Posted on February 11, 2014

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Ron Paul endorses Debra Medina! 23:57:52
TMOT Second Georgia GOP Senate Debate 23:30:26
Rand Paul Will File NSA Class-Action Lawsuit Wednesday in D.C. 18:33:20
New Scientific Study: Monsanto's Roundup 1000x more toxic to humans 15:12:26
Mountain Man Tertelgte Back In Jail 14:51:02
Socialists and Soros Fight FOR Article V Convention 14:25:25
Judge scolds jury for getting the verdict "wrong" 14:24:38
Update/IRS Denial: TrueVote Founder 'Just' Paranoid... 14:24:26
Child Superstar Shirley Temple, departs this world at 85 22:25:25
Youtube Justice For Female Molested By Teacher 13:59:33
Video: The Fraud of Facebook 'Like' Inflation 16:06:58
5 Calls in Under 4 Minutes: DO IT! 12:22:26
Sen. Rand Paul Defends the Fourth Amendment - February 11, 2014 11:57:40
5 Guns The Government Doesn't Want You To Have 11:16:26
FED Tower of Power - New Lampoon The System cartoon 10:40:27
Anti-Russian Propaganda 11:11:11
Death Sentence for a $96 ticket. Please share this video. 02:17:23
The Phenomenon of the Positive Libertarian 00:25:15
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I met Senator Chris McDaniel last night 23:49:19
Ohio National Guard Training Envisions Right-Wing Terrorism 22:55:32
"There Will Never Be Another American Revolution" 22:52:09
Now, be nice to the little old Jewish lady... 22:40:08
70 Members of Congress who belong to the socialist party America 22:11:37
Windows Movie Maker sucks 22:10:18
Why would a “Christian Anarchist” vote? 22:01:36
Cop who shot himself facing charges 21:53:25
The Occupation 21:47:07
Western Maryland Talking Secession 21:21:45
No more Debt Ceiling? 21:06:03
Lew Rockwell Podcasts Are Back! 20:52:57
Alert Alert Residents Of Colorado! 20:17:20
Flashback: Doug Casey Debates Neocons on Iraq War...owns! (I'd never seen this one) 20:14:14
Shalom - My Air Force Story 20:10:10
Stand Up and Fight! Dwayne Stovall releases TV ad in primary fight for Texas Senate. 20:03:53
Should Gov Have Power as Judge & Executioner Over US Citizens? 19:58:45
Presidential Cancer Panel Demands More Children Receive HPV Vaccine 19:56:45
28 Republicans who voted for the clean debt ceiling & their liberty challengers 19:39:23
Running the Government Like a Business 19:14:09
Since 96, the DoD has accumulated an $8.5 trillion black hole in its budget.(Corbett/BFP Video) 18:52:29
Libertarian Pastor vs. Libertarian Pastor 18:32:46
Google endorses HR3361: FreedomAct! 17:45:00
What a Delta Force abduction looks like (VIDEO) 17:00:16
And right on cue for anti surveillance day 16:42:51
Ongoing Obamacare Craziness 16:26:00
Go Along and Get Along, Libertarians 16:12:46
My son Kyle on Outlaw Dave 2/10/14 16:01:01
Good news for Schaeffer Cox's 30th birthday... Appeal Likely! He needs our help now! 15:22:14
Help make Boehner Toast! Vetting his opposition... 14:52:40
Shirley Temple's favorite word... “Plenipotentiary” 14:30:31
Common Core is Central Planning 14:07:11
Ben Swan: US Gov. Considering Droning another US Citizen to Death. 14:00:59
Businesses win, individuals lose in latest Obamacare delay 13:43:28
Boehner Completely Caves On The Debt Ceiling 13:40:37
Feud Renewed? 13:29:57
DHS: City Buses Get Live Video Technology ~ Video 12:49:25
EXCLUSIVE: Former US Labor Secretary Failed to Report Trips on Private Jet Owned by Labor Boss During 2009 Confirmation Hearings 12:45:11
Cops taser man's croch over his father dropping a cigarette in the street (audio) 12:44:11
Stimulus in another form, ad infinitum. Taper is so Medieval. 11:52:41
Win a free "Meet Ron Paul" ebook and swag! Deadline is tonight at midnight EST 11:21:52
Doctors who don't want to be on the California healthcare exchange find themselves on it. (Video) 10:31:12
"Why does Ted Cruz act white when he is hispanic?" 10:01:45
Book: "It's About Liberty, Stupid!" Seth Morgan 09:59:14
Praying about Empathy for the Unseen Relationships Prayer 08:26:20
Mayor Accuses Bloomberg of Wanting To Confiscate Guns 07:54:18
(Opinion) Golden Jackass Jim Willie: Dollar Implosion, Petrodollar... "Ditto" (2/7/2014) 07:52:55
America 06:25:39
The Union vs the Constitution: A Critical Understanding for the Modern Rebel 04:58:13
Liberty Candidate Andy Ostrowski running against Lou Barletta (PA-11) 03:56:43
Weekend Watching: Come watch 'The Candidate' 03:28:21
LEGION! 02:38:12
Obama Deciding How to Murder Another American Via Drone Strike 02:18:46
All bitcoin are created equal. It's just that MTGOX bitcoins aren't worth as much money. 02:16:54
In Defense of Walter Block 01:26:18
I really think this is worth watching 00:43:40
Rumor today cheap diesel for truckers 00:21:00
Freedom Is Prevailing, Red Light Cameras 00:13:09