Posted on March 4, 2014

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The World's Most Mysterious Book Finally Decoded. The Voynich Manuscript. 23:57:36
Rand Paul in crosshairs of tax evasion war 22:50:52
Guys play prank on police with tobacco bong, help expose police state 22:45:19
What is wrong with Texans? Cornyn with 62.8%... 21:55:08
DNC Members Can't Think of Single Hillary Achievement 21:28:15
Russia Warns It Could 'Reduce to Zero' Economic Dependency on US 20:11:59
Houston County GOP: Derrick Grayson TMOT says, "To Hell with Compromise." 19:38:30
Judge Orders DNR to Leave Farmer Alone ~ After 2-Year Court Battle Baker’s Pigs Now Legal 19:12:00
Hundreds Arrested! Largest Act of Youth Civil Disobedience In a Generation Unfolds at White House! 17:57:27 Passes $1 Million in Bitcoin Sales in Less than Two Months 17:54:50
Dear Friends, I really need your help. Love, American Nomad. Thank you. 16:31:37
CA Gov. Jerry Brown Provides The Dumbest Anti-Marijuana Legalization Argument Yet 16:01:25
3/4/14 The Putin Interview: Annexing of Crimea? 'Out of the Question' 14:53:05
Obama's Ukrainian Blunder 14:39:26
10 Million in buried gold, rumor is it was stolen from the mint, (Government may get it all) 14:29:35
America Agrees With Ron Paul on Ukraine 13:35:48
Texans vote in primaries shaken by Tea Party influence 13:11:38
The Epic Gun Control Testimony You’ve Been Waiting For: ‘The Constitution Did Not Guarantee Public Safety, It Guaranteed Liberty 13:08:19
Connecticut Gun Group Issues Ultimatum to Government: Molon Labe, Or Repeal 12:22:42
CT State Police Spokesman Says They Would Participate In Door To Door Gun Confiscations 12:17:43
Enraged: He Said What !? 11:01:12
Texas Primary March 4th 09:09:45
Russia Will Abandon the US Dollar as a Reserve Currency - Goldbugs: Get Ready! 07:22:53
Eric Holder and Rand Paul Unite to Soften Sentencing Laws 19:50:59
Jeremy Scahill: The War Party 00:44:28
Do you REALLY love freedom? 23:14:41
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The 2014 Senate Landscape 23:56:49
Next Generation of Bush Crime Family Wins Republican Nomination (For Texas Land Commissioner) 23:55:35
BenSwann.Com - U.S. Hypocrisy? Telling Russia To Stay Out Of Ukraine 23:51:31
One of The Dumbest Business Decisions of All Time 22:54:31
Roundup herbicide linked to celiac disease and gluten intolerance, new study suggests 22:17:40
Utah May Ban Warrantless Use of ‘Stingray’ Devices 21:48:51
Wielding Power Publishing Political Essay Competition 21:30:32
Navy Commander Who Interrogated Alleged 9/11 Terrorist Mastermind KSM Found Murdered 21:03:31
OHIO: TEA Party Refutes ORP Allegations about Connections to Democratic Party‏ 21:01:57
Edward Snowden to speak about privacy and technology at SXSW — via video conference 20:52:19
On a shrink and a prayer 20:40:32
Glenn Greenwald lauds bravery of RT’s Abby Martin, then NY Times outs her as 9/11 Truther 20:14:24
Rachel Maddow "Why We Did It" documentary premiering Thurs. March 6th on MSNBC 20:09:47
The ADHD Scam: Turning "Boredom" Into a Disorder (VIDEO) 19:49:03
Your thoughts on Obama's leadership/policies/actions? 19:46:26
Ron & Rand Paul Referenced In Epic Rap Song! 19:36:22
Marijuana Decriminalization in U.S. Capital Passes Council 19:34:40
Ron Paul to speak at Liberty Summit in Orlando April 4th + Ben Swann 19:32:37
Texas Bullion Depository Resolution 19:10:31
Wife says Alan Grayson shoved her during domestic incident 18:31:02
Color Revolutions 101: The Making of A Controlled Revolution 18:22:49
2014 State Primary Dates 17:55:40
A Warning for ALL Americans 17:53:46
Police employee viciously beats guy and girl with a stick (Graphic Video) 17:48:36
Take Back’ Tour Hopes to Spark Serious Action Against the NDAA 17:21:23
WWII vet becomes viral video star after San Jose racers' spontaneous tribute 17:14:42
Amid White House Secrecy, Suspected US Drone Strikes Pound Yemen 16:53:17
Bitcoin: Another One Bites the Dust 15:59:37
Isaiah mentions the 3 branches of government(800 BC) 15:53:55
AIP Plantain Pizza crust recipe 15:48:58
Ukraine IMF False Flag F-ck The EU 15:38:29
Stephen Colbert Explains His Stance on the Illuminati, Chemtrails & NWO.. 15:34:53
The Libertarian Angle: Ukraine and Venezuela 15:28:25
The Politico comment section is a Cesspool. 15:22:22
Attorney: Court ruling could help families in foreclosure 15:18:05
Connecticut State Police place order for 350,000 armed drones 14:59:21
Expanding the Empire 14:15:13
The First Bitcoin Bail-In- Bitcoin Exchange Hacked, Loses 12.3% of BTC- Opts for Bail In 14:05:55
I Finally Found My 9/11 Truth! 14:03:18
Is Money The Root Of All Evil ? 13:07:22
95 yr old WWII Vet cheers on runners benefiting Pat Tillman Foundation - Video 12:57:20
Pre-release to DP, free bitcoin crowd funding plugin for wordpress! 12:47:30
Paul Craig Roberts ~ The end could be nearer than you think 12:46:30
Typical Israeli behavior - throw Israel out of any World Cup or any Olympic games 11:56:19
Free Speech, RIP: A Relic of the American Past (RPI) 11:43:45
When is the last time you have been awestruck? 10:33:23
NAFTA Partners Pushing North American Competitiveness Integration Agenda 10:10:51
Greenwald and Scahill's Boss Pays for Ukrainian Coup? 09:10:19
Us Gov Claims It Spent Too Much On Wiretaps – And Blames Sprint 08:53:25
The Coming Bitcoin Regulation Onslaught 07:53:52
Brutal History of Kiev Since September 1941~ Caution Graphic 07:48:21
Warren Buffett: Supposed Increase in Extreme Weather 'Hasn't Been True So Far' 07:24:33
Inconvenient Truths about Sqrt(2) 07:19:15
Belbek: Ukrainian and Russian Officers Meet (Idiot Fires Live Rounds) 06:49:49
Traitor DNA Collection Project 06:05:13
Russia's Putin Orders Troops in 'Military Exercise' Back to Base ~ Markets Rally Overnight 06:00:30
Florida Cops’ Secret Weapon: Warrantless Cellphone Tracking 03:50:06
Flu deathes in California up 1000% (FYI) 03:37:23
Anyone here not seen Loose Change? 03:03:03
ukraine Central Planning and Fractual reserve Banking and Military industrial complex... 03:02:27
The sarcophagus of our mind! 02:28:31
Why do Jeremy Scahill and other smart Lefties run from 9/11 Truth? 02:06:57
Chelsea Clinton 01:45:31
Los Angeles Public Library Illuminati Capstone 01:02:26
Interview: Karzai says 12-year Afghanistan war has left him angry at U.S. government 00:25:32
What is a principle? Hudgins, Part 4 21:53:09