Posted on February 25, 2014

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The USA is one tough cookie. Cease & Desist letter served to globalists. 23:34:30
Response to Two Cow post going around on FB - Thought this was hilarious 21:26:56
Police Officer Fired For Stopping Other Cops' Beating Of Youth 20:24:51
GRAPHIC: Raw Video of Arrest Released After Man Dies in Moore Police Custody 19:39:14
Harold Ramis co-wrote the ultimate libertarian blockbuster 18:41:46
CT is Starting to Threaten Gun Owners with Confiscation 18:34:24
Greenwald Revelation: NSA Agents Conduct Internet 'False Flag' Operations - Video 18:03:46
Austin man arrested for DWI despite blowing 0.0. 17:56:27
Time to Boycott OLD Navy & it's acceptance of TSA Groping. (Video) 17:55:07
Federalism: The Founders’ Legacy 17:37:54
5 New Solutions For Growing Healthy Produce Indoors 16:58:47
California couple find $10 mil in rare gold coins 16:12:10
Obama just ordered a FULL withdrawal of ALL troops from Afghanistan 16:10:18
"Knicks guard Raymond Felton arrested on gun charges" ... (Where is the crime?) 15:45:21
Open Carry, Dunnellon Fl. (Police Encounter) 15:17:01
The Secret of Piers Morgan’s Termination Revealed 14:50:24
Jan leads Hudgins to a principle. 14:34:37
Dr. Ron Paul On Daily Paul Radio 02/26/2014 13:31:33
Colorado Girl Scouts told not to sell cookies outside pot shops 12:41:51
Looks like the Pope is pulling another Ron Paul 11:46:40
REUTERS: Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox disappears in blow to virtual currency 11:24:45
Massive Bitcoin Theft 10:34:35
Sex And The Public Schools 09:39:06
Seattle Cafe Refuses To Serve TSA Workers 09:37:36
Georgia GOP Senate Debate: 100% of the Constitution, 100% of the Time (VIDEO) 08:31:08
Russia Warns The US And NATO Of War 07:31:16
Just got a VPN. Love it and want to share the basics. 06:27:51
Glenn Greenwald Exposes Government-Trained and -Paid Trolls on the Internet 03:38:13
NYT: Apparent Theft at Mt. Gox Shakes Bitcoin World (Bankruptcy) 02:01:31
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Intel to Stop Using 'Conflict Minerals' in its Products 23:44:28
Distillation;The Fluoride Slayer who shows what the City of Durham is doing to our water 23:40:44
Rand Paul: GOP leaders shouldn't "tweak" Russia 23:34:56
Rand Paul Is the GOP's Early Presidential Front-Runner 23:32:19
Info you can use, prepper pooper supply 23:13:24
Finally, a Texas Politician Is Calling For an End to the State's Roadkill-Eating Ban (Tink Nathan) 22:44:52
Wake up and pay attention to the borders 22:23:24
Vladimir Putin Posts Serious Video To YouTube 22:19:49
Dad Delivers Baby After Doctor, Nurse Flee 22:13:56
Bulletin boards: The electronic kind, and the old fashioned kind 21:34:55
Dragonfly: World's Smallest Autonomous Drone Takes Flight 20:47:42
Calif. couple find buried Gold Rush coins worth $10M 19:26:31
Lee Bright For U.S. Senate-SC,2014 $25for25 Money Bomb - Ends Tonight! Just Donated $50! Hope You Can Too! 19:10:49
Quick guide for better #health in your #family 19:04:30
Dan McCall fights NSA's Attempt to shut down LibertyManiacs - Allison Bricker Show 18:48:23
Video: I Am a Ukrainian 18:18:00
the indivduals are the smallest minority lets protect all indivdual rights! 16:49:49
Ron Paul, Peter King, and what is "absolutely disgraceful" 16:35:21
Money and Markets with Charles Goyette and Martin Weiss Ph.D. 16:28:40
GOP tax plan lowers rates, imposes surtax on rich 15:31:28
The Fed is Still Saying the Economy is Recovering - Just Some Bad Weather- Taper On! 15:13:30
. 14:54:09
Zen In The Car T.V. Season Two 14:48:55
Carl Miller CONSTITUTIONAL youtube videos 14:46:34
Why Trolls Start Flame Wars: Swearing and Name-Calling Shut Down the Ability to Think and Focus 14:46:07
More Milquetoast 14:34:49
Troop Movement: Sevastopol and Kiev 14:32:13
CNN: SecondMarket to launch first New York-based Bitcoin exchange 14:08:41
bitcoin - Joint Statement Regarding MtGox - Coinbase, Kraken, et al. 13:56:09
OK DP Time to Educate the masses 13:13:38
GOP Senate Candidate Defends Use Of 'Wetbacks' Slur As 'Normal As Breathing Air' 12:54:09
Student suspended, criminally charged for fishing knife left in father’s car 12:33:17
Daniel McAdams: Ukraine's Fractured Future (RPI) 12:02:59
In Ukraine, EU and US Interventionists Nearing the Civil War They Caused (RPI) 11:59:44
Call your Congressmen About Investigating the Ukraine Unrest Caused by Outside Influence. 11:18:43
Climate Change (Global Warming) Sham is collapsing Rebuttal to Wattsup Article 10:23:08
50Th Anniversary: FBI suspected iconic 1964 Ali-Liston fight was rigged by mob 09:52:51
Jon Stewart tries to school Judge Napolitano 09:36:09
Ron Paul: Leave Ukraine Alone! 09:31:17
Guys any chickflick love stories you actually like? 07:02:21
Michigan C4L seeks some help 03:29:36
HELP: Looking for link to article about RP's "Plan to Restore America" 03:18:35
Reddit asks how and when does a recession start. no answers yet. 02:31:14
Nugent Nukes CNN: Obama Is A Liar; (Video) 02:11:40
When it became ok! 02:07:19
Erik Voorhees "Some words for my friends" - On 750,000 Bitcoins Lost by Mt. Gox ($350,000,000+) 02:03:08
Fractional Reserve Smudge 01:32:51
Inmate awarded his lawyer’s house 00:18:18
Members of Congress who are leaving office 00:09:45