Posted on February 24, 2014

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Another "Successful Banker" Found Dead 23:16:28
The Conspiracy Theory Is True: Agents Infiltrate Websites Intending To "Manipulate, Deceive, And Destroy Reputations" 22:49:16
Rick Santelli Rant: What Would We Do Without The Government? 21:15:39
Budget cuts to slash U.S. Army to smallest since before WWII; Ron Paul's Foreign Policy almost a reality 20:44:03
A walking tour of my neighborhood in Santiago, Chile and viewer questions 19:36:45
Have you heard of "swatting"? 19:35:23
Davi Barker Detained by TSA over Bitcoin 19:33:19
Cambodia: Homemade Bamboo Trains 15:41:26
Should The Washington Post Have To Disclose Their Owner Has a $600 Million Dollar Contract With CIA? 15:29:51
Court Rules Off-The-Grid Living Is Illegal 13:53:15
Mysterious polio-like illness affects kids in California 10:53:59
Eleanor Roosevelt's take on the Second Amendment and its protection this Pierce... 09:57:52
Why You NEED a College Education-Hilarious Video 09:45:48
USA Today Columnist Opinion: "Americans Rising Up Against the Ruling Class." 08:49:26
Congressman Ron Paul, Journalist Carl Bernstein to Square Off in Campus Debate 08:34:05
Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price: "Everything in Our Modern World is a Lie" (January 23, 2014) 05:29:52
I haven't used toilet paper in weeks 14:06:48
The principle for going to war 14:08:51
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A Declaration of Interdependence 23:56:18
Any apps to replace qik 23:53:36
Rand Paul offering an internship in his office for college people interested in governing 23:05:49
Argentina's Financial Collapse - Documentary - Full Movie 22:55:04
Lobbying: It's a Family Affair 22:39:32
Huge Bonuses to Wall Streeters Who Quit and Become Gov't Employees 22:36:55
US-Mexico-Canada Joint Statement on New Chapter, Shared Vision, Shared Commitment, Shared Responsibility, and Integration 22:36:06
De-stress With Some Computer Humor 22:10:59
Edward Snowden's Attorney Jesselyn Radack Speaks Out Against Attacks on Whistle Blowers 21:29:18
Ghostbusters Harold Ramis dies, aged 69 20:30:56
* Huge Discount * Only $120 Per Week For Permit To Feed The Homeless In South Carolina 20:29:49
Cutting out the middleman: Hospital goes into insurance biz 18:34:31
Online Town Hall with WA-4th CD Congressional Candidate Gavin Seim 18:30:30
Porcfest 2014 Early Bird Price ends at the end of Feb 2014 16:56:43
Babies born in Jail, how are they dealt with? 16:43:11
Mandatory State-Run Parenting Classes Eyed By New York Legislature 15:47:43
Man’s medical condition leads to indefinite detention, forced medication 15:41:46
Edward Snowden's Lawyer Speaks Out with WeAreChange 15:41:34
WaPo: Why Rand Paul’s Denouncement Of Ted Nugent Matters 15:41:01
One Monkey's Brain Used to Control Another's Actions 15:36:06
Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "Subway's Plastic Bread?" 15:33:36
See It's EASY!: Ukraine issues arrest warrant for ousted President Viktor Yanukovych 15:24:50
Jewish WhatsApp Founder Fled USSR for 'Anti-Semitism', Laments Communist Spying, Yet Spies, Records & Surveils WhatsApp Users 15:18:22
TMOT performs "Won't Back Down" 15:14:36
Assassination Cartoon: Animated Satire Alerts Secret Service 15:06:24
Robots now are the airplanes of Miyazaki's 'The Wind Rises' 15:04:12
Matriarch Queen Rachel Maddow may have been behind Alec Baldwin Firing 14:46:35
Rothbard On The Comcast and Time Warner Merger 14:34:41
Told You So: False Flag Tradition: Hagel calls for shrinking Army to pre-WWII size; S.O.P. Before A False Flag! 14:28:25
How kleptocracy is feeding the fires of protest in Ukraine 14:14:18
Judge Nap: TSA Is An 'Illusion' Of Safety 14:11:15
Crazy Eric Cantor getting primaried by Professor Brat! 14:09:20
Arizona Attention: I Need Someone w/ Robert's Rules Expertise 13:09:55
I'm a Good Ole' American 12:43:09
Go Figure: Icelanders Are 'protesting' Gov't Decision To Withdraw E U Application? 11:59:41
Gold Rigging Goes Mainstream: FT Reports Evidence of “Collusive Behavior” on London Fix! 11:37:07
A Reader’s Penetrating Argument About Cannabis Legalization 08:48:07
'Bananas Too Cheap': Needs Government Intervention, Says Fairtrade Foundation 07:09:13
Peaceful revolution at home - so far! More to come. 03:05:12
Victor Sperandeo: The Coming Hyperinflation (August 2013) 02:29:48
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 2/24/14: Leave Ukraine Alone! 02:20:19
$30 Million Hemp Factory Coming To Alberta 02:11:54
America, Wonder why we need guns? 01:48:34
Ukrainian Government Using Live Rounds Against Opposition 01:34:59
Missouri stands up to EPA 00:09:46
How the Bankers Stand to Profit from the Trans-Pacific Partnership 00:05:48
9/11 Family Members Send Letter To Before Its News 00:01:49