Posted on February 8, 2014

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Community Supported Seawater Greenhouse! 20:44:06
Rand Paul's Pro-gun Amendment to Repeal Gun Bans in Post Offices Initially Fails 18:26:54
Fibonacci Cauliflower? 17:48:18
Till Freedom is Gone, The Pursuit of the Hegelian Dialectic in Life and Government 14:52:57
Texas Deputy Dies Performing No-Knock, No-Announce SWAT Raid For Marijuana 12:31:44
Obamacare: ‘You Can Choose Not To Work And The People Who Do Work End Up Subsidizing You.’ 12:30:18
Stock Market Warning Signs: Record $444.9 Billion of Debt Is Now Invested in the Market 12:01:29
Alaska cops FASCISM set to destroy life of bright young woman (Ron Paul supporter) 06:38:03
Concrete Canvas Used for Inflatable Structures Permanently Solidifies with Water 00:59:06
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London Real TV : Vinay Gupta - Resilience Guru (2/2/2014) 23:26:17
Scared yet? 22:53:46
Gay or Straight Marriage on Parade 22:12:16
Man Responsible For Olympic Ring Mishap Found Dead In Sochi 21:44:22
Daniel Hannan Quoting Sir Charles Wesley : "Make All You Can, Save All You Can, Give All You Can." 21:10:43
Judge Napolitano: Google Glass App Nametag & What It Means For Privacy 20:36:50
Where the hell did the chat room go? 20:19:09
Political Journalism Masterclass with Robin Koerner Blue Republican 20:16:56
Smoke Pot, Lose Your Guns! Government to Confiscate Guns of Marijuana Users! 19:56:36
Sanity Check Radio Show: Feb 8, 2014 episode now online 17:19:22
Apparently, I'm a racist... 17:09:41
Amazing Beer - Stone "Enjoy By IPA" 16:38:11
Sincere Questions for MinArchists 16:33:27
Zeninthecar.Com Hath Returned: Zen in the Car Crash 16:11:58
List Liberty Candidates running or be challenged 15:27:55
Dark Journalist Documentary: Agent Oswald the CIA Patsy 14:50:39
the great equalizer 13:59:08 Users Face Criminal Charges in Florida 13:55:45
Homosexuals are Destroying Marriage in America? 13:49:58
Now THIS is inhumane! 13:46:05
Mutant Hybrids and 3 Sections in Society 13:01:17
Authoritarians like Obama have trouble hiding their philosophy 12:59:03
Saving 12:57:42
Raw Milk Vending Machines Around The World.. 12:53:29
Obama's Facebook movie. Oh, the memories. 12:51:19
Massive: Russia Considers Complete Ban on GM Food Production 12:26:28
Bush, Obama and the Death of Discernment 12:17:22
Collaborative Writing mini-project! 11:56:35
Could Obamacare Really Bring Down Social Security? 11:54:18
Self Reliance 11:49:22
Obama's diplomat caught and recorded Saying, "F_ _ _ the E.U. 10:55:41
Why Can't We Change? 10:46:04
(Corbett Report fromOct 2010): 9/11 Explosions, Human Experimentation, Bankers Break In 08:40:34
Of Microbes and Mock Attacks - 51 Years Ago, The Military Sprayed Germs on U.S. Cities 08:39:25
German Growth Slows, France's Economy Shrinks and Italy Extends Recession (January 2014) 06:41:15
Fried Chicken Offensive At School On Black History Month 05:06:39
What would libertarians do with this problem? 04:56:14
CERN Wants a New Particle Collider Three Times Larger Than the LHC 02:16:41
Underground Bicycle Parking Systems in Japan 01:14:39
Kate Upton Banned Super Bowl Commercial 01:07:34