Posted on February 5, 2014

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Keep your wits and ride the pain! 23:26:13
I Remain Silent, No Searches, I Want My Lawyer. 22:47:14
U.S. Postal Service Announces Ammo Purchase 22:12:48
How has the Daily Paul impacted your habits? 20:07:20
It Ain't Paranoia If It’s True 18:13:58
Newspaper: Mitch McConnell Could Lose His Primary 18:05:00
Peter Schiff's Video Response to His Daily Show Appearance 18:02:47
Slick Willie Had An Affair With Elizabeth Hurley? 15:43:44
Snow Day in Boston 13:54:03
Ron Paul Debra Medina 'Guns and Gold’/Open Carry Texas event, Houston February 15, 2014! 13:53:06
Fear and State Power 11:45:52
Do you believe this? Fatal Car Crashes Involving Pot Use Have Tripled in U.S. 11:44:18
Judge Napolitano - Impossible for Edward Snowden to Get a Fair Trail - The Independents 11:42:26
5 Reasons to Drink Apple Cider Vinegar 11:34:25
Judge Napolitano - Use of Executive Orders (Kelly File - FoxNews Feb 2014) 11:28:44
Liberty Candidate John Dennis Challenges Nancy Pelosi 11:07:46
Video: Here Comes the Next Great Depression (4min) 11:02:22
Obamacare Will Drive 2.5 Million Americans Out Of Workforce 10:55:31
Two Charts That Show The Housing "Recovery" is a Farce 10:27:37
Seahawks star Richard Sherman says they cracked Manning's hand signal code so they were able to predict every play 08:44:33
Why the World is Preparing for a Reset 02:08:52
"Nobody Dies From Marijuana! You Can't Handle The Truth! Your Drug War Is A Failure!" 00:49:56
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Ron Paul On How To "Deliver The Message" 23:44:13
The Lost Balloonist 23:37:51
The War on the Tea Party (Amash and Massie mentioned).. 23:33:01
James Fallows on Redistribution and Syria 23:32:15
What is the DP's views on Network Marketing? 23:04:30
Top Down 23:00:40
Matthew Mills - Superbowl Crashing Truther Champion - Salute to you! 22:49:08
You Know You're A Stoner When 22:47:33
Argentine Banking System Archives Destroyed By Deadly Fire 22:44:29
Bizarre Landslide Photos: Boulders Roll Onto Farm, Narrowly Missing House 22:03:58
UPDATE: Oppose Apartheid...No Funds for You! *Now Active in Maryland! 21:59:40
Scientists ADMIT: We DON'T KNOW the Impact of Fukushima Radiation on Humans 21:14:13
Why Walmart is getting too expensive for the middle class 20:53:57
Farm bill legalizes Hemp 20:47:51
I guess this is their goal, for you to live in a (literal) Dumpster 20:36:36
Rules/ regulations concerning contribution limits/ donations 20:29:04
nevermind 15:01:50
The Rand Paul/Ron Paul Disconnect on Drugs 19:25:07
MaxCoin, anyone getting in? 18:52:25
Greenspan & Reagan: Stealing your Social Security since 1985 18:00:24
Spot-on take on Christie's status for '16 17:39:36
People getting their personal information stolen from Healthcare 17:10:56
The GOP's Two Main Options On The Debt Ceiling Just Blew Up 15:56:24
Yikes! Gooey, Glue-Like Quicksand in Corexit-Laden Florida Keys Ocean Water 15:52:24
More Correction! More Correction! More Correction! Please? 15:35:59
The Civil War Has Begun: States look to rein in government surveillance 15:05:36
Putin's SOCHI Is A Foreshadow Of Obama's America 15:02:30
Napolitano: Why abortion is murder and taxation is theft. 14:26:02
Statistics questions 13:42:23
Bitcoin CONCERT now in Texas Bitcoin Conference? 13:23:35
Minimum Wage for Dummies (ie fascists) 13:22:52
Autistic Son and Deployed Dad Reunite In Emotional Lewiston ROTC Class - Miraculous! 13:15:06
10th Amendment: Ted Cruz Lays Out Indictment of Obama Encroachments on Texas 12:22:29
Currency vs Money 12:19:01
Emergency disaster drill at NM bank 12:06:45
Cop Brings Gun to a Snowball Fight Could Cost NYC $10 Million 12:00:29
Serving Suggestion 11:58:13
Countdown to the Nationalization of Retirement Savings 11:41:16
Arrested By Drone? North Dakota Farmer Is The First American Arrested, Jailed With Help Of Drone - Judge Andrew Napolitano 11:37:48
How The Daily Show Lies 11:08:03
Global Stock Market Correction - Charts 10:57:21
Call Boehner's office over immigration! 10:42:12
Drugstore Chain CVS to Quit Selling All Tobacco Products 10:18:03
I Wish Congress Congress Would Try This :) 06:52:16
Walter Jones could use a campaign donation boost 03:26:11
Let’s Hear Less about the Coke Ad on the Super Bowl and More about the Faith Deliverance Temple 01:19:58
Fascist Iowa cops barge like COWARD Nazis into innocent woman's home 00:35:59
Magical Harp 00:05:47