Posted on February 13, 2014

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A $750 Electric Bill! Thank You Barry O! 22:53:00
Chuck Baldwin/DrudgeReport: Have an Exit Plan! 20:36:06
For those with young daughters 20:14:28
I liked this comment 17:53:11
Is there a Little Free Library in your town? 17:35:28
Police Shoot, Kill 80-Year-Old Man In His Own Bed, Don't Find the Drugs They Were Looking For 17:26:55
Judge Napolitano: Obama Made Kill List Guidelines Himself. "Kings Claim They Can Kill People!" 15:47:41
Companies Can't Fire Employees Because of Obama Care Costs 11:50:10
Ron Paul's rEVOLution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired 11:40:38
Mitch McConnell: Bully - New Ad from Senate Conservatives Fund 11:31:06
WHOA! Europe Considers Wholesale Savings Confiscation, Enforced Redistribution 11:18:32
Sen. Rand Paul "On The Record" W / Greta Van Susteren - 2/13/14 10:14:03
50 of Bloomberg’s Mayors Quit After Gun Confiscation Plan Leaked 08:26:45
Good Cop Arrests Bad Cop & That's When Her Troubles Begin... Rare Video 08:12:06
NSA Action Steps - Take Action with Your State Nullification Bills 05:34:34
Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses Rand Paul lawsuit - 2/12/2014 (video) 04:01:34
Lindsey Graham running scared with 6-figure ad blitz 01:13:00
Manuel Ramos, Disgraced Fullerton Cop/Kelly Thomas Killer, Chased Out of Denny's by Angry Public! 00:36:54
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Alabama! Con-Con Resolution Passed the House. Act Now! 23:45:15
The Next 911: Geoengineering And The Collapse Of 2014 22:49:32
Women's Concealed Carry Shopping for Clothes that wont print 22:45:59
Feel good post of baby animals 22:32:43
Privately funded bike rack for public use 21:53:51
Belgium Approves Child Euthanasia 21:27:26
Bloomberg TV - Stockman: Not a Snowball's Chance of Gov't Surplus, Rand Paul Most Important Republican to Watch 21:06:42
Globalists trying to stage revolution in Canada? 21:01:04
OPA is being reopened 20:41:38
Federal Smartphone Kill-Switch Legislation Proposed 20:38:18
Homeland Security set to purchase license plate tracking 20:25:21
Agenda 21 Advancing - Illinois Customers Forced To Get Smart Meters 19:53:13
NSA employee implicated in Snowden probe resigned, memo says 19:50:58
2nd US Power Plant was Attacked by Armed Gunman 19:22:29
An argument FOR pirating media 19:19:19
Greatest Threat To World Peace: The United States of America 19:14:07
The Feds create an unprecedented draught 19:12:32
Ron Paul Launches Clemency Petition for Edward Snowden 19:11:45
US Dollar about to collapse 18:47:49
This algorithm can predict a revolution 18:31:25
Paul Craig Roberts/Activist Post- The Five Criminals: In America The Gestapo Has Replaced The Rule Of Law 18:21:28
September 11 Memorial in Green Bay WI First and Only in the Nation. Why? 18:04:55
Would Rand Sue the Govt. if Mitt were Prez? 17:30:58
U.S. Cops Have Killed More Americans Than Iraqi Insurgents 17:30:08
This Image Isn't Really Moving - It's You 17:27:00
. 17:20:37
Is Anarchy the Answer? With Davi Barker (VIDEO) 16:04:55
* Action Alert * Doc Hastings Just Announced That He Will Not Be Running In Wa 4th Cd. 15:56:59
Best of the Sun 2013 Video 15:35:44
Beer Drinking Husband 15:22:11
Circumventing ICANN and STATE Controlled Internet - The Allison Bricker Show 19:05:59
2014 Farm Bill - Industrial Hemp Pilot Programs Allowed by Congress 15:03:55
Necessity: The Argument of Tyrants 14:46:38
REPTILE Encounter: Live Alligators in the Wild- Florida Everglades 2/6/14 14:38:15
RT to debut "documentary" called "Women with guns" 14:31:38
Global Warming Freezes Venice! 14:26:42
Marijuana Legalization Progress: 13:32:05
The Wild Wild West Oakland Sideshows Filled With Danger As People Shoot Guns 13:07:37
Daily Paul Radio - Win Freedom Summit 2014 Liberty Lover Package 12:52:56
$1300.00 Gold $20.40 Silver 12:51:29
EPJ's Robert Wenzel on Bitcoin, Intellectual Property, Rand Paul, and more! 12:49:36
AIPAC At It Again: Urgent-Act Now! Stop this Bill! 12:46:42
Why Life Under Bitcoin Regulation Will Be Worse Than Investors Think 12:46:39
Teachers Rap Their School's Snow Closing Announcement 12:40:10
Chris McDaniel gets a new endorsement! 12:39:53
George Boole and the Last Challenge Problem - David W. Miller 12:39:23
Maryland bills would stifle academic freedom 12:29:41
19 states join legal fight against New Jersey's concealed weapons law 12:26:16
Seeking You Believing You Are Out There Praying The Prayer Walk In Life 12:20:17
Competitive Debates 12:07:15
Video Surfaces Of BART Officer Repeatedly Using Stun Gun On Passenger 09:41:44
EXCLUSIVE: Snowden Swiped Password From NSA Coworker 09:41:29
5 People Shot Including Gunman (VIDEO) 09:11:03
Plunder by Way of War : On its Origin and its Mechanism (Excerpt from "Economic Harmonies" by F. Bastiat, 1850) 05:54:59
President Pinocchio Misleads Minimum Wage Crowd with Meaningless Bill 04:59:18
The House voted to retract the debt ceiling with no restrictions and the Senate approved about 5 minutes later. 04:45:42
Transformed America: The Three Branches of Government 04:31:19
WHOA! DHS to purchase 75.1 million rounds of ammunition this year 04:26:01
Abortion - The final solution 02:16:01
Rand Paul on CNN’s OutFront with Erin Burnett 02:15:45
Is the Sovereign Citizen movement a secret society for schizophrenics? 01:26:58
Austins Favorite Chief of Police 00:50:11
The NFL, The Mafia and Fixed Games (Video) 00:44:17
Famous Pickup Lines ... Which Were Rejected 00:42:13
South Carolina Gov. Haley says she backs carrying firearms without permits, training 00:20:28
List of liberty candidates 00:14:55
Little boy 00:06:03
Disney movie - canceled 00:01:58
Eastern U.S. - Winter Storm Pax Forecast 11:49:08