Posted on February 6, 2014

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How to Crash the Super Bowl without a Ticket - video 21:44:27
Assassinating Americans - The DOJ Memo 21:20:38
Ben Swann moves one step closer to having his own TV network! 21:15:37
The little-known story of how the U.S. government poisoned alcohol during Prohibition, killing thousands 20:57:50
Special election in Florida CD13 Mar 11th - Lucas Overby, Libertarian candidate has just won a televised debate 19:27:06
Cop handcuffs on-duty firefighter for not moving truck 17:32:01
My Interview with G. Edward Griffin on the "Creature from Jekyll Island" aka "The Fed" 15:30:59
Watch the State Department destabilize a country real time NEW UPDATE (With Russian FSB audio) 14:46:44
Chemical In Subway Bread Is BANNED All Over The World EXCEPT The USA (Video) 14:27:11
UPDATED: "Food Babe" Vani Hari, got Subway to change their toxic recipe by a petition campaign 13:50:38
Greenland: Once a Viking paradise 12:23:02
(delayed) Patrick Byrne CEO - The Allison Bricker Show 12:00:05
Thomas Massie on Fox Business News 11:54:30
Rand Paul in Politico: ‘Libertarian’ isn’t ‘libertine’ 11:44:57
Headlight flashing OK, U.S. District Judge says 10:54:59
Lew Rockwell: "The Republican Party Is Pure Evil" 10:30:52
Rand Paul: GOP Infighting is a Good Thing 12:23:25
Nancy Pelosi & Fellow Democrat Calling For A Change In The Constitution: “Government by the People Act” 10:05:15
Have you ever had one of these moments? 09:37:54
Just when you thought there's no way someone could be that dumb... 08:33:11
What do retired guys do? 01:06:47
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Black conservative 23:36:06
Grassroots Money Bomb for Lindsey Graham's Liberty Challenger 23:32:35
Russia just banned Bitcoin 22:42:30
Stevie Nicks on the edge of 65, still singing 22:22:31
From 2009: Police Stop an Ambulance Transporting a Patient, Choke The Paramedic 21:21:40
Douglas County Nevada Poll 21:11:47
Woman ordered to stop breastfeeding in child support court 21:06:09
Duck (Dynasty) Commander goes NASCAR 21:02:23
A reflection on loneliness by LightSong 21:01:14
Rand Paul Issues Letter to President Obama Regarding Iran Negotiations 20:51:55
The REAL State of the Union in just 889 words… 20:12:39
Seahawks parade and concealed weapons 19:58:17
As Crazy As This Place Can Get 19:57:40
The Star Spangled Banner, Schwarzenegger & Karma 18:21:39
Wild Horse Meat Couldn’t Drag Me Away 18:04:41
IRS attack a California Constitution Tea Party Candidate - Manuel Martin for 9th Assembly District 17:39:08
Boehner: No immigration reform until Obama rebuilds trust 17:04:38
U.S. airlines, unions say Norwegian Air plans to 'Walmart' the skies 16:16:36
Economists and Weathermen 16:00:19
Anybody else having weirdness with viewing Daily Paul? 15:57:35
Obama's dictator attitude 15:50:55
Putin aide warns U.S. on Ukraine, says Russia could act 15:41:15
Where did Syphilis come from? Interesting article from The Scientist magazine 15:14:52
"Modern Family" advocates for spying? 15:13:31
The DoD is using AI (artificial intelligence) and they won't release what they're using it for 14:17:34
Giving Care Packs to the Homeless(Video) 13:36:13
Remember Gold? CNBC Says Gold Bugs May Be Rewarded Soon 13:28:56
Subway Agrees to Remove Toxic Chemical From Bread 13:22:08
Is Oxfam's World Poverty Report "Fantastic News?" 12:49:42
Barack Obama's 'Look Back' FB Movie 12:34:34
CNN Airs Video Where Hillary Appears To Be Laughing At Dead Benghazi Victims 12:33:46
"Sign of the Times" 12:02:01
The free market means the freedom to sell - or not 11:54:19
Another Gun Maker Says "Ciao!" to Restrictive Laws 11:49:43
U.S. Dept of Defense: Sexual assault "remains a vexing challenge," Military must "develop moral character" 11:20:07
The GOP provides all Benghazi data, will be updated as they get more 11:05:17
AIPAC: New York First, Now Maryland. Your State May Be Next. 10:54:23
Constitution Check: What does it mean that there is a right to “bear” guns? 10:47:49
US Navy: 30 suspended over exam cheating 10:44:19
Newly Found Sealed Documents Regarding Boston Marathon Bombing 10:22:30
Who will build (and maintain) the roads? 09:40:35
(Live) Jack Hunter & SFL tonight at 8pm on Daily Paul Radio 09:19:29
Rep. Mike Kelly Confronts New IRS Commissioner at Ways & Means Hearing 09:02:28
Graphene Called Amazing, Versatile Material of the Future 08:37:04
French President F. Hollande Asked to "Beat It": A "Day of Anger", Central Paris, 1/26/2014 05:53:39
2 US Citizens Flee to Israel after being Idicted for Kyping $33 Million 02:32:06
Meet the Silk Roads New Boss.. 02:13:56
ObamaCare's Potemkin Village Website Written In Belarus? 01:20:31
Home schooling does have its merits 01:14:43
$10000 We Will Resist TSA & NSA Tyranny Video Contest 01:07:15
Deus ex Anarchia 01:06:42
Skilled Labor 00:49:52
Wanting to Find An Earlier Version of a Software Program. Any Suggestions? 00:14:18