicine: Culling the Elderly 08:16:22
FASCINATING Property Rights landmark lawsuit against GMO fascism in Western Australia 06:20:45
Hacker from Helsinki: Fond of Mysteries, Codes and Ciphers 06:20:40
Bitcoin Exposed 04:52:26
Praying for you regarding the spouse children servants neighbors on a prayer walk at relate4ever 03:44:06
Prof. Matthew Green Talks about ZeroCoin, in Real World Cryptography Workshop, NYC, 13-15 January 2014 03:34:41
Britain launches new Christian patrols to counter Muslim patrols 03:29:32
Apocalyptical: I used to work in the Paramount Theater building, Seattle 02:13:43
What can Tim Tebow do with #nocontract? 01:51:01
ATTN: Parents of K12 Students in CA - FREE Event for Private Education Options 01:17:53
The "Impossible" But Inevitable Solution: Decentralization 01:00:07
Scenes from SuperBowl LXXV 00:12:31